03/12/2003 Mia Wants Answers From Alison

"Erica stormed into Jackson's new apartment screaming at him "What did you tell Chris??" Jack said he told Chris that if he couldn't trust Erica he shouldn't marry her. Erica yelled at Chris for not coming to her if he had doubts. Chris said he thought Jack could give him some insight. Erica asked him why he stopped trusting her and Jack piped in "Maybe because he has reason to." Chris said he wants what Erica and Jack have, a close relationship that is binding and that he just wants Erica to be happy. Erica said that yes, maybe she did have an "unspoken connection" with Jackson but it was just a history thing. Chris said his love was the kind that could drive a man crazy because he thought Erica was cheating on him. Erica looked Chris in the eyes and said "You're right." She said she'd been cheating on him with Enchantment, giving the company all of her attention. Chris asked if she felt unfaithful by not putting him first and she said yes. She asked him to promise that if there was something bothering him about her to come to her first. Chris agreed if she would promise to do the same. They hugged and kissed and Chris said he had to go but they would continue this discussion at the penthouse later. He thanked Jack for listening and left. Jack said "I have to hand it to you, you still have your moves." Erica screamed at him that he was trying to ruin her life because of one mistake. He said her mistake was marrying Chris because he wasn't the man she thought he was. They argued more and Jack told her the real reason she came there today was because she couldn't stop thinking about him. She said she doesn't think of him and Jack called her a liar. She yelled at him that he didn't know a damn thing that she wanted and headed towards the door. Jack ran over and slammed the door shut and said "I know you want this" and kissed her hard. Erica pushed him away but then grabbed him and kissed him back.

In the Valley Inn bar Chris sat down for a drink. He looked over and saw Michael. He said "Well, fancy meeting you here" and the two men started to talk.

At BJ's Alison walked in and asked a waitress if Dr. Jake Martin had arrived yet, she was to meet him there. The waitress said no and Mia stepped up behind Alison and said he wasn't there but she was. Alison tried to leave but Mia threatened to tell the hospital about her affair with the chief of staff. Alison and Mia sat down at a table. Meanwhile across the room Simone talked with Joni. She told Joni to go bug someone else or find some friends or something. Joni admitted that her best friend stole her boyfriend. Simone asked if it was Laurie and Joni said yes. Simone said she understood why Joni would want to throw herself into her work but that she shouldn't make any stupid mistakes. Simone looked around the room and saw Mia with Alison. She went over immediately and heard Mia say she wanted answers to questions that Jake can't answer since he left town. Simone said "Jake's a jerk, Alison's a ho, what more do you need to know?." Mia said she needed to know why Jake slept with Alison. Simone said ok but asked if Mia had her number on speed dial. Mia said yes and Simone went to find Joni, except Joni had left BJ's. Simone looked around and then said "Oh no, what is she up to?" and ran out of BJ's. Alison told Mia that things just happened and that she was sorry Mia got hurt. Then she told her that they had done it in Jake's office and the thought of it made her blush. Mia asked who came on to whom and was Jake feeling threatened by Mia's job. Alison said they didn't really talk much and got up to leave. Mia asked if the sex was good and Alison replied that she was sorry Jake cheated on her but that she should pick up a spine on the way out and started to walk away. Mia yelled "Was the sex good?" and all heads turned. Alison said loudly it was the best she'd ever had and that she can't look at a mahogany desk without getting hot. "Happy now?" she asked Mia. Mia said not yet and Alison sat back down. Mia asked "When you were finished did Jake tell you how beautiful you were, how much he loved you?." Alison said no and Mia asked if she knew what that made her. "It makes you lucky, because he didn't play you for a fool."

Lisastrada had some workmen deliver some new furniture. After they left she went into a closet to put some thing away and Tad walked in. She talked to him from the closet, telling him he was early but that was good. She told him to lie down. He told her no and she replied from the closet that this would never work if he didn't listen to her. He sat down and she came out of the closet and sat behind him. She asked what brought him there and Tad turned around and said "I wanted to ask you out." Lisastrada was pleasantly surprised. She asked "When, now?" and Tad said no, for dinner. She thought now was better and said she had 55 minutes until her next patient. He grinned and said ok. But she asked why he was nervous. Tad said he never thought he'd be asking a woman out again. She asked if there was something else he was hiding, "I want to know what you're not telling me and until you do this isn't a date, it's a session. And I'm on the clock!." They sat back down and Tad tried to be funny. Lisastrada said he was using humor as a defense tactic. He tried to joke some more and she asked if he had a high opinion of himself. She said he thought people were drawn to him and Tad said it was a blessing and a curse. She asked a few more questions and Tad realized that Liza had told her about the kiss. Lisastrada said she couldn't tell him whether Liza had or not. Tad asked if Liza had also told her that she had tracked him down and kissed him again. Lisastrada jumped out of her chair and yelled "She WHAT?" She sat back down and asked Tad if it bothered him that Liza was a married woman. Tad said the truth was he wasn't looking to start anything with Liza. He said it was his turn to ask questions but she asked him where the man he used to be was. Tad looked a little confused and she asked if he wanted to come out again. Tad told her some of his antics from past years and she said he had alot of baggage. He said he preferred to think of it as "character." He said Lisastrada was a very interesting person and asked if she wanted to come out and play with him. Lisastrada said yes and Tad said "Let's go get drunk!." She said that was too juvenile and asked if he was into leather. He grinned and said he'd try it. Later they returned, decked out in black leather attire and headbands. Tad fell into a chair out of breath and said she was a wild woman. Lisastrada smiled at him and said "Did you ever think my hog could make you feel that way?." Tad smiled back.

Jamie joined Laurie by the high school lockers. She looked pretty down and Jamie asked what was wrong. Laurie said she felt like running away and never coming back. Jamie asked if he could give her a hug and she said yes. They hugged and Laurie pulled away. She told him that she hadn't talked to JR since the Fusion party. Jamie said JR didn't deserve Laurie. She started talking about college and how badly she wants to go and that without JR college is all she has left in her life. Jamie said "No, you have me." She told him she couldn't be with anyone until she talked to JR. Laurie said she had to go home and have her father sign the financial aid papers for college and started to leave. Jamie leaned over to kiss her and she stopped him. She left the school.

At Chandler Mansion Adam spoke on the phone with a school official who told him JR hadn't been in classes for a week. Adam hung up as Liza walked in and he told her what was going on. He told her no one had seen JR since last night. Liza wondered if he was at a friend's or at Tad's. Adam wanted to call the police to report JR missing but Liza thought he should wait. She said JR should learn some lessons on his own which infuriated Adam. He asked if she meant that he was too controlling, too demanding and wondered if she wanted him to roll over and play dead. Then he started ranting about the "stupid counseling" she makes him go to. Finally Adam said she ought to look at herself for a change and quit blaming him everytime she fails at something. Liza calmed him down and he apologized. She said maybe JR just needed some space and that they should check before jumping to conclusions. She said she'd go check the gate house and left as the phone rang. Adam picked it up and it was Laurie. She told him she had to turn down his offer to send her to Harvard. Adam demanded that she put JR on the phone and she told him she hadn't seen JR in a week. Mr. Lewis walked in the room and saw his daughter on the phone. He grabbed it and hung up on Adam. The doorbell rang and Adam yelled for Winnifred but then went to answer it himself. Jamie was standing outside and asked if JR was at home. Adam snarled at him "How dumb do you kids think I am?." He told Jamie that no one had seen JR since last night and Laurie just called and now he was here. Adam wanted to know where Jamie was hiding JR. Jamie said JR was avoiding him and Adam asked if it was because he kissed JR's girlfriend. Jamie was shocked and asked how he found out. Adam said he heard it at the Fusion party. Adam taunted Jamie and said he had always been jealous of JR. Jamie said JR didn't deserve Laurie because of the way he treated her and started to leave. Adam grabbed him and said he wasn't leaving until he told him where JR was. Jamie yelled that he didn't know but if he did he wouldn't tell. Adam said Jamie couldn't compete with JR "No Martin has ever bested a Chandler!" Liza walked in as Jamie said "Are you sure? You'd better ask your wife." Jamie past Liza and Adam asked her what he was talking about. Liza said it was probably something that he'd heard about. "I kissed Tad" she told Adam.

After Mr. Lewis hung up the phone Laurie told him she had turned down Adam's offer of Harvard tuition. She said she needed him to sign the aid papers. Mr. Lewis was drunk and told Laurie that he wasn't going to fork over all of his money so she could prove she was smart. He yelled and Laurie began to cry. He told her that money didn't buy everything and Laurie told him "It sure buys all of your beer!." He knocked her to the ground and screamed that she should show him some gratitude for all he does for her. Laurie said she does alot herself, like holding down 2 jobs. Then she got up and told him that she wished she had taken Mr. Chandler's offer so she could get out of there. Mr. Lewis told her this was her life and she was going to stay. She wondered why he wouldn't let her have her own life and then yelled "I hate you!" Her father came at her again and Laurie picked up an object from an endtable and whacked him on the head. He fell to the floor.

Joni took the newest Fusion posters to the high school and had plastered them all over the hallways. Simone came in and said "I told you not to do this!" She told Joni that the last time she had done this she got arrested and tried to drag Joni out. A security guard showed up and told them "Too late!.""

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