03/10/2003 Lina Lies

Kendall entered Trey's apartment and was furious to see its messy condition caused by the burglary. Then she spotted Reggie in the apartment and practically blew a gasket. "Trey saved your butt, and you thank him by ratting him out," she shouted. Reggie could barely get a word in edgewise. Kendall yelled that he was a coward and threatened to make him pay. But Jackson interrupted her threats. He informed Kendall that he was now Reggie's foster daddy. Kendall was shocked and disgusted that the man who prosecuted her brother was now housing the kid who ratted on him. Just then, Erica walked into the apartment. She thanked Reggie and called him a hero for turning in Trey. Kendall grew even more disgusted that Erica was grateful, and demanded that Reggie vacate her brother's apartment immediately. But Jackson stopped her once again. He told a shocked Kendall that no one was moving anywhere since he just bought Trey's apartment. Erica calmly told Kendall that she was sorry, but this was about justice. She said that Trey created his own mess. Still angry, Kendall yelled at Reggie some more, and told him he was fired from Fusion. Reggie nodded, and ran off to school. After Erica left, Kendall inquired why Jackson had been huddling so closely with Erica. Jack avoided her question, and sympathized with her a bit. He said he understood that she really cared for Trey, but Kendall didn't buy his sympathy She hastily grabbed some of Trey's things and ran off to Fusion.

"Welcome back!" Bianca and Lena yelled happily to Boyd as he walked into Enchantment. Bianca complimented Boyd on his coup with Erica. You managed to get Erica to do a favor for Kendall, Bianca stated with admiration. Lena, who was also impressed, coyly asked if he was sleeping with the enemy yet (meaning Kendall). Boyd quickly turned angry and told Lena to mind her business regarding his personal life. Lena apologized, but Boyd still looked annoyed.

Lena then went through with her false press leak about the Enchantment/ Cambias deal. As Lena spoke convincingly to the reporter on the phone, Bianca looked more and more impressed, while Boyd looked more and more suspicious. Bianca commented how good Lena was. She's a little too good, Boyd said cynically. Bianca ignored Boyd's comments and gave Lena big kudos for lying so well. Lena admitted being a fantastic liar and said that's how she gets what she wants.

At that point, Chris walked in looking for Erica. He said they had a lunch date He was annoyed that Erica wasn't there, but grumpily agreed to wait for her. While waiting in her office, Chris's investigator walked in. The investigator told Chris that Erica was playing him for a chump, that she was two-timing him. He showed Chris some photos and expressed his regrets about this discovery. Chris took the photos and went straight to Jackson's apartment. Jackson opened the door, and saw Chris was angry. "How could you do this to me - FRIEND," Chris asked sarcastically?

In the meantime, Erica arrived at Enchantment and wondered why Chris hadn't waited for their lunch date. Bianca explained that he had been there earlier. Erica panicked when Chris didn't answer his cell phone, and ran off to find him.

Greenlee's secret emailer struck again. After reading this latest message, Greenlee admitted that her mystery man seemed to truly know her. Simone tried once again to convince Greenlee to meet unmask this Sidney Bergeron. Just then, Michael Cambias showed up. The Fusion babes weren't too happy to see him, but were curious about what he had in his hands. He was carrying a box and explained that it was for Kendall, and only Kendall. They explained that Kendall hadn't arrived yet so he decided to wait.

In the meantime, Greenlee decided that she would confront Sidney Bergeron at his apartment, even if he were married. She primped briefly, and headed out the door. On her way out, she collided into Carlos. She angrily told him to stay out of her way, and ran off.

Seeing that Kendall still hadn't arrived, Michael wrote her a note and left.
Shortly after Michael left, Carlos told the Fusion women he had an errand to run, and also took off.

As the Fusion women wondered how Greenlee's rendezvous was going, Greenlee was standing tentatively at the door of Sidney Bergeron's apartment. She finally knocked on the door and a woman answered. Greenlee asked to see Sidney, and much to Greenlee's surprise, the woman answered, "I'm Sidney Bergeron!"

Back at Fusion, as soon as Kendall arrived, the women told her about Michael's gift. She immediately opened it, and saw it was a necklace with the words "Swamp Girl". Kendall chuckled and explained the significance of that nickname. She confidently told the Fusion women that Michael was the real deal, and telephoned him. Michael answered the phone from his bed. Kendall thanked him profusely. He replied that he couldn't wait until they made love again. Then... a major twist. As Michael whispered more sweet nothings to Kendall about how beautiful she was, Lena showed up in Michael's apartment. She quickly undressed and crawled into bed with Michael.

When Reggie arrived at school, he got a hostile greeting from Luis. Luis was angry that Reggie had moved in with the D.A. Reggie got scared and swore that he didn't tell Jackson anything. Luis started pushing Reggie and soon they were throwing punches. Just then, Carlos to the rescue. Carlos threw Luis off of Reggie, but Luis wasn't intimidated and just walked off laughing. Carlos demanded to know what Luis had on Reggie, but Reggie refused to talk and went off to school.

It was Home Sweet Home for baby Leora. Anna and David happily entered their apartment with their new baby and got a big surprise. Their apartment was decorated with all sorts of baby stuff. Just then, Maria/Maureen and Aidan emerged, smiling broadly. Anna thanked them for their surprise and Aidan went to play with the baby. Suddenly, David freaked out, and shrieked, "Don't touch her!" David grabbed the baby and left to change her diaper. Anna apologized for David's overprotective behavior. Maria said she understood and Aidan left to get another baby gift, leaving Anna and Maria alone for a minute. Anna remarked how content she and Aidan seemed. Maria agreed that she was very happy with their uneventful life.

After Maria and Aidan left, Anna tried to talk to David about how panic stricken he became earlier. She suggested again that they should reconsider the pacemaker for baby Leora."

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