03/07/2003 Boyd Returns To Enchantment

"Greenlee was sitting in Kendall's condo staring at a piece of paper on which she had written the name Sidney Bergeron, her mystery emailer. Simone walked in busily talking about Mia's morning schedule. She asked what was going on with Greenlee. Simone was amazed Greenlee found out who he was and asked how she got it. Greenlee told her Jamie Martin helped her get it from Net. Simone wanted to unmask him right then and there. There was a knock at the door. Boyd came in looking for Kendall. She wasn't there. He announced he quit Enchantment and offered his services to Fusion. Just then Kendall entered the condo and told him Fusion doesn't want him and to go back to Erica. Boyd told Greenlee he wanted to work at Fusion and they were almost shaking on it when Kendall interrupted them she couldn't let Boyd ruin his future because of her. The other ladies tried to convince Kendall to let Boyd work for Fusion.

Simone and Greenlee left so Kendall could talk to Boyd. He wanted to know if her apology to Erica was genuine or was it just a ploy to get Fusion's building back. Kendall assured him Erica won't be happy until Erica destroys her and that she truly wanted Erica to accept her as her daughter, for herself. Boyd wanted to know how Fusion was evicted. Kendall explained she was supposed to be watching Petey and she was with Michael instead. Palmer wasn't pleased and evicted Fusion. She wondered where they go from here. Suddenly Boyd had an idea and rushed out of the condo.

At Erica's Enchantment office she talked to someone on her phone telling them to lock Boyd out of his office. Lena and Bianca came into Erica's office and was told Boyd just quit. "How long before Fusion snaps him up?" replied Bianca. Erica countered that everyone is replaceable and asked Bianca to contact the headhunters and Lena to call her European contacts in find a R&D wizard who wants to make a change. Bianca wanted to know if Boyd left the company because of Kendall. Val buzzed Erica on the intercom: Chris wanted to see Erica. She refused and returned to strategize about replacing Boyd telling Bianca to return at the end of the day. The phone rang again. This time it was Jackson. Frazzled, Erica asked if it was important as she was in a very important meeting. "I'm just about to arrest the person who burned down your house," replied Jackson. "Is that important enough?" Erica was pleased. Bury him so deep in the ground so he doesn't see the light of the day. How can I thank you? Erica asked. Jackson assured her they would find a way later. Chris told Jack he would go over to Enchantment right away to tell Erica the news about Trey himself.

Erica shared the news with Bianca about Trey's confession as Lena entered her office. Lena's sympathy prompted her to give Bianca a comforting touch on the shoulder as a wary Erica watched. The phone buzzed again, Donald Fields, trash newspaper reporter, barged into her office. He wanted to know why Erica was playing footsie with Cambias' Enterprises in Michael's private jet. Was there any truth to a Cambias-Enchantment joint venture. Erica angrily threw him out. Lena replied the joint venture was a ploy. They get friendly with a takeover target, propose a joint venture and then they strike and take over. It's known as a bear hug takeover tactic. Lena suggested Enchantment leak our own story. Suppose we say Cambias has nothing to offer. Enchantment has Erica Kane. Erica thought it was a brilliant strategy.

Chris knocked on Erica's door and walked in. Erica was a frazzled and didn't really want to see him. She explained about the takeover threat. Chris was waiting to tell her the news about Trey burning down her house and she said she already knew that because Jackson called and told her. Chris was very disappointed Erica already knew about Trey from Jack. He wondered how come Erica takes other people's calls and she has his held. Boyd interrupted their conversation and Erica welcomed him into her office. Chris muttered out loud if Erica plans these interruptions while he is there because she doesn't want to deal with him any more. He quickly left the office in a huff. Boyd said he would return to Enchantment on one condition: Erica has to call Palmer and convince him to give Fusion their office back. Erica tried to argue with Boyd but Boyd was adamant. If she wants him back, she has to call Palmer. She does. Erica welcomed Boyd back as Bianca came into the office.

David Hayward was holding his new daughter, Leora in his arms in the hospital. He told her she is a brave little girl and that he won't let anyone hurt her. Anna came in. She had been using the internet looking up website on Leora's condition. In almost every case doctors had implanted a pacemaker. She impatiently asked David why wouldn't he do the same for Leora. David tried to explain it wasn't the same situation. The nurse came in to get the baby. Anna immediately demanded an explanation from David why he won't help his daughter. They argued over the evidence Anna found on the Web. He won't risk his daughter's life. There are alternative treatments David countered. David wanted the baby to get stronger before a pacemaker is implanted. He doesn't think she needs one right away based on her EKGs.

Aidan met with a stranger at BJs asking what he had. The stranger told he the guy is pretty clean. Aidan replied it's not me who's looking. The stranger commented that someone sure has a rage out for Chris Stamp.

Jackson asked Reggie to repeat what he just said. Did Trey burn down Erica Kane's house. Reggie confirmed what he said by saying it again that Trey told him he (Trey) burned down Erica's house. Jackson glared at Trey and asked if his foster son was telling the truth. Trey said Reggie was doing just what he taught him to do-to take care of himself. Just then Chris Stamp barged into Jack's office saying he had the papers they were looking for just as Trey confessed he burned down Erica Kane's house. Chris looked stunned. Jack gritted his teeth and told Trey to stay put in his office while he went to get a court stenographer to take a statement. He glared at Chris and told him to behave himself while he was gone. As soon as Jackson left, Menacingly, Chris grabbed Trey with his hand around his throat and told him eyeball to eyeball the only reason he was still alive was because Erica and Bianca are still alive. He quickly released Trey and left Jack's office slamming the door behind him. Reggie looked at Trey and began to justify why he told Jack about Trey's confession. He said he didn't plan on telling anyone "You are looking out for yourself right said Trey. Jack lays off you, I go away for a while. This doesn't solve the real problem does it Reggie? Your problem shot an innocent man. Every time you give into this man you give away your power." Reggie didn't want to hear the lecture. Trey told him we're not that much different. Trey told Reggie to take charge of his own life and don't let the rage eat you up as it has to him. Reggie finally admit that Janelle would be killed if he ratted.

Janelle was paged to come to the DA's office. Jack explained Trey had confessed to arson . Trey made a deal because without his confession Jack has no case. Jack had to be a foster parent for Reggie and Trey's sentence would be reduced. Jack agreed 3-5 years in state prison and that Trey would never return to Pine Valley. He will be Reggie's foster parent and he will go after the person who threatened Janelle. Trey is taken away in handcuffs.

Simone and Greenlee went to BJs and talked about Sidney Bergeon. They agreed his name sounded like a 'hottie.' They began to eat lunch and Simone finally convince Greenlee to call Sidney A woman answered the phone. Greenlee quickly hung up. "He's married!" she exclaimed. Greenlee's phone rang. As soon as the call was ended, she jumped up from the table, grabbed Simone and ran out of the restaurant. Kendall's phone rang. "Oh my God" she said and quickly ran out of the condo. The three Fusion ladies opened up the door to the Fusion building exclaiming "Welcome back!""

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