11/14/2001 Greenlee Is Rescued

"At the deserted chapel in the woods Dixie peered through a dirty window and watched in horror as Leslie kicked the stool out from under Tad's feet. Tad's body swung for a moment then stopped, as if someone grabbed him and held him up. Opal and Dixie broke into the chapel and Dixie rushed to get the rope off of Tad's neck. Opal tried to grab Leslie but she broke free and headed for the open door. Jesse told Tad it just wasn't his time and as Leslie turned to taunt Tad, Jesse slammed the door. Leslie turned back around and ran right into the closed door , and fell to the ground out cold. Tad told Dixie that Leslie wanted to kill him and thanked her for getting there. While holding onto Dixie he looked at Jesse and silently thanked him too. Opal tied Leslie up and stepped outside to call the police. Dixie was in shock over what just happened and wondered how Tad escaped hanging. Jesse told Tad he had "done a biggie" and now Tad had to tell the truth about Leslie. Tad told Dixie that this whole thing was his fault, that he arranged for Leslie to stay with her sister Pam instead of in an institution. He told her he did this because he thought Leslie could help him nail David Hayward. Tad admitted that he hated David so much he lost sight of what was important but now he realized the only important thing is loving Dixie. He took Dixie in his arms and Jesse stood up saying "He" must not be too mad at him, he's feeling back to full power. Tad smiled at Jesse and said "I love you baby" to both Dixie and Jesse. The police arrived and as they took a conscious Leslie out she turned and winked at Tad. Jesse told Tad to get the two women out of the chapel, to just get them home. Opal went on outside to watch the police take Leslie away in a squad car. Tad tried to get Dixie to go home but she told him she wasn't ready. He asked if she needed to rest a minute and she said she couldn't go home. Tad told her it was safe, Leslie was in custody and would be forever now. Dixie expressed doubts and Jesse told Tad he was in trouble. Dixie wondered if Tad was going to hurt his family again. "To get back at David you brought a homicidal maniac back into our lives!" She got more and more upset and Tad tried to take her in his arms. She said "No, not this time Tad" and left without her husband.

At Laura and Leo's wedding the guests were getting soaked by the sprinkler system. Laura tried to get Leo to leave with her but he said no, "It's over. I can't be married to you anymore." Laura yelled at him "She got to you before I could l....." and then stopped before she told the truth. Leo demanded to know what she'd done to Greenlee but Laura stood mute, looking guilty.
In the ventilation system a sprinkler was drenching Greenlee. She tried to shut it off and hurt herself. She yelped in pain and then resumed yelling for help. Leo heard her cries for help and demanded to know what Laura had done with Greenlee. Laura tried to make excuses and finally said she locked Greenlee in a closet. Leo ran out and she tried to follow him but Brooke stopped her. She told Laura to let it go but Laura was sure Leo didn't mean what he said. David stepped in and said that his brother did indeed mean every word he'd spoken. Edmund was handing out towels to the dripping guests and spoke to Anna. He tried to talk her out of finding David and as she argued with him David joined them. She told David that Edmund wanted to know why they were seeing each other. David wondered why it was any of Edmund's business and Anna said it wasn't really and they walked away.

In the lobby Bianca, Frankie and Rosa toweled off and talked about the unusual wedding. Rosa left and Frankie and Bianca laughed about their drenched look. Frankie commented that the whole town was nuts. Bianca said as much as it pained her to admit, Leo was better off with Greenlee. Vanessa walked up and the girls told her they were sorry for the turn of events. Frankie told Vanessa that they have to pull together for Leo. Vanessa said that in terrible times families unite. Frankie didn't buy that at all. Vanessa tried to make up with Frankie and invited her and Bianca to dinner next week. Vanessa left and Frankie said she was fake and it bugged her. Bianca thought Frankie was "wigging out" because Vanessa invited them together and seemed cool about them being "together." She then looked at Frankie and said she didn't understand her, that sometimes she seemed to be ashamed to be seen with her. Frankie denied this, and said she just didn't want to be around Vanessa because "she's nuts." Frankie said she doesn't want everyone to think she's like her Aunt Vanessa. Bianca said she knows who Frankie is and asked if she had any secrets she hadn't shared yet. Frankie thought back to a phone call she'd taken at the court house and felt guilty. She told Bianca she didn't have any secrets and they left to change clothes.

Up in the ductwork Leo crawled around and found a scared Greenlee. They stared into each other's eyes.

Inside the wedding hall Brooke apologized to the soaked guests and thanked them all for coming. She then bid them good night, effectively clearing the room. Laura was furious with her for doing that but Brooke told her she should go home and get out of the wet clothes. Laura said Greenlee was trying to kill her and wondered if Brooke was now on Greenlee's side. Laura started losing all control but stopped when Leo and Greenlee walked into the room. She ran up to Greenlee and screeched "You colossal bitch!", much to Brooke's horror. Greenlee ignored her and looked around for David Hayward. Leo told Brooke and Laura that Greenlee had come here looking for David, that Roger Smythe was having a heart attack and Greenlee needed him. He looked at Laura and said "Greenlee told you this before you locked her up!" Laura screamed that it was a lie, and that Leo couldn't possibly believe Greenlee. But Leo told her that he did indeed believe Greenlee. David, Leo and Greenlee left the room and Laura went berserk, throwing her bouquet at their backs. Brooke got Laura to go up to the bride's dressing room and asked her to take off the gown. Laura very hatefully said she was not getting out of her dress "Not now, not ever!." Brooke said that Greenlee didn't come there to stop the wedding that Leo did that on his own. Laura was stunned to hear her mother say this and Brooke went on to say that she believes Greenlee's story. She told Laura that she can't blame everything on Greenlee but Laura yelled and said she did blame it all on Greenlee. Laura said it was all Greenlee's fault, that she turned everyone in Pine Valley against her, including her own mother. Brooke stood in confused silence as Laura continued her tirade, saying everyone in town thinks of her as a porn queen and that she never deserved to "get out of the gutter." Laura sat down in front of the mirror and primped as she told Brooke that she will get Leo back, that he'll see he let her go "because all of you disgusting people turned on me!." She said she'll not let him go, not now, not ever. Brooke was appalled. She told her daughter to stay put, she was going downstairs for a moment. Brooke found Edmund and Susie and told them that Laura was "agitated." She looked around for Joe and sent Susie to go check on Laura. Edmund asked if Laura was ok and Brooke said she didn't think Laura was all right at all. She told Edmund how Laura went off on her and how she thinks the whole world was about her. She said that years and years of rage came spewing out of Laura and that she should've have listened to Edmund because he had seen this coming. Edmund comforted Brooke, and took her in his arms. Across the room Simone signaled Edmund. He sent Brooke to check on Laura and then joined Simone. She told him she didn't have much to report, just that Mateo has shut down on her since his trip with Hayley and the baby. She thought that it was either because Mat decided to take down Proteus on his own or that he'd crossed to the other side. Simone told Edmund that Mateo is "flashing cash and prizes" all over the place and Edmund thought maybe it was just a cover. He told Simone about Anna and that he thinks she's investigating Proteus on her own. Simone wondered if David could be Proteus, and told Edmund that she's seen Anna at SOS with David, Chris Stamp and Roger Smythe.

When Brooke got back up to the bridal changing room she found Susie all alone. Susie said Laura had sent her out for some water and when she returned Laura was gone. Her wedding dress was lying in a heap.

Greenlee, David and Leo arrived at Enchantment. Greenlee called out for her father and when they entered her office, they found it empty. Greenlee wondered why Roger would ask for David. She said her father said he'd die if she called an ambulance and that the only person who could save him was David Hayward. Leo asked if David had been treating Roger but David denied even knowing Greenlee's father. Anna was standing in the doorway and heard this deliberate lie. She remembered seeing David and Roger together at SOS. David turned and saw her standing there. Greenlee asked why her father would ask for David if they didn't know each other and David said it was probably because of his reputation. David suggested that Roger was having a panic attack, felt better and left on his own. Greenlee didn't believe this and was sure he was having a heart attack. She said she was leaving to find him and Leo said he was going with her. She asked if it was because he didn't believe her and Leo said "No, it's because I do believe you." They left and David apologized to Anna for leaving her at the wedding. She confronted him about his lie and tried to get information about Roger. He told her to stay out of it. Anna wondered if David had to find Roger before his daughter did and said she could help, she planted a tracking device on Roger. Leo and Greenlee returned and said they couldn't find her father. Greenlee was distraught and Leo took her in his arms. Laura ran into the office and screamed at Greenlee "Take your hands off my husband!" Leo looked angrily at Laura and told her to "get out of here now!.""

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