11/15/2001 Erica Accuses Frankie Of Being A Drug Addict

"Hayley rushes into the emergency room at the hospital where Adam and Ryan are waiting for news on Liza's condition. When Hayley asks what's wrong, Ryan informs her that Adam may have killed Liza's unborn child. Adam explains to Hayley that Liza stumbled and fell down the stairs. Ryan and Adam argue over where to place the blame for Liza's accident when Hayley intervenes and asks Ryan to leave. He refuses, claming the possibility that the baby Liza is carrying is his. Pulling Hayley aside, Ryan reveals to her that if the baby is his, it could be a sign that his life is turning around. Liza experiences a painful contraction as the doctor attends to her. Soon after, a tearful Marian enters the waiting room. Liza has lost the baby. Adam wants to rush in to comfort his wife, but Marian stops him. Liza does not want to see Adam, but she is asking for Ryan. When Ryan goes into Liza's room, she tells him how guilty she feels. She believes things could have ended differently if she hadn't kept her pregnancy a secret. Ryan requests a paternity test and Liza agrees. The test is performed, and the doctor pronounces Ryan the father. An enraged Ryan attacks Adam for killing his baby.

At the Valley Inn, Erica demands that Chris nail Frankie for trying to score drugs despite Chris's belief that Frankie is clean. Bianca comes in, followed shortly thereafter by a worried Brooke who is searching for Laura. Bianca explains to Erica the wedding was called off. Leo finally saw the light and left Laura standing at the altar.

Frankie strolls into the Valley Inn claiming to be looking for her missing purse. Frankie and Erica attempt a civilized conversation, but Erica comes off sounding cold and distant. When Bianca asks what is wrong, Erica accuses Frankie of being a drug addict. Bianca vigorously defends her friend, but Erica is persistent. Frankie stalks out. Bianca turns on Erica, furious that Erica, of all people, would attack someone for using drugs. As Erica and Bianca argue, Frankie is searching through a drawer in her room. She finds a gun.

Laura confronts Greenlee and Leo at the Enchantment office. She accuses Greenlee of again using lies to ruin her life. Leo finally sees the truth. He now believes Laura is the "real" liar. Greenlee brushes off Laura's accusations. At this point, she is only interested in finding, and tending to, her father. Worried, Greenlee begins to hyperventilate. David rushes for his medical bag, prepared to offer a sedative when Jake intervenes. Appraising the situation, Jake decides it is in Greenlee's best interest if she allows him to take her to the hospital. There she can have her injured wrist x-rayed, and wait to see if Roger makes an appearance at the emergency room.

Laura and Leo are left alone at Enchantment. She tells Leo it feels as if her heart is being ripped out all over again. Leo apologizes for hurting her. He goes on to say how much Laura has changed. He wanted her the way she used to be. Laura is sure they can still make it work, but Leo is through trying. He walks out leaving Laura devastated.

Anna and David leave to check the machine Anna is using to track Roger. Anna asks David what his relationship is with Roger. Before David can answer, the alarm on Anna's tracking machine begins to beep. It displays the information that Roger is somewhere in the hotel. David leaves to investigate while Anna continues to fiddle with her device. A few moments later, she loses the signal as somewhere in the hotel, a hammer is seen smashing the small tracking device. David returns to a suspicious Anna. She finds it interesting that as soon as he is out of the room, the signal disappeared.

Jake makes a phone call to find out information on Roger's health, more specifically, if Roger has any heart problems. The doctor on the line tells Jake he should check with Roger's current cardiologist: David Hayward.

At the hospital, Jake bandages Greenlee's sprained wrist. She is worried about Roger, and doesn't know what to do or how to find him. While she waits, Greenlee wonders about Roger's motives. Did he really care for her, or was he just using her for access to Enchantment. Despite everything, Greenlee prays for her father's safety. Leo arrives to check on Greenlee. He tells her the wedding is off. As he starts to explain why he called off his wedding, Jake arrives with a sad look on his face."

- Soap Central