11/13/2001: Leo & Laura's Wedding Begins

"Leslie proudly shows a tied-up Tad their deserted chapel in the woods. She vows to marry him and to make him pay for ruining her life. She smiled devilishly and holds up a noose.

Back at Enchantment, Roger is having a heart attack and begs his daughter not to call an ambulance. They argue, but he insists that he will die if he goes to the hospital and that David Hayward is the only one who she should call. Greenlee rushes frantically to get the David, who is at the Valley Inn with Leo preparing for the wedding.

Vanessa visits Leo's room at the inn and badgers both her sons about their relationships. Anna arrives briefly, kisses David and leaves. David explains to his mother that he's not in love with DeVane, he's using her. Once she finishes attacking Anna, she turns her attention to Leo and argues with him about marrying Laura again.

Brooke and Susan help Laura prepare for her wedding. Brooke reassures her daughter that Leo is there and he loves her, then leaves to check on the guests.

This day will be perfect, Laura vows. Susan raises the possibility that Greenlee might show up and warns her that she should be ready for that to happen. She'll regret it if she does, Laura responds. When Susan asks her, in jest, what she would do, kill her? Laura only smiles and says that Greenlee will pay if she shows up.

Tad begs Leslie to stop the "wedding" as she fantasizes about widowhood. Jesse arrives at the cabin as Leslie leaves to gather flowers for her bouquet.

Tad and Jesse argue as Tad begs the ghost for help and Jesse takes him to task for bringing the situation on himself. Tad begs Jesse to try once again to make a connection with Dixie.

While guests arrive for the duPres wedding, Joe Martin pulls Dixie aside for a private conversation.

Meanwhile, Bianca enjoys introducing Frankie to friends and family. Brooke expresses her gratitude to Bianca coming to her daughter's wedding, but she explains to Brooke that she's here for Leo. When Frankie teases Bianca about "totally dissing" the mother of the bride, Bianca tells her: "You make me feel like I can stand up for myself." Edmund and Brooke flirt. They start to talk about Anna, who suddenly arrives. After Brooke walks away, Edmund and Anna have an awkward encounter as he asks her if she's tracking Hayward. Stay away from him, Edmund warns.

Exasperated, David and Leo boot their mother out of Leo's room just before Reverend Baker arrives. Noting that both men look very unhappy, the Reverend questions whether or not the groom really wants to get married.

A tearful Brooke shares a loving moment with Laura before taking her seat. Laura asks Susan for a few minutes of privacy to focus. As soon as she is alone she gleefully gloats about "winning" Leo, but is interrupted when Greenlee bursts in. The two women stare at each other, bristling...

Leslie returns to Tad with a bouquet of wilted flowers and begins reciting wedding vows. When Tad interrupts her ceremony and begs her to let him go she threatens to hit him with a shovel again. Their marriage will be brief and tragic but will be recognized as the best love story, she muses. A frantic Tad tells her he can do along with the wedding part, but not the part about dying afterwards. Leslie gets excited about his willingness to marry her, but when he pulls away from her kiss she vows to kill him.

Back at the duPres wedding, Joe explains to Dixie that he got a phone call from Leslie's sister Pam and that Leslie had attacked her sister and disappeared. Noting Tad's recent strange behavior and his mysterious, last minute business trip, Joe and Dixie get worried. Jesse appears and tries again in vain to get through to Dixie.

David walks up to Edmund and Anna as they bicker about her efforts to find Proteus.

Laura's bridesmaid walks down the aisle, but as the wedding march begins and all the guests stand up and turn around, the bride doesn't come in - she's throwing Greenlee into a supply closet. . "Stay there you little witch from hell!" Leo comes looking for her, and Laura keeps quiet about Greenlee's arrival. She sends him back to the restart the ceremony, then wedges a chair under the doorknob of the supply closet door. Greenlee is frantic to get out and get help for her father.

Laura begs her mother to start the wedding over.

Dixie gets scared when she can't reach Tad on his cell phone, and tells Opal that Leslie is on the loose. Jesse arrives and manages to make a connection with Opal: Opal hears that Tad is in trouble, he needs their help. Opal grabs Dixie's hand and they rush out, bumping into Laura as she starts down the aisle.

Laura walks down the aisle as a desperate Greenlee pounds on door for help. When no one hears her, she spies a ceiling vent and grabs a ladder.

At the altar, Laura recites her heartfelt vows to Leo. Greenlee climbs the ladder and into the ventilation system as Leo stumbles through his vows. Laura is unhappily surprised at the Reverend's announcement that Bianca Montgomery will be reading a passage. As she reads from the Book of Corinthians that love does not envy, she looks pointedly at the bride...The echoes of Bianca's reading reverberate in the vent as Greenlee searches for a way out.

In the meantime, Leslie continues to recite their vows "This is insane!" Tad screams, so she tapes his mouth shut. "You may kiss the bride...and die!" she says as she kisses him through the tape.

Greenlee tells herself she's doing the right thing. Leo falters when it's time to take the ring and say "with this ring I thee wed." Greenlee finds a water sprinkler and pulls out a lighter. Laura pleads with Leo to take her hand and say his vows. Leo realizes he can't go through with it, and puts her wedding ring in her hand instead of on her finger. "No," he tells her sadly. At that moment the water sprinkler goes off and Leo is the only one who welcomes the deluge.

Leslie finishes her ceremony and prepares to kill Tad while he begs for his life. Dixie appears at the window at the same time Leslie kicks the stool out from under Tad."

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