10/07/1999 Palmer's Private Investigator Reports His Findings

"Marian is still trying to convince Scott to go out with Greenlee just one more time, but he absolutely refuses. He's not interested in her and he cares about Becca. Marian puts Becca down, saying that she doesn't know what Scott sees in her and he warns her never to talk like that about Becca again. Scott leaves him apartment with Marian right behind, still trying unsuccessfully to get him to change his mind.

At the Glamorama, Greenlee kept discussing the tape that Becca had seen, even though it was obvious that Becca was embarrassed and wanted to drop the whole subject. Greenlee claimed that Scott was the one who made the tape and she was shocked when she found out. But Scott's a little "kinky" that way, she says, especially keeping the tape and watching it so long after they'd broken up. Upset, Becca insists that Greenlee leave and she heads to the front hall closet to get her coat. While she's in there, Scott shows up, so she hides and listens to his conversation with Becca. Well, actually his attempted conversation with Becca, because she doesn't think they have anything to discuss. She leaves him standing there alone in the middle of the Glamorama.

At the Valley Inn, David is in the dining room eating alone. A woman comes up from behind and puts her hands over his eyes. He thinks it's Erica, but it turns out to be Leslie. David tells her he's waiting for Erica to join him for dinner. I've got news for you then, Leslie informs him, Erica is out of town. At first he doesn't believe her, but she says she called Erica's office and was told she was out of town. Palmer and Vanessa, just back from her trip, enter the dining room and come over to say hello to David and Leslie. As usual, David doesn't hide his dislike for his mother and she and Palmer quickly retreat to their own table. After Leslie leaves to meet a client, David calls Erica's house and gets confirmation from Erica's maid, Coral, that Erica has in fact left town. Later, Leslie returns to offer David a shoulder to cry on, but he's not interested and tells her so.

At their table, Vanessa is thanking Palmer for giving her the money to help her friend, Bunny. Thanks to him she was able to have her brain tumor removed and is doing quite well. Still suspicious, Palmer tries to trip her up and asks her how the weather in Geneva was. I was in Zurich, she reminds him, and claims she was inside at her friend's bedside the whole time. Vanessa leaves to go get something for Palmer, and Palmer signals a man sitting at a nearby table to come join him. It's the private investigator who was hired to follow Vanessa. Not only was she not at a sick friend's bedside, she was traveling all over Europe. He even had pictures from Paris of Vanessa with a younger man she was very "friendly" with and bought all sort of nice things for. "With my money", Palmer grumbles, tucking the pictures into his jacket pocket. The P.I. leaves and Vanessa returns. She has a confession to make, she tells him, she wasn't in Zurich the whole time. She and her friend did go to Venice for a short time, where she bought the bracelet she's wearing. Palmer thought she left the table to get something for him. I did, she said, I put it on "for you" to admire on me. When Palmer heads upstairs, Vanessa calls someone on her cell phone and tells the person, whom she calls "darling" and "sweetheart", that they won't be able to talk for a while because Palmer is very suspicious.

Junior and Amanda are just finishing up an art lesson with Stuart at the gallery. Amanda painting is of a beautiful princess and Junior has made a painting of scary monster. Hayley arrives to pick up Amanda, they are going on a girls-night-out. When Stuart takes Amanda to go get cleaned up, Hayley realizes that Junior isn't happy and asks him what's wrong. I disappointed Adam, he says, and tells her about the ferret incident and about his paper that he wrote about Tad. Adam thinks that Tad is a bad influence on him. Hayley is trying to make him feel better when Adam arrives to pick him up. Hayley and Amanda leave and Stuart has already left to go meet Marian, so Adam and Junior are left alone. Adam shows Junior a soccer jersey from Winchester prep school, which has one of the best soccer teams in the country, and tells him that he can go there if he would like to. Junior thinks that Adam's trying to punish him by sending him away, but Adam assures him that it's not true, and it would be a great opportunity for him. Adam has one request, Junior can't discuss the idea with anyone, not even his mother.

For their girls-night-out, Hayley and Amanda have gone to Ryan's place for some pizza and some indoor basketball. They have a lot of fun, chasing each other and wrestling for the ball. Finally, Hayley and Ryan collapse on the couch together, exhausted. After teasing each other about who was the winner, the two of them kiss.

Over at Wildwind, Mateo is looking for Edmund, but finds Gillian there instead. He explains that he wants to talk to Edmund about a loan since Hayley wants him to buy out her share of SOS. The two of them talk about their prior relationships and Gillian tells him that when she let Ryan go, she hoped he'd come back, but he didn't. She thinks that Mateo should face the fact that the same thing might happen to him. Mateo isn't ready to give up, he's determined to get Hayley back."

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