10/08/1999 Dimitri's Will Reading

"An out of breath Tad staggered inside after a soccer workout with the boys. Dixie was concerned for her husband's welfare, asking, "You didn't pull anything, did you?" Tad widened his eyes and smiled wryly. "Wanna go upstairs and find out?" The boys, in much better condition than Tad, raced into the house and engaged in a little horseplay with Dixie. As they did, the phone rang. Tad scurried over to the phone. "Martin Mad House," he chuckled. "Which nut do you want?" Needless to say, Adam, on the other end of the line, was not amused. Adam asked to speak to Dixie and quite surprisingly made no reference to Tad's greeting. Adam asked his former wife if Adam Junior had made any mention of their meeting the day before. When Dixie said that Junior had said nothing about it, Adam smiled happily; he knew that his secret was still intact. Adam told Dixie that Stuart wanted to meet with him and Junior very briefly before starting on the father-son painting. Dixie was a bit worried that the meeting would cramp Junior's already busy schedule, but she agreed nevertheless. Adam's limousine driver arrived at the house and whisked Junior off to Chandler Mansion. Shortly after the boys were gone, Dixie told Tad that she felt that something was bothering her son. Tad hadn't noticed anything, but agreed to talk to Junior to see what was if something was troubling him.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam informed his son that there had been a change of plans: They would not be meeting with Stuart. Instead, Adam sat his son down on the sofa and prepared him for a big surprise. Adam reached into his briefcase and pulled out a mock-up of a soccer trading card. The card proudly displayed Junior, his stats, and a brand new school name---Winchester Prep. Junior fell in love with the card. He turned to his dad and asked him if he could have another one made up with his Pine Valley team and stats. Adam was caught off guard. He had expected that seeing the card would make Junior want to join the exclusive preparatory school. So, the mega-millionaire tried another approach. Adam informed Junior that Winchester Prep was his new school. A spot had opened up and Junior's name was at the top of the list to fill the vacancy. "You said it was my choice," Junior replied dejectedly. "This is all too soon." Adam praised his son's academic and soccer skills, saying that the opening at Winchester Prep was a "wonderful opportunity." He hoped that telling his son how proud of him would only sweeten the deal. Junior, who had been staring down at the floor, looked into his father's eyes and said that his mother would never let him leave town. Adam nodded in agreement. He said that he and Junior would have to form a united front to convince Dixie that Winchester Prep was the best place to continue his education. "Mothers have a tendency to cling to their babies," Adam noted. "I'm not a baby," Junior grumbled. Adam smiled. He said they both knew that he wasn't a baby, but Dixie might think otherwise.

Jake and Gillian arrived at Liza's office at WRCW to pick up Colby. Liza was on the phone discussing business and unable to immediately greet them. Gillian's ears perked up noticeably when she learned that Liza was talking to Ryan. After the phone call, Liza asked Gillian how she and her family were doing in the wake of Dimitri's death. Gillian informed Liza that Alexandra had decided to move back to London to avoid the friction that had developed between her and Edmund. Liza was concerned and said that she had looked forward to getting to know Alex better. Liza was called off to production. As she walked out of the office, she asked Jake not to leave until she returned. Jake came up with an idea to travel to a nearby farm and have a picnic with Colby. Jake asked Gillian to invite Eugenia along for the fun. Gillian took to the phone to call her grandmother. While she was on the phone, Wendy, the stations' weathergirl, sashayed into the office and planted a kiss on Jake's lips. Gillian was stunned. Apparently Jake and Wendy had become somewhat close, but the level of their relationship would be called into question a little later. Liza returned and grumbled that Wendy was needed back on the set. Liza plucked Colby from her bassinet and headed to the ladies' room to changer he diaper. Jake had offered to change the baby, but Liza said that by sending Colby off with a clean diaper she would be forcing Jake to return her that way. After Liza left, Gillian asked Jake about Wendy. Jake said that he and Wendy were hardly serious. "It's the best offer out there right now," he said unenthusiastically. Gillian asked the doctor if he might be waiting for her to put herself back on the market. Jake shook his head and assured her that that was not the case. Liza returned with a fresh smelling baby. The threesome then headed off for their picnic. Tad stormed the office and issued a surprisingly candid announcement. "I think we oughta have your husband neutered," he growled. Liza was taken aback by Tad's anger and asked him why he was angry at Adam. Tad wasn't exactly sure, but he said that somehow he got a feeling that Adam had turned his attention to trying to steal Junior away from him and Dixie. Liza assured Tad that that was not the case. She explained that Adam was upset and hurt that Skye had gotten married and not told him. Tad understood, but he didn't excuse Adam's behavior. He noted that Skye would never have had a secret wedding if Adam had not been up to his old dirty tricks. As for Liza's continued faith in her husband, Tad had yet another warning. He warned Liza that if she continued to leave her "head stuck in the sand," she would be in for a big letdown.

Soon after Tad left, the doorbell at the house rang. Dixie hoped that Tad was returning home for some private time, but that was not the case. David had dropped by to drop off some things for Tad. Dixie invited him into the house for some tea, but David worried that it would be too much work for Dixie. Dixie unleashed a heavy dose of sarcasm as she teased David about how difficult it would be to pour a second cup of hot water. David smiled and agreed to join Dixie. The pair sat down for a cup of tea and briefly discussed their lives. Dixie got David to confess that there was someone in his life---but he said that that relationship was over now. Dixie pressed for the reasons for the breakup and the name of the lady in David's life, but the doctor clammed up. David insisted that the breakup didn't upset him. Dixie could sense otherwise. Dixie told him that if that were truly the case, he wouldn't be so upset. The boys returned to the house. Junior saw David and worried that his mother's health had taken a turn for the worse. David quickly assured the boy that Dixie was doing well. Dixie walked David to his car. Junior plopped down on the couch and sighed deeply. Jamie sat beside him and asked him what was wrong. Junior plucked the soccer card from his backpack and showed it to Jamie. Jamie gasped and rattled on and on about how cool it was. Junior, though, was over the excitement. He told Jamie about the opening at Winchester Prep and how much he did not want to go. After learning that the spot would only be open for a few days, Jamie concocted a plan. The only way that Junior would have to go to the school was if someone could find him to pack him up and move him there.

Across the Atlantic in London, Alex returned to the restaurant where she first met Dimitri. As she sat alone, she reflected on both the good and bad times. The one moment that stuck most in her mind was delivering the news that Dimitri's illness had went into remission. As Alex returned to the present and sipped her tea, a male figured loomed over the table. Alex looked up and made no attempt to hide her disappointment. Edmund returned the cold stare, casually announcing that he planned to attend the reading of Dimitri's will as he sat down at the table. Alex told Edmund that he should've told her that he'd be coming. Edmund shrugged and commented that since she doesn't keep him apprised of her comings and goings, there was no need for him to keep her informed of what he's planning to do. Alex plunked down some money on the table and told Edmund that the tea was on her. She then suggested that they catch a cab. "Unless the idea of sharing a taxi with me is too distasteful," she grumbled. Edmund extended a hand to help Alex out of her chair, but she coldly told him that she could handle it herself.

David returned to his hotel suite, haunted by Dixie's words of wisdom. He picked up the telephone and called Enchantment. He lied about having Erica's latest test results and asked her secretary for a number where Erica could be reached. The person on the other end of the line fell for it hook, line, and sinker and parted with the previously secret information.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Adam hit the phone to tell his pal at Winchester Prep that Junior would be there in a few days. In the meantime, Liza returned from the station and told her husband about Tad's accusations. Adam was pleased that Liza had stuck up for him, but Liza's support came with a disclaimer. She told Adam that he would have to continue staying on the straight and narrow and prove that he's really changed.

Tad returned home from work and told Dixie about his discussion with Liza. Dixie told Tad that they had some free time because Jamie was at Brooke's house and Junior was at a soccer game. Tad looked down and found a notebook with a message from Junior. "Mom always says I can go to you if I'm ever in trouble," the note began, "only this time I can't. No one can stop my dad." Junior had run away.

Alexandra and Edmund arrived at the office of Clive Garrison. Clive was not surprised to see Edmund. Apparently, Edmund had phone before leaving for Europe. Alex asked the solicitor if it was possible to give them a brief rundown of the will before the formal reading. With no objections for Edmund, Clive agreed. The will, as previously mentioned, provided for everyone in Dimitri's life. Money had been set aside to restore Gillian and Eugenia's lost fortune, "substantial property" to Anton and Corvina Lang, "a trust fund" for Samuel and Madeline Grey, a "generous bequeathing" to Peggy Moody, and Maximillian to Bianca Montgomery. The formal reading concluded and Alex was ready to go on her way. Clive then told her that there was more. Jackson entered the room and announced that he'd been summoned to Dimitri's hospital room to make some changes to the will. Alexandra was stunned. Edmund looked on with a smirk. "It doesn't make any sense," Alexandra said shaking her head. She wondered why Dimitri would make the changes without telling her. Jack had a quick response. "He thought that you would object," Jack stated. The changes, he said, would change Alex's life forever."

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