10/04/1999 Erica Learns That David Kept Dimitri A Secret

"Still standing nearly naked before Scott, Greenlee tried to entice Scott into bed by reminding him of all the fun they'd had together at UCLA. She slowly walked towards him and kissed him on the lips. Scott initially did not respond, but after a few seconds he began kissing her back. Then suddenly he pulled away and stated that they should get back to the party. Greenlee didn't appear to be upset about being rebuffed. In fact, she took it quite well. As Scott was leaving, she sarcastically praised him for his portrayal of a monk, an obvious reference to his celibate relationship with Becca.

Elsewhere in the hotel, David and Erica also shared a steamy kiss. David moved to lock the door to his room, but Erica informed him that that would not be necessary. "Palmer's waiting for me," she said icily. David shook his head and asked Erica to stop playing games. Erica agreed that the games were beginning to tire her. She pointed to David and Leslie's chumminess as an example of what she would no longer tolerate. David reminded Erica that she'd requested that they keep their relationship a secret. He then asked her if she was jealous by seeing him and Leslie together. Erica walked closer to David and leaned forward as though she was going to kiss him. Instead of a kiss, Erica whispered "No." She then walked to the door. Before she left, she looked at David in disdain and told him to "pull [himself] together and go back to the party."

Downstairs, Adam and Liza arrived at the party. Liza saw Jake and made Adam promise that he'd be on his best behavior. Adam promised that he not cause any friction now that he was a part of Colby's life. Next to arrive were Tad and Dixie. Dixie made a similar request of her husband. Tad said he'd try to behave and then referred to Adam as the "head chimp." He pleaded with Dixie to make their stay short, but Dixie wasn't about to cut out on a social event so quickly.

Woodruff looked high and low for his granddaughter, but couldn't find her anywhere. Millicent smiled happily and told her husband that Greenlee and Scott were probably spending some time alone.
Erica returned to the party and apologized to Palmer for keeping him waiting. Palmer smiled broadly and told Erica that she looked even more beautiful---if that was possible. David also returned to the party just as Gillian pulled up next to Erica. In a private chat, Gillian asked Erica not to be angry at Alexandra. Erica refused to let go of her belief that Alexandra was responsible for Dimitri's death. Gillian saw David out of the corner of her eye and excused herself to speak to him. David and Gillian stepped into the lobby and sat down on one of the benches. There, Gillian thanked David for having tried to help cure Dimitri. David brushed off the praise, saying that he'd done nothing more than suggest that Colby's stem cells be used in the experimental procedure. Suspicious about what Gillian and David might be discussing, Erica eavesdropped from just around the corner. When she realized that David knew that Dimitri was still alive, she became furious. Erica waited until David returned to the room before reacting. She assumed a sultry stance and purred that she'd reconsidered her decision to pass on a little private time with David. "Your room in five minutes," she grinned.

The entire Martin clan watched in pain as Millicent and Woodruff hit the dance floor. Tad said that their dancing looked "painful." Joe and Ruth decided to trip the light fantastic and Jake and Gillian followed suit. Dixie wanted to step out for a few moments and phone home to check on the boys. This was going to be the first time that the new babysitter watched Junior and Jamie. Suddenly, Palmer appeared at the table and helped himself to a seat. He told Dixie that she looked lovely and asked about the boys. Dixie rolled her eyes and Tad said nothing.

In the lobby, Junior and Jamie hid behind the front desk. Junior told Jamie that he'd come up with a plan to liven up the party. The reason, he explained, was that Tad had said that the party was going to be a bore---full of "old fogies." Jamie looked innocently at his friend and asked, "What's a fogey?" When no one was looking, the boys slipped a plastic frog into the punch bowl. That, though, was not their piƩce de resistance.

Back inside, Joe and Ruth joined Millicent and Woodruff at their table. The Martins were in the process of thanking the Greenlees for their generous contributions to the hospital. Millicent giggled loudly and didn't hear a word that was being said. She looked at her husband and ribbed him about being "frisky." A glance down showed Millicent that the brush against her leg was not her husband's hand---it was a rat! "I believe it's a ferret," Joe announced. The mere mention of the word ferret prompted Tad and Dixie to assume that the boys were behind the errant critter. Tad and Jake chased the weasel-like animal around the room as partygoers screamed and dashed out of the way. Eventually, Tad managed to capture the ferret. As the crowd applauded his feat, Tad made his way to the lobby and called for the boys to come out of hiding. Adam's face turned bright red and he stormed over to the doorway. He demanded to know why Junior was at the hotel-and more importantly whether or not he had anything to do with the ferret. Tad asked to speak to Tad in private about the debacle. "You are raising him to be an idiot!" Adam fumed. Tad couldn't help but laugh at the boys' antics and informed Adam that he was not going to punish them. Junior appeared before the two men and apologized for the stunt.

Back inside, Millicent told Tad that the runaway ferret would ensure that the party was the talk of the town. "Like father like son," she laughed. "I hope not," Tad said under his breath. Brooke made Jamie promise that she'd never do anything like that again. Even she was amused by her son's shenanigans. Adam met up with Junior later and told his son that he was not mad at him. In fact, he said that he's pulled a few pranks in his day too. Junior was intrigued and was forced to agree to a day with his dad to learn more. Then with all eyes on him, Adam coerced his son into giving him a hug.

Becca reacted strongly to seeing the videotape. She popped the tape out of the VCR and tossed it on the floor. Ryan tried to minimize Becca's fears by noting that the tape was probably made during Scott and Greenlee's time at UCLA. That didn't quell Becca's anger or disgust. She wondered what type of person makes a sexual videotape. She was also still furious that Scott and told Greenlee that she was still a virgin. Becca turned to Ryan and asked him if he'd date a virgin. Ryan was caught off guard by the question and said nothing. Nervously, he told Becca that he was not the right person to ask because he's already been married. The response didn't really make any sense nor did it answer the question. Ryan told Becca that he'd give her some time alone and headed out. Alone, Becca unbuttoned her blouse. She took a deep breath and shamefully asked herself what she was doing. As she re-buttoned her shirt, Scott returned home and asked her what she was doing. Becca grumbled that she was thinking about making love to him just so that she could hang on to him. She threw her hands in the air and said that there was no way that she could go through with it. She told Scott that she's seen the explicit videotape and subsequently lost all respect for him. Scott claimed that he didn't know that he was being videotaped, but that didn't make Becca feel any better. In tears, she told Scott that she just wanted to be left alone. She raced out of the loft just as Scott's phone started ringing. From her bed at The Valley Inn, Greenlee asked Scott if he wanted to return and pick up where they'd left off. Scott angrily slammed down the receiver.

"Saying goodbye?" Edmund asked of his sister-in-law. Alex dropped her head and muttered that what she's said in private was none of Edmund's concern. It was then that Edmund revealed that he'd listened in on her entire conversation with her late husband. Nowhere in Alex's heart-wrenching discussion had she apologized to Dimitri, noted Edmund. Alex snarled that she's lost the man she loved. In fact, they both had. Edmund nodded slightly, asking Alexandra where that left them. "All we share is our love for Dimitri," responded Alex. Edmund said that he did not understand why Alex had not come to him for help. Alex groaned that Edmund wanted to have had a chance to rescue his big brother. Edmund denied that that was the case. "When did this become a contest about who loved Dimitri more?" Alex snapped. From there, the pair decided to think about their fondest memories of Dimitri. In the morning, Alex said that she'd be flying to London for the reading of Dimitri's will. Edmund shocked her by saying that he'd also be in attendance. Strangely, Alex tried to convince Edmund not to make the trip abroad. Edmund would not back down. He was insistent upon being there. He said that he wanted to hear Dimitri's final words, those he'd written at a time when death was the furthest thing from his mind. Alex demanded that she be given some time alone, but Edmund wanted to stick around. After all, Dimitri had made him promise that he'd look after Alex. Alex released Edmund from his promise and, conversely, Edmund released Alex from hers. Finally alone, Alex sat on the sand and told Dimitri that the will reading would mark a new chapter in her life. "I'm never coming back her," she said softly. "It's too painful. But wherever I am, I'll always have you here in my heart."

Back in David's hotel room, Erica awaited David's return. When he arrived, she blasted him for keeping quiet about Dimitri's health problems. David insisted that he was honoring Dimitri's family's request, but that didn't suffice. Erica was about to offer yet another comment about how she was so important to Dimitri. David, however, never let her get the words out. He berated Erica for continually talking about her relationship with Dimitri. He told Erica that there was nothing that she could have done to save him. "You may have the power over life and death," Erica snapped back. "But you don't fool yourself into thinking that you have any power over me." Erica stomped her feet and stormed towards the door. "It's over. I never want to see you again.""

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