09/10/1999 David Meets His New Stepbrother

""It can't really be called a treatment," said Alex of the possible cure she mentioned. "It's highly experimental." Edmund didn't care if the cure was a long shot or not---he wanted all options explored. Alex explained that the method involved using stem cells, or the cells from an umbilical cord. Edmund didn't understand why Alex was opposed to trying the new treatment. For the doctor, however, that was a very valid reason. "It could prolong his life without actually curing him," she noted unhappily. In essence, the treatment could stop Dimitri from dying, but he could remain in his altered state for the rest of his life. If that happened, Edmund said that Alex could continue the other treatment she'd been using. There was still another obstacle. Alex said that it could take a very long time to find a suitable donor. Edmund's eyes lit up and he quickly raced out of the house. A few seconds later, Eugenia> strolled into the room and apologized to Alex for having listened to her conversation with Edmund. Alex was glad that she'd eavesdropped because it would give her the needed information to offer her own opinion on the situation. Eugenia sadly informed Alex that she had outlived most of the men that she's loved. She urged Alexandra to do whatever she had to do to keep Dimitri alive. Alex sighed heavily and told the duchess that she wanted to honor Dimitri's requests. Eugenia took her hand and told her that she didn't have to be strong all by herself because she has help now.

"You, Uncle Porkchop, are going to help me?" Mateo asked dubiously. Trevor nodded his head. He said that ultimately Hayley would make the decision about whether or not to let Mateo back in her life, but in the meantime he'd do what he could to expedite their reunion. If, however, Hayley decided to move on without Mateo, Trevor told Mateo that he would honor her decision. The attorney went on to suggest that he and Mateo break into Chandler Mansion so that they could see Hayley. Mateo's eyes bulged and he announced that he would not do anything illegal. That, he noted, would only give Adam more ammunition to use against him. Trevor was amazed that Mateo would not bend the rules even a little bit to see the supposed loved of his life. Trevor picked up the phone and decided to try another route. A little while later, Stuart arrived at the nightclub and listened to Mateo's pleas for assistance. Surprisingly, Stuart refused to help. He said that Hayley had said that she wanted time alone. Mateo refused to give up, swearing that he had not slept with Raquel. Stuart looked at him for several moments before determining that he was telling the truth. Stuart told the two men that Adam and Liza were going to be out of the house, so getting inside Chandler Mansion should be relatively easy.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam found his daughter sprawled out on the sofa with her eyes closed. He sat down beside her and muttered that he was sorry for letting Trevor upset her. Hayley opened her eyes and said that she wanted to see her uncle. Liza entered the room toting Colby and said that she was concerned that Colby had a fever. Hayley put her hand on the baby's forehead and said that Colby's temperate felt normal. Adam smiled slightly and informed Hayley that Liza always seems to think Colby is ill just before they're scheduled to have a night out. Hayley took her little sister in her arms and chirped merrily about how much fun they would have together. Then, on a much more somber note, Hayley sat down on the sofa and told Colby how much she regretted not being able to give her a little niece or nephew to play with. Liza stepped in and remarked that there was still plenty of time to have a baby with "Mateo's big brown eyes." Unnoticed, Adam frowned at the thought. Liza asked Hayley to hand Colby over to Adam so that she could show her where all of Colby's bedtime stories are kept. AS they walked away, Liza told Hayley that Colby would let her know when to turn the page. Hayley shrugged and asked how that was possible. "She starts to eat the book," Liza chuckled. Alone, Adam held Colby close to his chest and told her how amusing he found it that no one has figured out that he is her father. "It seems so obvious to you and me," Adam beamed. "You are a Chandler---and you belong to me!"

Vanessa sat alone at a table in the dining area of The Valley Inn. David strolled into the room and headed straight for his mother's table. At first he was surprised that she was alone, but after seeing how she was dressed he knew that she was expecting company. He mused that she was in "seductive mode" and wondered if she was already trying to conquer another millionaire. He looked over his shoulder and learned who Vanessa was trying to impressed---little Petey. Vanessa looked at her shocked son and couldn't help but have a little fun at his expense. "Don't worry, David. There's plenty of room here for another darling little boy," she sneered as she patted her chest. "Oh brother," David grumbled under his breath. Vanessa's eyes lit up and she told David that he was absolutely correct---he and Peter were now brothers. Peter was intrigued by the idea of having a new brother, but David explained that he was not quite the same type of brother as Tad and Adrian. Palmer asked David to join then for a "family dinner." David and Vanessa exchanged glances. David said that he'd love to have a chance to tell Palmer what type of mother Vanessa had been to him. He made a passing and cryptic remark about his childhood bout with the mumps, but said nothing more. He then adjourned to his own table. Palmer and Vanessa's meal with Peter went quite while. Palmer proposed a toast to the two people he loves most. When he was called away to take a business call, things went downhill. Peter stared and stared at Vanessa until she scolded him for his rude behavior. Peter told Vanessa that he was looking at her because she was very beautiful. David looked on from his nearby table. Peter reached across the table and accidentally spilled chocolate milk all over the table and all over Vanessa's white dress. "For a very smart boy, that was a very stupid thing to do," she groused. "Honestly, Peter. You're going to have to learn to be much less clumsy otherwise no one will ever, ever, ever like you." She wasn't done. As she sopped up the mess, she snapped, " I can't possible like you as much as I did before." David rushed over to the table and told his new stepbrother to pick out something from the dessert cart. The boy dashed across the restaurant allowing David and his mother a chance to talk in private. David shook his head and told Vanessa that she had Peter exactly where she wanted him---the boy thinking that Vanessa was a beautiful and loving woman. David told her that Peter had one thing that he didn't have while growing up: someone to keep an eye on him. "Don't go messing up this boy, mother, or you will regret it." By the time Palmer returned, David had returned to his table. The Cortlandt party was filing out of the restaurant just as Adam and Liza were arriving. Liza smiled politely and congratulated Vanessa on her recent marriage. Vanessa laughed slightly and told Liza that in proper etiquette one congratulates the groom not the bride. "I would never do that," Liza remarked. She then turned to face Palmer. "Good luck, Palmer." Adam chuckled to himself as he and Liza were led to their table. Liza complained that she was cold and Adam offered to run home and get her a sweater. Liza thought that it was too much trouble, but she knew that Adam needed and excuse to check on Hayley. So she nodded her head and told her husband that she'd wait for him. Across the room, Edmund helped himself to a seat at David's table. David wasn't at all pleased to see Edmund because he knew that his presence had something to do with Dimitri and Alexandra. When Edmund broke the news Dimitri was alive, David thought that Alex had somehow duped Edmund yet again. It was only when Edmund said that he saw and spoke to his brother that David bought into the story. David offered his thoughts on the stem cell theory, saying that he didn't think it would help a bit. Edmund accused David of being coldhearted. David didn't want to seem unsympathetic to Edmund's plight and agreed to listen to what he had to say. Edmund spoke of his need for a stem cell donor. David laughed to himself and said that Edmund was in luck. Of course Liza had asked that Colby's umbilical cord be kept in storage. That meant that all Edmund would have to do is ask Liza and Adam for their permission to see if Colby was a match. Edmund crooked his neck and reminded David that Jake was Colby's father. David again laughed and muttered, "Of course! What was I thinking?" Edmund worried that the procedure might somehow harm Colby, but David clarified that Colby would not even have to be seen by a doctor to see if there was a match.

Stuart slowly opened the front door to Chandler Mansion. He poked his head inside and determined that everyone had gone to bed for the night. Trevor and Mateo followed him inside and worked on a plan to see Hayley. Mateo wanted to barge upstairs, but Trevor thought it was a better idea for him to go first. Suddenly a voice called out from upstairs---Winifred. She called out to the intruders and warned them that she was armed. Stuart opened the secret passageway in the wall and hurried Mateo and Trevor inside. When Winifred came downstairs she mistook Stuart for Adam. Stuart tried to explain that he wasn't Adam. But Winifred wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. So Stuart decided to play the part. He stood up straight and started talking just as Adam would---but he made a few bobbles along the way. He started talking about the local movie theatre and how Winifred should take off and check one out. Stuart then realized that his brother probably knew nothing about the latest flicks. He reached into his wallet and forked over a huge stash of cash to the housekeeper, encouraging her to take the rest of the evening off. Shortly after Winifred left, Adam returned home. He didn't see Stuart standing in the still-dark parlor at first and nearly jumped out of his skin when he did. Adam demanded to know why Stuart was skulking around his house. Stuart said little and ran out of the house. Upstairs, Hayley entered her bedroom and crawled into bed. Suddenly the light flicked on and Hayley jumped several feet into the air. Trevor apologized for scaring her, but said that he needed to talk to her. Hayley was not at all pleased to learn that Trevor had smuggled Mateo inside the house. She refused to speak to him. Finally, Mateo walked out of the bathroom and begged Hayley to speak to him. "How could you do this?" Hayley groaned to her uncle. Trevor decided to let the pair speak in private and headed back downstairs. Adam was pouring himself a drink and didn't see Trevor slip back into the room via the secret passageway. "Mission accomplished," Trevor beamed. Adam turned around and looked curiously at Trevor. Outside the mansion, Stuart frantically placed a call to Mateo's cellular phone. Mateo, however, turned off his phone so that he and Hayley would not be disturbed. Mateo told Hayley that he had an awful lot to talk about. But the most important thin, he said, was that he still loves her."

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