09/09/1999 Gillian & Eugenia Are Told About Dimitri

"As Dimitri's anger subsided, Alexandr gently suggested that Edmund be allowed to visit him. Dimitri reluctantly agreed and settled into his bed. Alexandra showed her husband a few recent pictures of Maddie. Dimitri reached out and gently took one of the photos. He held it close to his face and gently kissed gave it a kiss. Edmund looked on from the background, now understanding why Alex had taken one of Maddie's photos from the main house. Dimitri once again fell asleep and Edmund and Alex decided it was best to give him some space. Edmund was still shaken up. "He has always been larger than life," Edmund said softly. Alexandra understood that seeing Dimitri in his altered state had been difficult for Edmund. She explained that Dimitri's erratic mood swings were the result of his disease and the medication he was receiving. She once again apologized for keeping the truth from Edmund. Edmund said that he understood. He reached for his cellular phone and informed Alex that he was going to call Joe Martin and work on getting Wildwind ready for Dimitri's homecoming. Alex's face fell. She cast a serious glance in Edmund's direction and told him that Dimitri would not be leaving the hospital. "He doesn't want to be seen," she explained. "His pride is about all he has left." Edmund nodded his head and agreed that is was best to let Dimitri stay at Seaview. He did, however, have one demand to which he would not accept "any" as an answer: He wanted to tell his family that Dimitri was still alive.

Mateo dropped by the loft to have a face-to-face discussion with Ryan. While Ryan wasn't at all pleased to see Mateo, he did let him inside. Mateo informed Ryan that he wanted answers, answers to something that Gillian had told him. After the debacle at Chandler Mansion when Mateo tried to sneak inside and see Hayley, Gillian had told Mateo that he should give up on Hayley and move on with his life. She'd also hinted that Ryan and Hayley were destined to be together. What Mateo wanted to know what whether Gillian was speaking the truth or not. "Are you gonna go for it or not?" Mateo asked somewhat caustically. Ryan turned his back to Mateo and threw his hands in the air. He insisted that it didn't matter what he wanted or what he was thinking. The only thing that truly matters, according to Ryan, was what Hayley wanted. "From what I can see, it's you," he added. Mateo was taken aback by Ryan's admission. What he did not understand was why Ryan had prevented him from seeing Hayley at the hospital if he so believes that he and Hayley will be together. "She's better off without you right now," Ryan replied curtly. Mateo wondered if Ryan was trying to imply that Hayley was better off with him. Ryan shook his head. "I'm not giving up on her," Mateo warned. "Do yourself a favor and stay out of my way." Mateo smiled as he turned and exited the loft.

Trevor dropped by Chandler Mansion hoping to see his niece. Adam greeted Trevor at the door and told him that Hayley was sleeping and suggested that Trevor stop by later. Trevor said that he'd already called several times and had been told every time that Hayley was unavailable. He walked past Adam and plopped himself down on the sofa. He told Adam that he was not leaving---even if it meant that he had to wait for hours to see Hayley. Adam frowned disapprovingly and threatened to have Trevor forcibly removed from his property. As he was doing so, Hayley wandered down the staircase and greeted her uncle with a hug. Adam tried to run interference, but Hayley really wanted to speak to Trevor---even if she knew that Trevor was going to convince her to get back together with Mateo. Adam unwillingly adjourned to his office. Naturally, Trevor wanted to know how Hayley had ended up under Adam's roof. Hayley explained that Mateo had slept with Raquel. Trevor didn't believe it and when he learned that Raquel was the one who'd told Hayley of the pseudo-affair he was even more certain that it was a lie. Hayley conceded that she thought the story was fabricated. After thinking it through, Hayley realized that Mateo had changed. She said that she wasn't sure if she even knew who he is any more. Trevor urged Hayley to leave the mansion and return home with him and Janet. "I feel safe here," Hayley responded. "I feel protected." She said that she also felt safe around Ryan because he didn't lie to her. Trevor showed a bit of concern about Hayley and Ryan's relationship, but he didn't make of point of saying anything. Instead he asked Hayley if she'd been to an AA meeting lately. Hayley shook her head and said that she didn't feel like being in a room full of people just yet. In the back of her mind, she wondered if she was going to turn out like her mother, Arlene---alone and unhappy. Trevor ordered Hayley to banish those thoughts from her mind. Trevor told Hayley that she could always call him and then headed on his way. Adam later returned and apologized to Hayley for letting Trevor barge into the house. Hayley said that she was glad to see Trevor. "I wasn't prepare to see him eave the Hayley and Mateo hope flag again," she grumbled. Adam pledged that he would not let anyone upset his daughter as long as she was under his roof. He followed that up with a promise that he would not let Mateo anywhere near her.

"I didn't intentionally mean to jump out of an airplane," Tad insisted. Dixie told Tad that she "felt so helpless" as she watched him plummet towards the earth. Tad countered by saying that he felt exactly the same way when he learned that Dixie was pregnant. Dixie didn't see any similarities; Paradiving was reckless and pregnancy was a blessed event. "I had a parachute," Tad retorted. The implication was that Dixie had nothing to protect her or save her life while she was pregnant. Stuart called to see if Tad was doing okay and offered to bring him some soup. Tad told Dixie that her generous nature allows her to put other's needs before her own. While that was hardly a bad quality, in this instance it had put Dixie's own safety at risk. Dixie worried that Tad wanted her to abandon her dream of having a child with him. "Do you honestly think that I want to see the light go out of your eyes?" Tad asked. Tad again told Dixie that he was terrified that Dixie might suffer irreparable damage by getting pregnant. Finally Dixie confessed that she'd ignored her "twinges" in her back because she was hoping that they'd simply go away. The next time, though, she said that she'd play things by the letter and report any problems no matter how small. Tad asked Dixie if they could put off thinking about a baby for a little while. Dixie nodded, content in knowing that Tad was not totally opposed to the idea of having a baby.

At Sounds of Salsa, Trevor dropped by to check on Mateo. Mateo rolled his eyes and told Trevor that he could spare his lectures. Trevor told Mateo that he had just one question for him---did he sleep with Raquel. "Raquel lied," Mateo replied. "I swear." Trevor nodded and said that he never believed the story. Mateo was relieved that someone believed him. Mateo said that he wanted a few minutes alone with Hayley so that he could make her see how much he loved her. Trevor smiled and said that he had an idea of how he could find a few moments alone with the woman he loved.

Edmund and Alexandra returned to Wildwind and found Eugenia> and Gillian sitting in the parlor sipping tea. Gillian had just told her grandmother that she and Ryan were once again on the outs. "I have some news," said Edmund with a smile. "And I'm glad you're sitting down." Eugenia and Gillian looked at Edmund and waited for what they perceived to be horrific news. "Dimitri's alive," he chirped. Eugenia's hand covered her mouth and she complained of trouble breathing. Alexandra tried to calm down Eugenia. Gillian looked to Alex and realized that she's known all alone. The doctor nodded and told Gillian that this was the promise she'd mentioned that she'd wanted to break. Now calmed down, Eugenia said that she couldn't wait to see Dimitri. "You can't," Alex interjected. She informed the two women that Dimitri was still in a battle for his life. This was news that Eugenia did not want to hear. Her hands trembled wildly and Gillian was forced to take her grandmother upstairs to rest. Alex looked to Edmund and said that this was the reason that she did not want them to know that Dimitri was still alive. Edmund explained that they were not upset that he was alive, but rather they were fearful that they could still lose him. Edmund asked Alex if there was any way that Dimitri could regain his health. Alex nodded slightly and said that there was a highly experimental treatment that could be used. "What the hell are you waiting for?" Edmund snapped."

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