09/13/1999 Edmund Asks For Jake & Liza's Help

"At Tempo, Brooke is working on a story for a deadline when Jackson stops by for a visit. She's frustrated because she can't get one of the sources she needs for her story to talk to her. When Brooke leaves the room, Jackson calls up the source, pretending to be an old friend of the source's sister and gets the information that Brooke needs. The two of them celebrate over a dinner of Chinese take-out and champagne in Brooke's office.

Edmund and David approached Liza at the Valley Inn restaurant about helping Dimitri. She was, needless to say, very surprised to find out that Dimitri was not dead, but instead was extremely ill and in need of Colby's stem cells in order to live. While wanting to help, she was hesitant, what if Colby needs the stem cells herself in the future? David told her only a portion of the stem cells would be needed. Liza suggested that Edmund talk to Jake about it and then she and Jake would discuss it tomorrow. A grateful Edmund rushed off to find Jake at the hospital. Liza decided that Adam wasn't coming back and took a taxi home.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Gillian was sitting in the sun room looking through a book of neurological disorders, but not understanding it at all. Jake spotted her and asked what she was doing. At first she wouldn't tell him because it was a "secret", but she quickly decided that she needed to share the news with someone and told him all about Dimitri being alive. She pleaded with him to help her find some way to save Dimitri. Jake doesn't know if there's anything that can be done, but promises to read up on the disease and see what he can do.

After Gillian leaves, Edmund and David catch up with Jake in the sun room and Edmund explains their need for Colby's stem cells. Jake is extremely suspicious of David's involvement, but Edmund reassures him that he got his information from Alex, who is a neurologist. Remembering his promise to Gillian, Jake agrees to talk to Liza tomorrow and make a decision. Please decide quickly, Edmund begs, every moment is precious.

At the Chandler house, Trevor sneaks back downstairs through the passageways and tells Stuart that their mission to get Mateo and Hayley together has been accomplished. The only problem is that it is Adam standing there, not Stuart, and Adam goes ballistic and tries to race up the stairs. Trevor blocks his path and when Adam tries to get by, wrestles with him and flips Adam onto the couch.

When we next see Adam, Trevor is finishing tying him to a chair in the living room. Trevor heads off for the kitchen to get a snack, fighting with Adam made him hungry. Stuart comes back in to see what happened and finds Adam. Untie me, Adam demands, but Stuart refuses, he wants Hayley and Mateo to get back together again. Trevor returns, eating a sandwich, and Stuart goes home, ignoring Adam's requests for help. Trevor finally gags Adam to shut him up.

Later, his sandwich finished, Trevor goes back to the kitchen to get some ice cream. Just after he leaves the room, Liza returns from the Valley Inn and is shocked to find Adam bound and gagged. She doesn't go to him, though, her first thought is that Colby has been kidnapped and she races up the stairs.

Upstairs, Mateo is both trying to beg Hayley's forgiveness and to convince her that he did not sleep with Raquel. He tempts her with memories of how good things used to be with them together. But I can't trust you now, she tells him. I told you everything about myself, about my mother, about all my lousy boyfriends and you never bothered to tell me about Raquel, you never even mentioned her name, Hayley reminds him. Mateo persists, apologizing for all the horrible thing he said and did, for pouring the glass of vodka and tempting her with it when he knew she was barely hanging onto her sobriety. He loves her and he wants to make things right, he insists. Hayley seems to be softening a little, but just then Liza rushes into the room holding Colby, she wanted to check to be sure Hayley was OK.

When Hayley finds out Adam has been tied up, she angrily turns on Mateo, but he swears Adam wasn't even home when he arrived. Hayley rushes down the stairs and starts untying Adam. Trevor and Mateo try to explain why the did it, but Hayley doesn't want to hear it and orders them out of the house. They reluctantly leave and then Hayley rushes back up the stairs in tears. Adam looks to Liza for some sympathy, but he isn't getting any there. It serves you right for being so controlling, Liza tells him, only Hayley can decide what's best for her. The phone rings and Liza answers it. It's Jake, arranging a meeting for the next day at the hospital. When she gets off the phone, Adam asks what that was about, but still annoyed at him she tells him it has nothing to do with him.

Outside, Trevor and Mateo are hanging around, watching Hayley, who is standing in her window hugging her teddy bear. Trevor is mad at himself for tying up Adam, it was a stupid thing to do, but Mateo tells him not to worry about it. Mateo says that he now knows what he has to do."

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