"At the courthouse, James joined Liza in an empty courtroom. Liza assumed that James would plead guilty. James anxiously looked around for Madison, and he revealed that she'd threatened him when she'd visited him earlier.

In the corridor, Jesse and Angie greeted Frankie and then entered the courtroom. Madison arrived and told Frankie that she'd showed up to save Frankie's family. She held up an attaché case that she'd retrieved from her father's house. She said that it was her insurance policy.

Madison and Frankie entered the courtroom just as the judge asked for James's plea. Madison discreetly flashed the attaché case at James, and James pleaded guilty. Liza asked for a moment with her client, but James said he knew what he was doing. He apologized to Madison for bullying her all of her life. He deeply regretted hurting her in any way. James humbly said that he wanted to get help, and he would get it. The judge accepted James's guilty plea.

After court's dismissal, Angie and Jesse asked Madison how she'd gotten through to James. Madison said she'd done what she was good at-blackmailing. She said that the information inside the attaché case could send James to prison for a lot longer than assault charges could. Since everyone was protected, Madison figured that she should get on a plane and start her life over somewhere else. Angie replied that Madison didn't have to run anymore.

When Frankie dropped Madison off at Jesse's house later, Madison thanked Frankie for believing in her. Frankie remarked that not many people would voluntarily make amends as Madison had done. She hoped it would be a good new year after all.

After Frankie left, Madison told Angie that it was hard to believe that it was really over. Angie said that it was over, but Madison still had some battles to fight. Angie reminded Madison that she had many people who'd support her until that nightmare completely ended.

In a hidden location in Gloucester, Greenlee awakened from her comma. She still believed that it was her wedding day, but David informed her that she'd been in a coma for nearly a year. He said that everyone she knew, including Ryan, believed that she'd died.

Greenlee panicked, upset that David had let everyone think that she was dead. She struggled to get out of bed, but David gently restrained her. He explained that he'd rescued her from an icy river after her motorcycle had veered off the road. He'd wanted to ensure that she'd actually survive before revealing that he'd found her. After she'd drifted in and out of a coma for months, he started her on an experimental drug that he'd never expected to work. David stated that he'd saved her life, as he'd been unable to do for his daughter or Leo.

Greenlee again tried to get up, but she suddenly realized that her legs weren't working. "Oh, my God, my legs! What's wrong with my legs?" she shrieked.

David explained that bone fragments lodged in her spine had caused extensive scarring. He'd procured a neurosurgeon that could operate to relieve the swelling and reattach her spine during an experimental stem cell procedure. David warned that the dangerous procedure could kill her. He instructed Greenlee to think about whether she wanted to risk the surgery or return home as she was. He left her alone with a cell phone in case she wanted to call Ryan.

Greenlee stared at the phone and agonized over her predicament. When David returned, she said that she couldn't call Ryan until she knew she was whole. She'd imagined how hard their lives would be if she returned in that condition, and she didn't think it was fair to make Ryan wait through a surgery that might kill her. Greenlee agreed to undergo the surgery, but she told David that if she didn't make it, no one could ever know that she'd survived the accident.

As Greenlee stared at the moon, David remarked that if she went home, life wouldn't be the same. Greenlee said that the moon shined just as brightly there as it did in Pine Valley. She stated that Ryan's love was as constant as the moon. David reasoned that people sometimes moved on, but Greenlee asserted that Ryan could never stop loving her, even if he tried.

When a raging Adam swung open his front door, he was surprised to see Hayley and Mateo on his doorstep. Adam's guests laughed in delight, and Hayley greeted her family and old friends. Annie readily introduced herself as Haley's new mother, but Hayley replied that she didn't think so. Annie stated that she'd indeed married Adam, and they were renewing their vows that very evening. "How sweet," Hayley sourly responded.

Hayley announced that Mateo and she were there to do a documentary on Pine Valley for Wave, because the Atlantic Press had voted Pine Valley "The Best Town in America." Adam wondered who'd been bribed to make that happen. Mateo invited the film crew in, and everyone ignored Annie when she complained that they were in the midst of a ceremony. Hayley talked about interviewing Erica and Adam; however, Adam said they had to finish the ceremony first, and he expected his new wife to be included in his interview.

During the ceremony, Hayley whispered to Mateo that Adam must have completely lost his mind to marry Annie. Scott whispered that Adam actually had lost his mind after Stuart's death. Hayley wished that she'd been around to support the family, but she and Mateo had been on assignment in Australia when Stuart had died.

All the guests scowled as Adam and Annie sealed their vows with a kiss. Ryan went to the terrace, and Hayley followed. She expressed her sympathies about Greenlee and hoped that Ryan had moved on. Hayley caught Ryan and Erica glancing at each other, and Hayley seemed shocked that Ryan was dating Erica. Ryan said he wouldn't call it dating, but Erica and he had been very good friends for a long time. He felt that Erica and he really understood each other.

Ryan decided to head home with Emma. He let Emma say goodbye to Annie, and then he kissed Erica before heading over to Judge Robinson. Ryan remarked that it was interesting that the judge had presided over Annie's ceremony and would also preside over the custody case.

Once Ryan left, Hayley approached Erica for the first interview. Erica said she was about to leave, and Hayley insinuated that Erica was following Ryan. Erica wondered if Hayley was producing an exposé on the town or a gossip piece about its citizens. Hayley stated that she wasn't interested in sensationalism, but she'd like to shed light on some things that had changed in her absence. Erica snickered and said that Hayley could call Erica's publicist to see about possibly setting something up.

As Erica departed, Adam approached Hayley to say that everyone in Pine Valley had changed since she'd last been there. Hayley wondered if he were happy with Annie. Adam explained that Annie had been at his side when everyone had turned against him. He said he loved Annie very much. Hayley decided that she'd accept that-for the time being.

Adam inquired about Hayley's sons. Hayley explained that Max had gotten into trouble, and Mateo and she had enrolled him in boarding school. Adam said that JR and he were butting heads, but JR would probably love to see Hayley.

Aside with Scott, Annie figured that Hayley's expose was the perfect chance for Annie to prove that she wasn't crazy Annie Lavery anymore. Scott replied that it'd take a whole lot more than a smile on a talk show to fix her reputation.

Annie approached Adam and remarked that Hayley seemed nice; however, she might have an agenda. Adam didn't think that Hayley was out to get Annie, but he promised to make them look good in the interview. Colby and Scott disdainfully watched Adam and Annie kiss.

Later, Hayley approached Annie, who was powdering her nose for her close-up. Annie suspected that Hayley didn't like Annie. Hayley responded that she'd known all of Adam's wives, but she just didn't get Annie. Annie said that Hayley didn't have to, because Adam and Annie were still very happy. Hayley stated that Adam was the sole reason that Annie was in the documentary. An offended Annie said she'd pulled herself up from nothing just like all the other Pine Valley residents who Hayley would interview. "You pulled yourself into his bed and bought your stepping stones with his money," Hayley retorted.

Adam interrupted, saying that Annie and he still had a wedding night on the agenda. Hayley rolled her eyes as they walked off. Colby slunk up and said she was glad that Hayley also disapproved of Annie. Colby revealed that it was her mission to break the couple up. Hayley warned Colby to be careful, because Colby reminded Hayley of herself at that age.

Mateo cued Hayley to start interviewing Adam and Annie. Hayley asked Annie about the lure of Pine Valley. Annie said it was Adam, and she praised his characteristics. Hayley remarked that Annie must have felt unwelcomed in Pine Valley after she'd murdered her brother, been locked in a mental institution, and embroiled in a custody battle. Annie's smile dropped. Adam interjected that Annie embodied the spirit of Pine Valley, a place where people went for happiness, love, and a better life. Annie grinned and kissed him. Hayley rolled her eyes.

At Ryan's place, Ryan worried that the judge was on Adam's payroll. Erica asserted that Adam didn't have all the power; she and Ryan would fight back with their own power. Ryan hoped that their relationship didn't get lost in the fight. He decided to forget their troubles and ring in the new year. The couple made champagne toasts to each other. Ryan said that hearing Erica say nice things about him made the future seem a little brighter. They hugged each other and gazed at the moon. Ryan decided that he'd rather look at Erica, and he kissed her."

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