10/01/2009 David Tells Jake To Work An Extra Shift

"Krystal went to Wildwind to talk to Amanda about Jake. Krystal objected when Amanda mentioned that David had given her permission to spend time with Jake. Krystal didn't think that David should have a say in whether or not Amanda spent time with her husband. She encouraged Amanda to work things out with Jake. Krystal offered to babysit Trevor, so that Amanda could go to Jake. Amanda hesitated to agree, because she was worried about David's reaction.

Krystal assured Amanda that she could handle David. Amanda suspected that Krystal was up to something; she refused to leave until Krystal had revealed the details of her plan. Krystal admitted that she intended to seduce David, without sleeping with him, so that he would focus on her instead of Amanda. Amanda clarified that the only reason she lived with David was to keep Jake from going to jail.

Krystal accused Amanda of falling for the classic Beauty and the Beast syndrome. Amanda insisted that she wasn't falling for David, but Krystal wasn't convinced. Krystal warned Amanda that the new kinder and gentler David would never last. According to Krystal, if David had truly cared about Amanda, he would never have put her in a position where she had to choose between Jake and her son. Krystal insisted that David would never be able to love Amanda the way that Jake did.

At the hospital, Jake listened to a message from Amanda asking him to call her. Instead of returning the call, Jake erased the message. David approached him moments later to ask if Jake would work an extra shift. Jake saw through David's attempt to swamp Jake with work, so that he would be too busy to spend time with Amanda. Rather than deny the accusation, David told Jake that Amanda had been disappointed when Tad had disqualified them from the dance. According to David, Amanda had grown accustomed to being disappointed by Martin men.

Jake ignored the taunt. He turned down David's request to work a second shift; he explained that he was too exhausted to adequately treat his patients. David used the opportunity to goad Jake further; he informed him that parents of babies quickly became accustomed to exhaustion because of the late hours. Jake remained silent as David walked away sporting a smug smile.

A short while later, Amanda tracked Jake down at the hospital. Amanda was eager to put their relationship back on track, but Jake didn't see how that was possible when David was in the picture. Amanda insisted that David wasn't important. Jake reminded Amanda that she was living with David, not her husband. He wondered how she could ignore that important fact. Amanda insisted that Wildwind was just a house; her home was with Jake, not David.

To Jake's annoyance, David approached them. David demanded to know what Jake had said to upset Amanda. Jake pointedly looked at Amanda and then walked away. Krystal caught up with Jake in the hallway. She was eager to know if Jake and Amanda had worked things out. Jake told Krystal about his argument with Amanda and how David had walked in on them. Krystal insisted that Amanda loved Jake, but he had his doubts. Jake suggested that Amanda would have followed him if she cared about him.

Amanda was upset after Jake walked away. David advised her to give Jake some time; he was certain that Jake would eventually come around. Amanda was afraid that Jake would never be able to see beyond who lived where. Amanda decided to return to the house. Amanda hesitated when David agreed that it sounded like a good idea and then referred to Wildwind as home.

Annie and Adam entered the parlor of the Chandler mansion. Annie was on cloud nine because her legal troubles were behind her. Scott congratulated Annie, but she sensed that he wasn't truly happy for her. As soon as Adam left the room to fetch something, Annie turned on Scott.

She demanded to know why he insisted on raining on her parade. Scott was unapologetic. Annie suggested that perhaps it was time for Scott to move out. Scott refused to consider it. He intended to remain in residence in order to keep an eye on his uncle. Their spat was cut short when Adam returned with a gift for Annie.

Annie was delighted; Adam had bought her a delicate gold ankle bracelet. Annie threw her arms around Adam to thank him. As she prattled on about her freedom, Annie confessed that she would love to see a newspaper headline declaring "Annie Chandler is as free as a bird." Beneath the caption, Annie wanted to see a picture of her, in her wedding dress, releasing a flock of doves. Scott decided to pour himself a drink.

Adam confessed that he wished Stuart could have been his best man. Scott offered to step down if Adam wanted to ask someone else to stand next to him on his wedding day. Adam admitted that JR should be his best man, but JR's life was too much of a mess. A few moments later, Adam stepped away to answer a phone call. Annie snidely suggested that Scott wasn't cutting it as a fill-in son.

In JR's bathroom, Marissa prepared to shave JR's head. Marissa was reluctant to start the clippers until JR assured her that he wanted his hair shaved off. Marissa braced herself and then turned on the clippers. A short time later, JR's hair was gone. He wondered how he looked. Marissa smiled down at him as she confessed, "Hot." JR mustered up the courage to take a look for himself.

After JR changed his clothes, he joined Marissa in the living room. JR confided that he couldn't pretend to be brave; he was just doing the best that he could. Marissa understood what JR meant. She confessed that after her parents had died, people had thought that she was bravely coping with the loss. Marissa admitted that she hadn't done anything extraordinary; she'd simply endured. As they spoke, Ja bout of nausea hit JR. He was forced to race to the bathroom before he became sick.

After JR's stomach settled down, he returned to the living room. When his cell phone rang, JR was surprised to discover that it was Annie. His shock turned to disbelief when Annie announced that she was a free woman. She invited JR to the mansion to celebrate with the rest of the family. JR disconnected the call without responding. As he told Marissa about Annie's news, JR realized that there was a strong likelihood that Adam had bribed the judge.

A short time later, JR and Marissa arrived at the mansion. Adam and Scott were shocked by JR's appearance. Adam was certain that JR's new bald look was a result of a drunken binge. Marissa clarified that she had cut JR's hair. Annie smiled brightly as she proposed a toast. JR didn't want any part of Annie's celebration. Adam didn't appreciate his son's attitude.

During the argument, JR suffered a dizzy spell. As JR swayed and slurred his words, Adam accused JR of being drunk. JR walked out without offering an explanation. Marissa refused to stand by while Adam maligned JR. She insisted that JR was working hard to dry out. According to Marissa, JR had shaved his head to mark his sobriety. Marissa demanded that they all leave JR alone.

Adam pointed out that JR had sought them out, not the other way around. Annie revealed that she had called JR because she had sensed how much Adam had missed his son. Marissa didn't stick around to hear Adam and Annie discuss JR. Scott decided to follow Marissa.

Marissa and Scott joined JR on the staircase. Scott revealed that he wanted Annie out of Adam's life. JR urged Scott to act; JR couldn't because he had his hands full trying to beat his disease. Scott assumed that JR was referring to his alcoholism; he confessed that he was as proud of JR as Marissa was. JR was touched by his cousin's support. As JR thanked him, Scott reached out to shake JR's hand and then hugged him.

After Marissa and JR left, Annie demanded to know if Scott and JR were plotting against her. Annie warned Scott that if he tried it, he would find himself homeless. Annie was confident that Adam would side with her. Scott decided to turn the tables on Annie after she gloated that she was in charge. Annie was unprepared for Scott's passionate kiss. When he pulled away, Scott knowingly asked, "Who's in charge?" Annie was speechless as Scott walked away.

At the prison, Liza tried to discourage D.A. Willis from questioning Kendall. Liza claimed that prison had taken its toll on her client. According to Liza, Kendall's mind was in a fragile state. Willis didn't care; he intended to question Kendall. Liza persuaded Willis to give her a moment alone with her client in order to prepare Kendall. Willis agreed.

When Kendall's double was escorted to the visitors area, Liza warned her that the D.A. wanted to question her. The woman refused to cooperate; she was tired of the charade. Liza realized that the woman was hoping to bargain for more money. Liza assured the woman that she would be paid handsomely for her time. The woman agreed to continue the ruse for an additional one hundred thousand dollars. Once the money issue was settled, Liza gave the woman specific instructions on what she wanted her to do.

Minutes later, a screaming and kicking Kendall was dragged back to her cell while an astonished Willis returned to the visitors area to see what the ruckus was about. He was stunned by Kendall's behavior. Liza took advantage of Willis' shock by confessing that she was concerned about Kendall's state of mind.

At the Slater residence, Kendall admitted that she didn't trust Liza to keep her secret. Kendall suspected that Liza went to the prison to expose the truth. Zach defended Liza; he didn't think that she would do that. Kendall reminded Zach that Liza had feelings for him, which made Liza unpredictable. Zach was certain that Liza understood that he wasn't interested in a relationship.

Kendall wondered how Zach had managed to discourage Liza. Zach admitted that he'd reminded Liza that he had baggage. Kendall was hurt that Zach considered her baggage. Zach was curious what Kendall had wanted him to say to Liza. Kendall suggested that Zach could have explained to Liza that he was madly in love with his wife.

Zach assured Kendall that he loved her like no other. However, Zach didn't think that it was enough for Kendall. Zach believed that Kendall thrived on the drama. He was curious why she always found reasons to fight with him. Kendall revealed that she feared losing Zach's love. As she welled up with tears, Zach pulled Kendall into his arms.

Minutes later, someone rang the doorbell. Zach was surprised to find Liza standing on his doorstep. Kendall joined them in the foyer while Liza filled them in on what had transpired at the prison. Kendall was surprised when she realized that Liza had helped them. Liza explained that she had done it because she had integrity; she believed that Kendall was innocent of Stuart's murder. Zach followed Liza out the door to thank her for her help. Liza let Zach know that she had arranged for another attorney to take over Kendall's case.

Liza arrived home to find Colby and Stuart waiting. She was happy to see them and made a point of letting Colby know how much she loved her. Colby smiled and then told her mother about a strange message on Liza's answering machine from someone that Colby suspected was a client. Liza found it curious that a client would call the hotel rather than Liza's office.

Liza was uneasy as she listened to the message. It was from a woman named Bailey Welles who needed help locating her baby."

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