09/28/2009 Erica & Ryan Kiss And Make Up

"At Fusion, the dance marathon was in its final hour. Tad recapped the highlights of the marathon for the viewing audience. As the camera panned around the room, it was clear that the few remaining couples on the dance floor were exhausted. Among those dancing were Annie and Scott.

Annie openly flirted with Scott, claiming that she was giving the audience what they wanted. Scott was uncomfortable; he warned Annie that Adam might not appreciate her behavior. Annie was confident that Adam wasn't watching, but she was wrong. Adam sat in ConFusion intently staring at the television monitor.

When Scott threatened to clue Adam in on what Annie had been doing, Annie warned him that she would tell Adam that Scott had enjoyed it. Scott decided to put some distance between him and Annie. Luckily for Scott, they had raised enough money to take a short break. As Scott left the dance floor, Annie followed him. Shortly after Scott and Annie had entered ConFusion, she was startled to see Adam approaching them.

Adam cryptically commented that he hoped that Scott had given Annie everything that she had wanted. Annie wondered what Adam was doing at ConFusion. Adam responded that he had hoped to dance the last dance with Annie. When Adam asked Scott for a moment of privacy, Scott eagerly stepped away. Annie nervously asked Adam if he had gotten any rest.

Adam confessed that he'd been too busy watching Annie and Scott dancing. Annie realized that Adam had seen her flirting with Scott, so she immediately went into damage control mode. Annie smiled brightly as she explained that he had been trying to raise donations by spicing things up a bit. Adam smiled as he revealed that he'd been studying Annie recently, particularly her eyes.

Adam confided that he had noticed that Annie was always quick to change the subject whenever Stuart's name was mentioned; he admitted that he found Annie's reaction curious. Annie claimed that she did it intentionally because she was tried of always having to defend herself. The conversation became more uncomfortable for Annie when Adam confronted her about Ryan's accusation.

Annie accused Ryan of lying; she insisted that she had never told Ryan that Emma had killed Stuart. Annie claimed that Ryan had twisted her words around in an effort to discredit her. Annie then switched tactics by playing the victim. Annie cried that Adam had no idea what it was like for her to be the town pariah. Adam disagreed; he reminded her that there had been a number of people who had wanted him dead on the night that Stuart had died.

Luckily for Annie, her ploy had worked; Adam's faith in Annie's innocence had been restored. A short time later, Annie's confidence was shaken when two police officers entered Fusion and then made a beeline towards her. She breathed a sigh of relief when the officers announced that her temporary reprieve was over; they had to escort her back to the mansion.

As Annie and Adam left the building, Annie apologized for suspecting that Adam had called the police. Adam smiled in understanding. Neither was aware that Scott lurked nearby, watching them.

Ryan approached Scott at the bar. Ryan had hoped to enlist Scott's help to prove that Annie had killed Stuart, but Scott reminded Ryan that Kendall had confessed to the crime. Ryan couldn't believe that Scott truly believed that Kendall had pulled the trigger. Scott shrugged, but it was clear that he wasn't convinced of Kendall's guilt. However, Scott refused to get sucked into Ryan's drama. Scott insisted that if he did anything, it would be for Stuart alone.

Elsewhere in ConFusion, Amanda tried to pull herself together after Jake had walked out on her. She was teary-eyed as David approached her. Amanda was curious if David had overheard her argument with Jake. David acknowledged that he had. He tried to talk to her about it, but Amanda was too upset. When Krystal passed by, Amanda asked her to watch Trevor while she and David returned to the dance floor.

A few minutes later, Tad saw Krystal with Trevor. He was surprised when Krystal revealed that Jake had left.

On the dance floor, David made another attempt to talk to Amanda about her argument with Jake. Amanda quickly realized that David had anticipated Jake's reaction to her offer to spend the night. David didn't deny it, but before they could delve further into the discussion, Tad suddenly appeared at David's side. David nearly jumped out of his skin when Tad blasted an air horn near David's ear.

Tad explained that someone had donated money to see David dance alone. David appeared uncomfortable at the idea of dancing solo until Tad explained that he meant that someone had paid to see David dance without any other couples on the dance floor. David gladly agreed to dance alone with Amanda. His good spirits were short-lived when Tad clarified that the donor wanted to see David dance with Erica.

Erica and Ryan were dancing when Tad announced that Brot and Natalia were at the top of the leader board for donations. Erica was horrified at the thought of losing an event that she had organized. Ryan accused Erica of losing sight of the purpose of the marathon. Erica was furious. She stormed off of the dance floor, confident that she had raised enough money to take a break.

Ryan followed Erica to her office. Erica resented Ryan's accusation that she wasn't focused on raising money for the children; she angrily reminded Ryan that she had helped him the entire evening while he had tried to get closer to Annie. Their argument was cut short when Tad barged into the office to drag Erica back to the dance floor. Tad insisted that he desperately needed Erica's help and would be indebted to her if she did him a favor.

Erica was stunned when she realized that Tad expected her to dance with David. She complied, but she made certain that Tad understood that he would owe her dearly for the indulgence. While Erica danced with David, Tad pulled Amanda aside to find out what had happened to Jake. Amanda refused to discuss it; she advised Tad to talk to Jake. Tad informed her that he had tried to call Jake to no avail.

The moment that Erica was in David's arms the two began to argue. Erica accused David of using Amanda. David fired back that Erica was dating her daughter's ex-lover. Erica resisted the urge to slap David, so she settled for stepping on his foot. David winced, but continued to lead Erica around the dance floor. Meanwhile Erica informed David that he would never be half the man that Ryan was.

When the dance ended, Erica approached Ryan. She quietly told him that they had unfinished business and then led him into Fusion's offices. Once they were alone, Erica locked the door to ensure that they were not interrupted. Ryan took the opportunity to apologize to Erica for what he had said earlier. Erica shushed Ryan; she didn't want his apologies nor did she want him to change for her. Erica confessed that she liked Ryan just as he was.

Erica admitted that Ryan had been correct; she had lost sight of what had been important. Erica thanked Ryan for pointing it out to her. Ryan smiled and then changed the subject to ask her how her dance with David had gone. Erica was reluctant to provide details; however, she did confess that Ryan's opinion was the only one that mattered to her. Ryan appeared pleased.

As Erica prepared to leave, Ryan stopped her. He wondered if they were supposed to kiss and make up. Erica appeared confused; she thought that they had. Ryan smiled knowingly as he leaned down and then kissed Erica.

When Amanda returned to dance with David, Tad announced that they had been disqualified. David was outraged; he accused Tad of playing fast and loose with the rules. David and Amanda had little choice, but to leave. Moments later, Amanda collected Trevor from Krystal. Krystal wondered what Amanda was doing with David.

Amanda reminded Krystal that David held all of the power in regards to Trevor. Amanda didn't have many options. Krystal disagreed; Amanda could have chosen to follow Jake, but instead she had remained behind with David. Krystal chastised Amanda for making the wrong choice. After Krystal walked away, Amanda asked David to take her home. Amanda felt discouraged until David reminded her that they were blessed to have Trevor.

While Jesse and Angie danced, Angie noticed the chemistry between Natalia and Brot.

Natalia was shocked to learn that she and Brot were the couple to beat in the marathon. She was curious what Brot would do for her if they were the last couple standing. Brot invited Natalia to reveal what she wanted. Natalia confessed that she would enjoy having Brot shine her uniform shoes for a year. Brot asked what Natalia would be willing to offer in exchange, but Natalia balked at the idea of returning the favor.

During a break, Natalia sought out her father. Natalia was stunned when Jesse confessed that he thought that Natalia and Brot made a good team. Natalia made it clear that she wasn't interested in Brot as anything except a dance partner. Jesse chuckled at his daughter's vehement denial of attraction for Brot. With keen insight, he asked if his daughter was afraid that Brot might outshine her.

Brot waited near the dance floor for Natalia to return. When she stormed passed him, Brot sat down next to Angie. He was curious if Natalia was always stubborn and easy to rile. Angie admitted that Natalia was stubborn; however, Brot seemed to get to Natalia faster than anyone else. Brot confided that it was fun to push Natalia's buttons. Angie smiled as she accused Brot of flirting with Natalia.

When Brot and Natalia resumed dancing, Brot told her about Angie's comments. Natalia was horrified that Angie was playing matchmaker. Brot painted a picture of what Angie hoped would develop between Natalia and him. Natalia chuckled at the idea of a police station wedding and doughnut bridal cake.

Angie and Jesse were the only couple left on the dance floor with Natalia and Brot. Angie wanted Natalia and Brot to win, but Jesse refused to make it easy for them. Angie decided to take matters into her own hands by simply walking off of the dance floor. Seconds later, Tad was forced to disqualify them. However, Ryan and Erica had seconds left on their break.

When Ryan and Erica failed to return after their break had expired, Natalia and Brot were declared the winners of the dance marathon.

In Fusion's office, Ryan and Erica were ripping off their clothes as their heated kiss turned to lovemaking."

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