06/01/2009 David Apologizes to Amanda

"At the police station, Kendall implored Jackson to help her with her legal troubles. Kendall insisted that she had not killed Stuart, and her children didn't deserve to have their mother taken away from them. Jackson assured Kendall that he would find a way to get her released from jail.

Jesse paid Zach a visit in jail. Zach was stunned when Jesse revealed that Kendall had been arrested for Stuart's murder. Jesse urged Zach to recant his confession, but Zach refused. As Jesse began asking questions, Zach realized that Jesse was on a fishing expedition to gather evidence against Kendall. Zach refused to cooperate. He suggested that Jesse fly to Germany to spend time with Frankie rather than waste time investigating a crime that Zach had confessed to.

After Kendall was released on bail, she went to talk to Zach. Kendall wanted to know if Zach had killed Stuart, because she had not. According to Kendall, she had seen Zach in the living room seconds before a gunshot rang out. Kendall claimed that she had assumed Zach had killed Adam, so she had dropped her gun then ran from the terrace.

Zach insisted that he had remained in the house until he had heard a shot. Zach ran over to check the body for a pulse. When he didn't find one, Zach had gone out to the terrace. Kendall realized that Zach believed she had pulled the trigger. Kendall swore on the lives of her children that she had not killed Stuart. Zach believed Kendall, but he was frustrated. Zach had confessed to the crime because he thought he had been protecting Kendall. Zach was determined to clear their names, but he realized that his confession had complicated matters. Kendall pointed out that there had been a number of viable suspects in the Chandler mansion on the night of the murder.

At the hospital, Colby overheard Liza and Jake talking about their past history. Colby was shocked when she learned that Jake could have been her father had Adam not switched sperm samples before Liza's in vitro fertilization procedure. Liza and Jake remained unaware of Colby's presence. Colby walked away in tears.

Liza and Jake continued talking. Liza resented how Adam had turned Colby against her. Liza felt as if she had failed at her most important job. She didn't want to risk becoming attached to another child only to have that child snatched away from her. Liza wanted Jake to be certain that he and Amanda weren't going to change their minds about giving the child up for adoption. Jake assured Liza that they were committed to their decision. Liza warned Jake, if they had a change of heart, she would do everything in her power to destroy Jake's relationship with Amanda and keep him from raising the baby.

At the Chandler mansion, Erica declared that she didn't need a man in her life. Adam had his doubts. Erica accused Adam of needing someone to respect and worship him. Adam disagreed; he claimed that he needed someone who challenged him. Erica boasted that, were she interested in Adam, she would be up to the task. Adam was confident that Erica bluffed about her feelings for him. He believed that Erica had been heartbroken when she thought Adam had been killed. Erica corrected Adam; she had felt pity for him.

Adam was tired of playing games; he demanded to know where he stood with Erica. Erica was spared from answering when Colby walked into the living room. Colby, visibly upset, asked to have a moment alone with her father. Erica prepared to leave, but Adam asked Erica to wait, so that they could continue their discussion later. Erica agreed, but left the room to give Adam and Colby privacy.

After Erica's departure, Colby told Adam about the conversation that she overheard between Jake and Liza. Adam started to explain that there had been extenuating circumstances, but Colby didn't want to hear his excuses. She was hurt; she believed that it had confirmed every awful story Liza had told her about Adam. Colby insisted that Adam's transgression had been an attempt to control her mother. Adam was adamant that he had always wanted and cherished Colby. Colby hated that Adam had kept the truth from her. Adam confessed that he had never intended to burden Colby with the details of her conception.

Liza was livid as she walked into the living room and heard the tail end of Adam and Colby's conversation. Liza realized that Colby knew the truth about what Adam had done. Liza turned her wrath on Adam. Colby quickly explained that she had discovered the truth when she had overheard Liza and Jake talking. Liza apologized to Colby for hurting her.

Adam and Liza made an effort to put their differences aside to focus on their daughter. Both parents assured Colby that she was loved. Liza confirmed that Adam had been motivated by love when he had switched the sperm samples. Liza also pointed out that she would not have married Adam three times if she had not cared for him. Adam made the startling admission that, in hindsight, Liza had made the right decision when she had packed up Colby and run away. Liza, in turn, commended Adam for doing a fine job raising their daughter after Colby had moved in with him.

Moments later, Erica returned to the living room. Erica couldn't refrain from commenting on the touching family reunion that she had walked in on. Liza immediately bristled at Erica's tone, but didn't take the bait. Instead, Liza invited her daughter to lunch. Colby agreed to meet Liza, but made it clear that they had many issues to work through.

In the foyer, Erica stopped Liza. Erica told Liza that she didn't buy Liza's act. According to Erica, a snake might shed it's skin, but it remained a snake. To avoid any misunderstanding, Erica accused Liza of being a snake.

At Wildwind, Krystal took off her wedding ring then handed it to David. She told him that their marriage was over. David begged Krystal to reconsider, but Krystal refused. She walked out of the mansion without a backward glance.

A short time later, David showed up in Amanda's hospital room. Amanda realized that David had been drinking. David assured Amanda that he meant her no harm. He wanted to apologize for how he had treated her. David wondered what had happened to their friendship. Amanda looked at him with disbelief. She pointed out that David had threatened to take her baby and he enjoyed hurting people. David corrected Amanda; he had never derived pleasure from hurting people. However, he did admit that he had hurt people.

David shared a story about his past. As a young boy he had gone camping. While hiking through the woods, David had come across an animal trap with an animal's bloody paw still in it. David had realized that the animal had chewed its paw off to escape the trap. David couldn't imagine being driven to such desperation. It had left a lasting impression; David realized that he had to set his own traps rather than stepping into someone else's.

Amanda urged David to reconcile with Krystal and focus on building a relationship with Marissa. She asked David to promise her that he would not take her baby away from her. David remained silent.

At the Martin residence, Tad and Opal played a video game after the girls had been tucked into bed for the night. When Opal complained about her allergies, Tad dashed upstairs to fetch his mother some medicine. Moments later the doorbell rang, so Opal answered the door. Krystal stood on the doorstep. She announced that she had left David. Opal wanted to know what Krystal's decision had to do with Tad. Krystal admitted that she wanted Tad to know that he had been right about David. Opal wasn't impressed that Krystal had the epiphany. Krystal understood Opal's apprehension; she assured Opal that she was there in friendship.

When Tad came downstairs, he invited Krystal inside. Opal, Krystal, and Tad went to the living room. Krystal told Tad about her decision to end her marriage to David. Tad was delighted to hear the news.

To Opal's dismay, Tad suggested that Krystal move in with them. Opal objected, but Tad insisted that Krystal needed friends and, more importantly, her daughter. Krystal gratefully accepted Tad's offer. Tad decided that they should celebrate. He wanted to wake up the girls, but Opal put her foot down; Kathy had school the following day. Tad countered that Jenny didn't, so she could enjoy the festivities.

Later, Jake arrived home to discover that Tad, Krystal, Opal, and Jenny were having a backyard picnic under the moonlight. Jake had reservations about Krystal moving in with them. He admitted to Tad that he did not trust Krystal. Tad insisted that Krystal's presence in their home would have a positive influence on Jenny. Jake remained skeptical.

Krystal and Jake talked; she explained that she had left David because he had tried to buy Amanda's baby. Jake told Krystal that he didn't trust her and warned her not to hurt Tad.

Amanda arrived home a short time later. Jake was surprised that she had been released from the hospital. Amanda revealed that she had left after David had paid her a visit. Amanda confessed that she had seen David's vulnerable side and she believed he had been sincere during his visit with her. Jake cautioned Amanda not to trust David. Amanda was worried that something would go wrong with their plans for the baby. Jake assured Amanda that the right person would get the baby.

Outside, Tad and Krystal, with Jenny on her lap, gazed at the stars. Tad invited Krystal to make a wish on his star, but Krystal declined. She didn't want to push her luck.

At Wildwind, David sat alone. He held Krystal's wedding ring in his hand."

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