05/29/2009 Krystal Leaves David

"Jake and Amanda arrived at Pine Valley Hospital and ran into David. David asked why they were there, and Jake sharply informed David about Amanda's contractions. Across town at the Yacht Club, Krystal found out that Marissa had gotten her old job back, and asked if that meant Marissa planned to stay in town. Unwilling to build up false hopes, Marissa simply said that she would stay for a short while. Marissa walked away just as Krystal's cell phone rang. Krystal looked at the screen and, after she realized that David was trying to reach her, she closed her phone in disgust.

In the bowels of the Pine Valley police station, Annie told a startled Kendall that while the first day in jail was the hardest, she would help Kendall get through it. Kendall called the guard and demanded to be put in another cell, but the guard made it clear that she was not on duty for Kendall's convenience. After the guard walked away, Annie realized that Kendall was in jail for the murder of Stuart Chandler.

When Kendall denied culpability, Annie noted that Kendall's actions were those of a mom who thought that she'd lost her child. Annie said that she understood the impulse, as she would do anything for Emma. Kendall said that the things Annie put her daughter through were sick, but Annie said that she had just wanted to spend time with Emma. Annie said that she lost control when everyone denied her that time. Annie then noted that without Emma, she had no reason to live, and that struck a chord with Kendall.

Hesitantly, Kendall admitted that while she couldn't forgive the things that Annie did to Kendall's loved ones, she realized that she hadn't made Annie's life any easier. Kendall said that it was wrong of her to try to disregard the fact that Annie would always be Emma's mother. Annie vehemently agreed with that sentiment, but said that she forgave Kendall. Kendall gave a short list of things she had done to Annie and said that she found it hard to believe that Annie could find forgiveness so quickly.

Annie pointed out how volatile and unstable she was at the beginning of her rampage, and noted that Kendall's reaction was understandable. Annie said that she had learned that Emma's happiness - not her own - was the most important thing. She then gave Kendall a little advice from an old friend: cooperate with the authorities to avoid increasing the hurt Kendall's family would have to deal with.

Liza looked on from the back of the church as Colby both mourned and tried to comfort Adam over Stuart's death. As Liza slowly opened her purse, Erica approached and accused Liza of reaching for her gun so that she could really kill Adam. Erica then said if Liza wanted to frame someone for murder again, she needed to come directly after Erica. Liza said that as much as she would have loved to take responsibility for an attempt on Adam's life, she would never do anything that would jeopardize her relationship with Colby.

Erica found that laughable, as Colby had made her disdain for her mother clear when she moved back to the Chandler mansion. Liza found it equally amusing that Erica dared to lecture anyone on child abandonment, when Kendall hadn't been able to stand her mother for years, and Bianca chose to live on the other side of the ocean. The verbal catfight continued until Liza slapped Erica. Furious, Erica instinctively grabbed the first large object she could lay her hands on, with the intent of lobbing it at her long-time enemy.

Adam was able to intercept, which gave Erica a moment to regain her composure. She noted that she would wait until after Liza gave birth to seek her revenge. The uproar soon drew everyone out of the church and into the vestibule. Upon the arrival of her daughter, Liza quickly changed her tone from caustic to apologetic. She focused on Colby and expressed regret for all of the bad decisions that she'd made. She thanked Adam for the role he played in making Colby the strong and poised woman she'd become, and then left the church.

Erica and Colby returned to the main house, and Erica noted that Colby had been wise to get away from Liza and move back in with her father. Colby stated that not even the people raised in the Chandler house were perfect. Erica said that she was glad Colby had been able to see Liza for who she really was, but Colby blasted Erica for being so judgmental, and then stalked out.

David seemed determined to get under Jake's skin as they waited for the obstetrician to examine Amanda. Jake wanted nothing to do with the ethically challenged heart surgeon, but couldn't escape David's stinging words. The last straw was when David offered to make the situation easier on everyone and pulled out his checkbook. Krystal happened upon the two men and watched as her husband debased both the mother of his child and all of the Martin men when he said that everyone had a price. Jake was incredulous over the idea that David had offered to buy his own child.

Jake told David to go to hell, and Krystal made her presence known when she added that David should feel free to stay there. Jake took the opportunity to leave as Krystal raked her husband over the coals. She thought that it was in poor taste to offer money for a child after knowing the horror Krystal went through when she did the same thing to Marissa. David said that he understood what Krystal had done, as it was best for her children at the time. Krystal replied that he wouldn't have offered money if he actually had the slightest idea of what she'd been through.

Jake joined Amanda in the exam room and both were pleased to hear that Amanda had just felt strong Braxton-Hicks contractions. Once the doctor stepped away, Jake assured Amanda that he would be with her every step of the way. A short time later, Liza showed up at the hospital and found Amanda alone and in tears. She asked Amanda if everything was all right, but knew her words were pointless. Amanda confessed that David was the father of her baby, and said David would do whatever he felt necessary to make sure that Amanda was erased from her son's life. She then said that she was jealous of Liza, because the baby Liza carried couldn't be taken away.

Liza asked how Jake fit into the picture. Amanda said that, although her dream would be to have Jake and her son make a complete family, there was no way that David would allow that to happen. A short time later, Liza left the room and ran into Jake in the hall. She demanded to know how David could get away with terrorizing women. Jake wanted to know what happened, and Liza told him how she'd found Amanda and how terrified Amanda had been.

Liza then dropped a bombshell and said that the adoption of Amanda's baby wouldn't work. The three of them knew that David would never believe the baby died, and because of that, he would never abandon the search for his child. Jake asked what that meant for their arrangement, and Liza told him that she needed to have a miscarriage.

Out on the Chandler grounds, Adam took a few moments to share some of his childhood memories with JR and Scott. When he was done, Adam remarked that he wanted to make a concerted effort to live the way Stuart wanted him to live. Adam asked his son and nephew to put aside the rivalry that Adam tried to foster between the young men, and work together to run Chandler Enterprises. Scott and JR didn't have to think long to realize that cooperation was what Stuart wanted, and readily agreed to the task. Adam then left them, and Scott noted that if he and JR continued to get along, Stuart's death really would have meaning. With that, they agreed to act more like brothers than strangers, and shook on it to seal the deal.

Marissa wasn't surprised when David stopped by the Yacht Club. He asked if she'd forgiven Krystal, and Marissa told him that the only thing she knew was that running away was not the answer. David said that Krystal made the decision to give up Marissa because he'd been too selfish to be supportive after his fling with Krystal. Marissa told him that she wasn't upset, because she'd had two amazing parents. David then reflected on how his hatred for Pine Valley residents caused him to do horrible things. He admitted that he'd been willing to put Adam in the ground, and was horrified that Stuart ended up there instead.

Inside the mansion, Adam found Erica in the living room. She told him that the service had been lovely, but the sentiment was lost in Adam's cloud of guilt. He criticized himself for not cherishing Stuart the way he should have. Erica told Adam that she had done the same thing when Mona died, but came to learn that the place where Mona went didn't acknowledge such feelings. Erica encouraged Adam to forgive himself because Stuart would've wanted it that way. Adam then thanked Erica for all she had done to be a good friend to him.

David arrived home to find Krystal packing her clothes. He asked for a chance to explain, but it became apparent that nothing was getting through to Krystal when she started to rattle off the list of his most recent misdeeds. He began to lament that, despite all of the good things he'd found in the year that had passed, he still continued to do bad things. Krystal was irate that he continued to heap meaningless words on her, and reminded David that his actions spoke much louder than what he said. She told him that when he whipped out his checkbook, it was the most honest thing he'd ever done.

David told Krystal that he would do whatever she wanted to make things right, and offered to give up his pursuit of Amanda's baby. Krystal reminded him that he had offered that before and she wasn't stupid enough to believe it again. David couldn't believe that she wanted him to choose, but Krystal told him that she would make the decision for him. She slipped off her wedding rings, handed them to David, grabbed her suitcase, and walked out.

JR went to the Yacht Club and was able to somewhat decompress from the funeral as he talked to Marissa. He updated her on his newfound connection with Scott, and said that they had decided to join forces to keep Stuart's spirit alive. When Marissa noted that Scott was a good guy, JR realized that he'd uncovered the reason why Marissa had decided to stay in town. Marissa tried to deny it, but when Scott walked in moments later, her body language told a completely different story.

Silence fell when Scott reached the duo, and he wondered what he'd missed. JR wordlessly declined to elaborate and instead said that he needed to go home and hug his son. Scott thanked his cousin for all he'd done, and then turned to face Marissa when she asked Scott how he wanted his burger done. Scott told her that he really just needed someone to hang out with, and as her shift had just ended, she was glad to oblige.

Kendall met with Jack, and he told her the most important thing they needed to do was get her released from jail. He offered her the option of pleading temporary insanity, and Kendall balked, as she didn't want to be compared to Annie in any way. Jack asked her to listen to the scenario in its entirety before she made a judgment call. He told her that the thought that she lost her son caused her to lose all sense of reason, and that her grief led her to act out in a way she normally wouldn't have. Kendall heard Annie's voice in her head, reminding Kendall to cooperate.

Kendall thought it would be the easiest option to go along with Jack's story, but said that the lie would still take her away from her boys. She told Jack that she needed to tell the truth, which was that while she went to the Chandler estate to kill Adam, she did not kill Stuart. Jack noted that she didn't have any witnesses, but Kendall pleaded with him to believe her.

Colby walked down the hall at the hospital and heard her mother's voice float out of one of the rooms. She stopped, and overheard a conversation between Liza and Jake about how Colby would have been Jake's daughter if Adam hadn't decided to play God. Jake told Liza that the few months he believed Colby was his were the best days of his life.

Erica was incensed at the note of finality in Adam's words, as though he'd taken all he could from her and now her friendship was meaningless. He tried to deny those sentiments, but Erica hardly let him get a word in. She demanded to know if he only saw a celebrity, a CEO, or a mother when he looked at her. Adam noted that he saw much more, and pulled a surprised Erica into a loving embrace."

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