04/08/2009 Krystal Visits Jenny

"Krystal apologized to David for losing their baby. He told her not to feel bad because he only cared that she was safe. He noted that they would have the chance to have another baby in the future. Then, Angie entered the room. Angie explained that Krystal's remaining fallopian tube and ovaries were severely damaged, so Krystal could no longer have children.

Krystal was distraught over the bad news. David told her not to worry. Still, she felt terrible and wondered if David wanted to leave her. He affirmed that he loved her more than ever and would never leave her.

Angie noticed that Tad was lurking outside of Krystal's hospital room. Tad explained that, although Krystal was no longer his wife, he was still concerned for her. Angie thought that Tad's concern was natural, considering they had bonded over their child, Jenny. Angie further noted that Krystal and David shared a similar bond because they, too, shared a child, Babe.

David saw Tad outside of Krystal's room. David told Tad to leave and reminded Tad that Krystal was David's wife. David snidely asked if Tad wanted to check on Krystal and hold her hand. Tad accused David of using Krystal's love to manipulate her.

Angie checked on Krystal. Angie said that she was very sorry for Krystal's loss. Krystal said that she needed to see the only child she had left, Jenny. Krystal asked Angie to release her from the hospital because she had to see Jenny immediately.

David entered Krystal's hospital room and found the bed empty. Angie revealed that she had discharged Krystal. David stated that Krystal needed him and demanded to know where his wife was. Angie replied that Krystal needed someone else more than him.

Jake told Amanda that he wanted to raise her baby. He affirmed that he would be the luckiest man in the world if her baby called him "Daddy." Amanda was shocked and confused and did not think David would let Jake play the father role. Jake suggested that they leave the country. She asked why Jake had the urge to be a father. Jake said that he was tired of his meaningless life.

Tad arrived at home and could tell that Amanda and Jake were in the midst of an intense conversation. Amanda explained that Jake wanted to leave the country to help raise her child. Jake stated it was the only way to keep the baby away from David. Tad agreed with Jake and offered to help.

Tad and Jake went to ConFusion to meet one of Tad's contacts, Anthony. Anthony gave Jake fake passports. Anthony revealed that, thanks to his help, Jake Martin and Amanda Dillon would soon disappear forever.

Tad asked Jake why he wanted to leave his life behind to raise Amanda's baby. Jake thought that he was doing right by Amanda and the baby. Tad feared that David would go after the entire Martin family once he realized that Jake and Amanda were gone. Jake was certain that he could handle David, but Tad was skeptical.

Tad wondered if Jake was in love with Amanda, but Jake denied having romantic feelings for her. Tad thought that Jake could not put down roots anywhere, because he constantly ran from his problems. Tad stated that Amanda's baby was a convenient excuse for Jake to leave town again.

Krystal went to Tad's house to visit Jenny. Amanda was the only person home. Amanda told Krystal that her baby had kicked. Amanda felt guilty for mentioning her baby because Krystal had found out that she was infertile. Amanda assumed that Krystal's infertility would cause David to go after Amanda's child.

Krystal assured Amanda that David did not want her child. Amanda asked if Krystal had wanted to get pregnant as a means to keep David. Krystal admitted that it had been part of the reason she had wanted a child with David. Krystal further stated that a child made love grow stronger.

David went to Tad's house to look for Krystal. As Krystal changed Jenny's diaper, Amanda told David to leave. David wanted Jenny to spend the night at his home because he thought it would make Krystal happy. Amanda warned David not to take Jenny.

Krystal reentered the room and told David that she did not want to take Jenny because the baby was tired. Krystal left the room to put Jenny to sleep. Amanda told David that she was sorry for his loss. He commented that all was not lost because Amanda was pregnant with his child.

Jake returned home and informed Amanda that he had gotten everything they needed to leave town. Amanda cried as she told Jake that she did not want to leave Pine Valley. Jake inquired why she had second thoughts. She refused to let Jake leave his home and his friends for a baby that was not his and a woman that was just a friend.

Brot took Taylor to dinner at ConFusion. She wondered what the special occasion was. He revealed that he had found his dream job. He explained that he had been recruited to work for the organization "Wounded Soldiers." Brot's job entailed talking to veterans about his ordeal in Iraq.

Brot was excited for the job, but nervous about having to give motivational speeches. Taylor was sure that he would be a natural. Then, he asked if Taylor had had anything to do with his job offer. She admitted that she had told the recruiter about Brot. She assumed that he was mad at her, but he was not. Instead, he was grateful for the opportunity.

Brot left ConFusion because he had to go to work. Taylor saw Tad at the bar and sat next to him. Taylor urged Tad to look for love. She noted that the love of his life could be right in front of his face. He smiled.

Aidan encouraged Annie to remember more about her seventh birthday. Annie remembered that Richie had been in the cellar with her. Richie had been livid because Annie's birthday party had ruined his baseball game. Richie had hit Annie, and she had fallen to the ground. Then, Annie's best friend, Tori, had entered the cellar. Tori had realized that Richie had hurt Annie and had threatened to tell their parents. Richie had proceeded to hit Tori in the head with his baseball bat. Richie had handed Annie the bat and had convinced her that she had killed her friend.

Aidan was happy that Annie had remembered the details of Tori's death because it proved that Richie, not Annie, was the killer. Aidan assured Annie that she was not a bad person. He explained that she had been traumatized as a child, which had resulted in her lashing out as an adult. He told her that she was free to heal. She seemed relieved."

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