04/07/2009 Annie's Goes To The Cellar

"Jake and Amanda wondered how the Chandlers had evaded the kidnapping charges against them. Tad announced that he'd had something to do with it and that the Chandlers owed him one.

Opal got ready to volunteer at the hospital. Opal commented that she should stop volunteering so she could start making a living. Tad, Jake, and Amanda encouraged Opal to continue her volunteer work at the hospital because it made all of the patients happy.

Jake and Amanda set up a camera to make a video for prospective adoptive parents. Jake pretended that he was the father of the child. He stated that the baby was the result of a careless, one-night stand. He explained that he was a doctor, too busy to raise a child. Amanda divulged that she was not ready to be a mother, but she wanted her child to be raised by devoted parents. Just then, Amanda felt the baby kick. She became emotional and left the room.

Amanda confessed to Jake that she wished Jake were the real father of her child. She imagined raising her child with Jake, and it made her happy. She then apologized for having unrealistic thoughts and blamed it on her hormones. Jake made her tea to help her relax.

Amanda and Jake ate dinner together. As they ate, they flirted with each other. Suddenly, Jake suggested that they raise the child together. Amanda said that was impossible because David would never allow it. Jake told Amanda that they could move to another country and keep the baby. She looked shocked.

Krystal writhed in pain because she had terrible stomach cramps. David rushed Krystal to the hospital because he thought she could be seriously ill.

Tad went to the hospital to see Angie. Tad asked Angie if Jesse had gotten into trouble for letting the Chandlers get off on the kidnapping charges. Angie told Tad not to worry about Jesse.

David and Krystal arrived at the hospital. Angie immediately took Krystal into a hospital room. Meanwhile, Tad assumed that David had hurt Krystal. David denied the accusation.

After examining Krystal, Angie asked David how long he had known Krystal was pregnant. David was stunned because he'd had no idea Krystal was pregnant, and neither had Krystal. Angie explained that Krystal had had an ectopic pregnancy and had lost the baby. Angie further revealed that Krystal had almost died but had made it through emergency surgery.

Tad stated that he felt bad for Krystal but not David. David told Tad to leave him alone. Tad noted that the miscarriage was for the best.

Angie checked on Krystal. Krystal was distraught over losing her baby. Krystal wanted to give David a child, but she feared she might not be able to. Angie said that, although she hated David, she was grateful that he had saved Krystal's life by taking her into the hospital. Angie then admitted that she still cared for Krystal as a friend.

Krystal apologized to David for losing the baby. He did not care about the baby, as long as Krystal was safe. He said that his life would "go black" if he ever lost Krystal.

Tad asked Angie how Krystal was doing. Angie stated that Krystal was heartbroken. Angie then ominously commented that the worst had not yet happened.

Kendall and Zach watched Ian as he slept. They both hoped and prayed that their son would recover. Zach said that Ian would survive because they were the family of miracles. Kendall stated that Zach was a great father, and he returned the compliment. Zach said that Ian needed peace in his home, so Zach did not want to fight with Kendall.

Kendall asked if Zach still wanted a divorce. Zach affirmed that he was concentrating on Ian and nothing else. Zach suggested that Kendall go home to get rest. She did not want to leave Ian. Zach promised to call her if Ian woke up.

Zach urged his son to fight for his life. Zach told Ian that his family needed him.

Opal saw Zach in Ian's hospital room. Opal reminded Zach that Myrtle had loved him. Opal was certain that Myrtle was watching over Ian and helping him get strong. Opal also thought that Myrtle wanted Zach and Kendall to reunite. Opal stated that Zach and Kendall were a "matched set."

Ryan was home with Emma and Spike. Ryan did push-ups as Emma watched. Emma asked if her father was strong enough to fly. He laughed and said no one was strong enough to fly. She stated that angels could. Then, she asked if Ian was going to become an angel. Ryan hoped that Ian would remain with his family. Spike began to cry, so Ryan tried to cheer him up with a game of hide-and-go-seek.

Kendall arrived at Ryan's penthouse to pick up Spike. Ryan asked how Kendall was holding up. She stated that Ian and Spike were her only priorities. Ryan understood but wanted to know if Kendall's feelings for him had changed. She said that everything had changed when Ian had gotten sick. He promised not to pressure Kendall while she was dealing with Ian's illness. She was grateful and professed her love for Ryan. Then, Kendall left with Ian.

Aidan visited Annie at the mental hospital. Annie was upset because of the bad dreams she continued to have. She stated that she had been born crazy and feared that she had committed murder as a child. He assured her that she was not a bad person. He wanted to help her remember her childhood so she could figure out why she was having the bad dreams.

Aidan asked if Annie saw Tori anymore. Annie said that she no longer hallucinated Tori. Annie worried that she had initially imagined Tori because she had killed her friend Tori on her seventh birthday. Aidan hypnotized Annie so she could remember what had happened on her birthday. Annie recalled hiding in her cellar and seeing Tori's lifeless body on the ground. Annie could not remember anything else.

Aidan took Annie into the cellar of the hospital to help jog her memory. Annie remembered a baseball bat and a beautiful doll that Tori had given Annie as a birthday present. Then, Annie realized that she and Tori were not alone in the cellar. Aidan thought that the doll was a clue."

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