01/08/2009 JR Holds David Hostage

"Opal went to see Krystal, who was trying to track down David at the hospital. But the hospital had not seen him. Opal accused Krystal of cheating on Tad with David. Krystal claimed she and David were nothing more than friends. Krystal said she was turning to David to help with some renovations to The Comeback while Tad was gone. Opal said Krystal had plenty of friends other than David to ask for help. Krystal said she didn't feel like she had many friends when they accused her of cheating on Tad. Opal understood Krystal and David were mourning together, but Opal said it was time Krystal admitted her feelings for David. Krystal said she was drawn to David, but not sure how to stop it. Krystal said David had been giving her medication to help with anxiety attacks. She noticed Opal's bag beside the couch. Opal made it clear she was moving in to keep an eye on Krystal until Tad came home.

JR demanded that David admit he was using Krystal to get custody of Little Adam. David asked JR what pushed him to drink again - the holidays without Babe or sleeping with Amanda, Babe's best friend. Krystal left a message on David's machine while he was tied up. Krystal apologized for throwing the locket at him and asked him to call her. JR saw the locket by David and picked it up. He saw the picture of Babe inside. David said the locket was a Christmas gift to Krystal. JR said David never really knew Babe. David said he came to Pine Valley to make up the lost time to Babe. But deep down, David said JR was to blame for Babe's death.

JR went through the wine cabinet searching for a fresh drink. Instead, he found a gun and shot it in the air a few times. David said Babe's death would haunt JR forever. JR called Krystal on David's phone. Krystal assumed it was David, but she was surprised to hear JR on the other end. JR said Krystal needed to come to David's house immediately. Opal suggested she and Krystal do some laundry to keep Krsytal's mind off David. Opal said she would keep quiet about David to Tad unless Krystal continued to see David. Opal heard Jenny crying and went to check on her. Krystal snuck out to see JR. She was shocked to see David tied to the piano and bullet holes in the ceiling. Krystal urged JR to untie David, but JR said David was using Krystal to steal Little Adam from him. Krystal told JR that David had no plans to steal his son.

Opal called Krystal once she realized Krystal was gone. Opal reminded Krystal that if she were with David, nothing good would come from it.

Brot was shocked when he thought Taylor was faking being paralyzed. Taylor said she knew Brot would leave the moment she was better. She thought they would become closer if they had more time together. Brot said he and Taylor were never going to be together again. Brot walked toward the door, but Taylor begged him to stay. Brot asked Taylor how they would handle the situation if the relationship didn't work. Brot worried he would disappoint Taylor, so he figured it would be easier to leave. Taylor asked Brot to come closer. She said that her love for Brot never stopped, despite his new appearance. Taylor wanted Brot to say he loved her, too, but Brot was silent. Brot sat on the couch beside Taylor. He did not push her away when she touched his face and commented on how beautiful he was. Brot got nervous and moved away. Taylor got up, touched his arm and kissed him. Afterwards, they lay on the couch together in each other's arms.

Bianca said she was setting Reese up to confirm Reese and Zach did not have feelings for each other. Ryan said Bianca was making a mistake by playing Reese.

Zach walked in and found Greenlee and Reese talking. Reese said Bianca did not want to have the wedding at the casino. Zach wondered if Bianca was upset with him over something. Reese said Bianca was upset, but did not tell him why. Zach told Reese the wedding would be successful no matter where it took place. Reese rushed off, but Ryan and Bianca stopped by looking for her. Greenlee and Ryan agreed to find a new spot for the double wedding. Bianca left to find Reese. Zach wanted to go after them, but Greenlee said the couple needed time alone to deal with a few issues.

Greenlee and Ryan went home. Ryan said Zach should have told Kendall he was the biological father of Gabrielle before Kendall went into a coma. To make matters worse, Ryan said Bianca believed Reese and Zach had feelings for each other. Ryan let Greenlee in on Bianca's plan. Like Ryan, Greenlee thought Bianca's plan would blow up in her face.

Bianca said she wanted the marriage with Reese to be real, not just a commitment ceremony. Bianca told Reese they should go check out places in Connecticut. But Reese said she was too busy to check anything out until a later date. Bianca offered to go by herself immediately, and quickly rushed off to pack when Zach came home. Zach encouraged Reese to go with Bianca. But Reese said her gut told her to stay in Pine Valley.

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