01/06/2009 JR Gets Kicked Out

"JR told Amanda that he didn't care if everyone knew he was drinking again. Amanda suggested taking JR home, but JR wanted to join the party. Colby was shocked to see JR pouring champagne into a glass. She begged JR to stop drinking, but he only ushered her away. Colby went to Adam to see if he could contain JR. David stood aside and smiled with pleasure as JR made a drunken fool of himself.

Zach asked Reese why they could no longer be friends. Reese said Erica thought that they were romantically involved. Zach said that idea was silly. Reese agreed, but thought it was best if Bianca and Reese moved out. Bianca assured her mother that Reese and Zach were nothing more than friends. Afterwards, she overheard Reese mention possibly moving out to Zach. Bianca assured Zach and Reese that she was not letting her mother's ideas force them out of Zach's home or his life.

Opal told Greenlee and Ryan that Greenlee's reading was not accurate. Her true reading showed only bad things could come from Greenlee and Ryan getting remarried.

David found Krystal on the floor after she received an alarming call from Tad. Krystal said Tad and Jamie were safe and hiding out in the Congo. But Tad told Krystal he would be returning home soon. Opal immediately called Joe to tell him the good news. Opal asked Krystal what was going on with her and David. Krystal said David was just trying to help her cope with Babe's death. Opal reminded Krystal not to forget that Tad was coming home. Krystal told Opal not to preach to her about marriage and grief.

Rebecca, Angie, Natalia, and Jesse arrived at the party. Angie was pleased to see Rebecca having fun at the poker table. Angie joined Rebecca in the game and then danced with Jesse. Jesse asked Angie why Opal was pestering Krystal. Angie said Opal suspected Krystal was cheating on Tad. Angie worried Opal was right. She told Jesse that David and Krystal were caught kissing at the hospital. Angie rushed off to start her shift at the hospital. Another doctor had good news for Angie: Rebecca's MRI from her first round of chemotherapy showed the tumor had stabilized.

Jackson and Carmen also attended the party. Jackson congratulated Greenlee and Ryan on their engagement. Ryan asked for Jackson's blessing. Jackson said he was happy for the couple, whose divorces were both moving along smoothly. Ryan and Greenlee decided to get married on Valentine's Day. Reese and Bianca told them they planned to get married that day, too. Greenlee said she and Ryan could just change the date, but Bianca suggested a double wedding. Erica wasn't thrilled with the idea. Bianca said she and Reese could design the wedding if her mother didn't like their plan.

Jake told Jackson that David was trying to get him fired from the hospital. He wanted Jackson to represent him before the hospital board. Jackson gladly accepted the case. Erica asked Jackson to talk Greenlee out of a double wedding with Bianca. Jackson said he was not going to tell Greenlee how to handle her wedding. Erica thought Ryan and Greenlee's relationship was moving too fast too soon.

Pete introduced his date, Scarlett, to Frankie and Randi. Randi pulled Pete aside to get details on his new look and the girl. Pete said that he hired Scarlett, a hooker, to be his date so Colby would get jealous. Scarlett decided to spend more time dancing with JR than being on Pete's arm. JR stopped dancing when he overheard Greenlee remark about how badly JR was dealing with Babe's death. He went over to Greenlee, but Ryan quickly stepped in front of her. Adam said JR needed to go home, but JR didn't want to listen to his father. David took the opportunity to embarrass JR by making him out to be an unfit parent. Zach's security escorted JR out. Amanda followed behind to take JR home. JR said that he was not worthy of caring for Babe's son-or of Amanda's compassion. Amanda said she cared about JR. JR kissed Amanda. At first, she pulled away, but did not stop him when he kissed her again.

Pete told Randi he didn't understand why Colby wasn't falling for him. Pete said he was just a dweeb. Pete said he needed to figure out a way to get Colby's attention. Randi caught the attention of another man. Frankie felt threatened and told the man to leave Randi alone. Carmen, who was sitting beside Randi, asked why Frankie was being so protective. Randi explained the recent launch of a scandalous videotape that was put on the Internet by her former pimp. Randi asked Carmen how things were going with Jackson. Carmen said their relationship was getting stale. Carmen went to see Jackson, but Erica told Carmen that she and Jackson were in the middle of a conversation. Carmen walked off, but Jackson followed. She told Jackson that it was obvious he still loved Erica, and Carmen waltzed out. Erica apologized to Jackson if she upset Carmen. But Jackson simply told Erica to mind her own business.

Krystal returned home and sat in a darkened house. David arrived to check on her and told Krystal that he knew she really hadn't meant to say that she didn't want Tad to return home. Krystal corrected him; she'd said exactly what she'd meant. Krystal said that she felt horrible for not wanting Tad to come home, but she knew that it wouldn't take Tad long to figure out that things weren't right. Krystal said that she and Tad had been more like best friends than a married couple. Krystal realized she did not love Tad enough-at least not the way that she felt when she was around David. David again told Krystal that she didn't mean what she was saying. Krystal erupted, saying that she was no longer going to ignore how she was feeling. Krystal refused any more of David's sedatives and ordered David to leave her home and her life. As he left, she threw the locket he'd given to her at him.

Scarlett followed Pete home so he could finish the rest of the date, reminding him that he had paid for the whole night. Pete rebuffed the escort's advances and Scarlett seemed to understand that she'd only been hired to make Colby jealous. Pete said he was in love with Colby too much to be with another woman."

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