10/09/2008 Aidan Spies On Greenlee

"Dr. Price, the therapist, told Zach that Annie was delusional and unstable. Annie thought she heard her stalker outside the Chandler mansion. Annie almost hit JR with a fire poker, but JR managed to stop her before she did any harm. JR called Annie crazy, but Annie claimed Greenlee was the person stalking her. Annie warned JR to stay out of her life. She called Dr. Price and asked to see him only hours before the custody hearing. Colby offered to finish packing Little Adam's belongings while Babe went to tell the Fusion women she was quitting. JR began stacking suitcases against the front door. Colby told JR she was initially angry at him for leaving, but understood his life would be better without Adam around.

Zach listened to Annie from a hidden window as she told Dr. Price about the incident with JR. While she spoke, memories of killing Richie began coming back to Annie. Suddenly, she admitted that killing Richie was an accident. Dr. Price was shocked at Annie's confession. At first, Annie said she only meant that she felt guilty about Richie's death. But Dr. Price got Annie to admit that she did kill Richie because he was torturing her family. Annie asked Dr. Price if he was going to report her crime to the police. Unexpectedly, she heard Zach's cell phone ringing behind the window. Annie screamed that there was a two-way mirror in the room. She threw a paperweight at the mirror and it shattered.

Opal told Jake that the hospital needed to be prepared for something bad coming to Pine Valley. Opal was shocked when she saw Ryan at the hospital, because he was in her last vision. Jake left to take care of a patient. Ryan sensed Opal was upset. Opal said she was having bad omens in her tarot cards and visions. She told Ryan he was calling out for someone he loved while drowning in her last dream.

Greenlee came home shortly before Aidan stopped listening to the footage he took from her conversations with Ryan. She told Aidan that she needed to clean up before heading back to Fusion. Greenlee put her earrings on the counter before going to shower. Aidan took the earrings and checked them to make sure the hidden microphones were working properly. Greenlee changed clothes, kissed Aidan goodbye, put her earrings on and headed back to work.

Amanda and Randi fielded phone calls about the tainted Bella perfume models. When Greenlee arrived at Fusion, Kendall said Ryan stayed at her home. She urged Greenlee to attend the custody hearing in support of Ryan. Kendall scolded Babe for coming in late while she worked all night to fix Babe's mistakes. Babe said she would make it up to Kendall and the others by resigning from Fusion immediately. Babe admitted that she was trying to steal the company from Greenlee and Kendall. She also told them about the move to California with JR and Little Adam. As Amanda begged Babe to stay, Ryan called Greenlee and asked to meet him on Fusion's roof. Greenlee took off the earrings after reception got a little murky on her cell phone. Babe shook Kendall's hand and was escorted out by Amanda. An FDA representative called Kendall to tell her that Fusion was being shut down until the Bella investigation was finished. As soon as Jake came to Fusion, Amanda wept in his arms. She told Jake all her money was gone and her life was over. Jake told Amanda she would not feel down for long. They shared a kiss near the spot where Greenlee placed her earrings. Aidan heard the kissing noises and assumed it was Ryan and Greenlee.

Ryan told Greenlee that he was tired of trying to always do the right thing to make everyone else happy. He said that he wanted to get back to fighting for what he believed was right, which included having a life with Greenlee. Ryan said he knew Greenlee loved him too and kissed her. Greenlee pulled away and claimed she loved Aidan. Ryan said he would wait for Greenlee, no matter how long it took. Greenlee said she would not break her marriage vows to Aidan. Greenlee and Ryan returned to the office and she put her earrings back on. Ryan said they needed to talk about their relationship.

Taylor said she wanted to see Brot's mother in Pine Valley. She asked Frankie to come with her. Taylor said it was important for Brot's mother to know how much they loved each other. She said that Tad was asking her questions about her past, which was what Jake did when they initially met. Having people genuinely interested in her, as though she was family, felt strange, Taylor said. Taylor and Frankie went to Brot's mother's home, which was adorned with pictures of Brot. The woman asked for Taylor's name again. Taylor said she was Brot's fiancée. Brot's mother said he never mentioned Taylor. Brot thanked the woman for her time and left. Once at Frankie's apartment, Taylor said she doubted Brot's love for her if he never mentioned the engagement.

JR, Babe, and Little Adam prepared to leave the Chandler mansion. JR said Adam refused to answer his office door when he tried to say goodbye. JR hugged Colby tightly, took one last look at the living room and called out goodbye to his father."

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