10/08/2008 Randi & Frankie Unpack

"Annie fell asleep on the couch in the living room, so Babe tried to wake her. Annie was startled and pushed Babe to the ground. JR saw it and grabbed Annie by the arm. He demanded to know why Annie pushed Babe. Annie apologized to Babe and explained that she was scared when she felt someone try to wake her. Annie began to discuss the supposed man that was stalking her. JR and Babe tried to calm her down, but she became more agitated when she assumed that Babe and JR thought she was crazy and did not deserve custody of Emma.

Annie stormed out of the living room to call Zach. She reported to him that JR and Babe were ganging up on her, like Kendall and Greenlee. She was reluctant to see the shrink that Zach recommended. He assured her that seeing the shrink would help her get custody of Emma.

Babe regretted inviting Annie to stay in the mansion because she was unstable. JR said it was not Babe's fault that Annie went crazy. Babe stated that she should have stayed out of Annie's business, like she should have stayed out of Fusion's business. She further explained that she never should have tried to take over Fusion because her dream was not to own a cosmetic company. Babe broke down and said that she wanted to leave Pine Valley. JR looked shocked, but Babe reminded him that they were happiest when they were in San Diego. She thought that Pine Valley made them do bad things that ruined their relationship in the past and she did not want to make the same mistakes again. He said that he was consumed with getting revenge on Adam and he was fed up with it. JR agreed that they should move back to San Diego.

Pete came to the mansion to visit Adam. Pete begged Adam to drop his lawsuit against Fusion, but Adam refused. Pete worried that if the lawsuit persisted, the women of Fusion would find evidence to prove that Adam was behind the tainted perfume. Pete was even more concerned that Adam would blame everything on him. Pete's pleading did not persuade Adam to give up the lawsuit.

Colby saw Pete and could tell that he was upset. He said that he could not tell her what was going on. She encouraged him to tell her why he was distraught. He blurted out that he tainted Bella for Adam. Colby was appalled. Pete explained that he contaminated the perfume so Adam would let him hang out with Colby. She affirmed that Pete was a bigger loser than she thought. Pete looked hurt and ran away.

JR informed Adam and Colby that he was moving to San Diego with Babe and Little Adam. Colby was sad because she did not want her brother to leave. JR said that he would miss Colby. Then, he told Adam that he would always love him, no matter where he lived. Adam said nothing.

Colby promised Adam that she would not leave him, as long as he told her the truth about Bella. He pretended to know nothing, so she revealed that Pete had told her everything. Adam seemed annoyed and warned her to stop "pressing" about Bella. She continued to ask questions, so he threatened to have Pete sent to jail. She stormed off.

Babe went to see Krystal and Tad. Babe announced that she was moving. Babe assumed that Krystal would be upset, but her mother urged her to go and never look back. Krystal was glad that Babe and JR were looking for a fresh start. Then, JR came over and Tad congratulated him on the move. JR confided that he was going to miss Adam. Tad joked that he would not miss Adam as much as he'd miss Tad. They embraced.

Babe, JR, and Little Adam returned to the mansion. Adam had a present for his grandson. He gave the little boy a fishing rod and told him to catch a big fish for his grandfather. Little Adam gave Adam a big hug. Adam informed JR that he wanted updates on Little Adam, but stated that he did care about JR. Adam told JR to have a nice life and exited the room. Babe embraced JR as tears filled his eyes.

Taylor met Tad at the boathouse. Tad said that one of his friends was hiring private contractors to work in Iraq. Tad wondered if she was interested. She explained that she did not want a civilian job because she was a soldier. He then began to inquire about her family, but she refused to answer any questions, and left.

Tad told Krystal about his encounter with Taylor. Tad was determined to find out about Taylor's past after an anonymous person hired him to investigate her.

Randi and Frankie unpacked their belongings and discussed what they liked and disliked in a roommate. She revealed that she was a light sleeper, so she hoped he did not snore. He laughed and kissed her. Then, Taylor came by to give them a housewarming gift. After Randi left for work, Taylor asked Frankie if he would help her with something that she had been putting off.

Zach was surprised to see Ryan in his home early in the morning. Ryan explained that he fell asleep in Emma's bedroom while he was hanging her picture. Kendall said that she saw him sleeping, but decided not to wake him because Emma needed her father. Zach looked annoyed and left for work.

Ryan inquired why there was tension between Kendall and Zach. Ryan was concerned that Kendall was too involved in his life and that it was negatively affecting her relationship with Zach. She replied that he was her friend and Zach understood that. Still, Ryan felt that Kendall needed to "back off" of his life, so she could focus on her family. She affirmed that she wanted Ryan to be happy and she felt that Ryan would only be happy with his true love, Greenlee. So, she urged him to fight for Greenlee.

Annie went to see a shrink. She ranted about Greenlee and Kendall conspiring against her. She then divulged that a man was stalking her and she believed Greenlee and Kendall hired the stalker to make her look crazy. She asked the doctor if he believed her and he said yes. He agreed to testify on her behalf at the custody trial. However, after Annie left, Zach visited with the doctor. The doctor told Zach that he had enough proof to show that Annie was crazy and should not win custody of Emma. Zach was very pleased."

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