09/30/2008 Ryan Pushes Greenlee Away

"Greenlee cupped Ryan's face in her hands and stared into his eyes. Ryan removed Greenlee's hands from his face and walked a few feet away. Greenlee said she just wanted to help Ryan as he dealt with losing Emma. Ryan told Greenlee that touching him and staring into his eyes was not what he wanted. Ryan admitted he wanted to make love with Greenlee. Knowing that, Ryan wondered why Greenlee was still trying to be his friend. Ryan asked Greenlee to go home to her husband. After she left, Ryan slammed the door.

Zach handed Kendall the phone because he assumed she wanted to check on Ryan. Kendall said she knew Ryan was hurting without Emma, but was not going to keep interfering in his life. Kendall asked Zach how they could repair their broken marriage. Zach said he was going to the office. Frustrated, Kendall told Zach that if he went to work, it would show that he did not want to reconcile their marriage. Zach told Kendall he would not be home late. Greenlee went to see Kendall after the incident with Ryan. Greenlee said Kendall had pushed her to go be with Ryan. Kendall claimed she was not responsible for Greenlee seeing Ryan.

Ryan went to Zach's office. Zach handed Ryan a smiley face drawing from Emma and Spike. Zach said Emma was adjusting well to his home. Ryan said he felt bad for taking Emma away from Annie, but Annie was not the same person he married.

Someone went into Aidan's office and picked up a picture of Greenlee. Aidan found Jesse playing video games when he came to his office. Jesse told Aidan he knew Aidan was trying to dig up dirt on him. Aidan would not discuss who hired him to find out about Jesse's past. Jesse threatened to shut down Aidan's business and get his private investigator license revoked if he did not back down.

Tad found Opal reading tarot cards to Krystal at the Comeback. Opal told Krystal something bad was going to happen to the Carey women. Krystal asked for more details. Opal knocked over a glass of water to avoid answering Krystal's question. Opal said the vision had passed and she went to check on Pete. Tad told Krystal not to worry about Opal's tarot cards.

At the Comeback, Jesse told Tad not to hire Aidan to look into Jesse's past. Tad pretended not to know what Jesse was referring to.

Annie banged on the wall and screamed until JR and Babe opened the door. Annie said a man in the house locked her inside the secret tunnel. Annie did not identify the man, but said she felt he was still in the house watching her. JR checked inside the tunnel and the rest of the house, but saw no one. Babe suggested that perhaps Richie's memory was haunting her. Annie suggested Ryan hired someone to spy on her. JR checked the house again, and brought Opal back in with him. Opal asked to speak to JR and Babe alone on the porch. Opal said she was worried about something terrible happening to the Carey women. Babe said she appreciated Opal's concern, but was not worried. Opal decided to lay out the tarot cards to make sure her reading with Krystal was accurate. To Opal's dismay, the cards showed nothing good for all of Pine Valley's residents. She told JR and Babe to hold on to their love and never let it go.

Once alone, Annie called Kendall to check on Emma. Annie heard Greenlee's voice on the other end. She told Kendall that Greenlee had no right to be near Emma. Annie wanted to come see Emma, but Kendall reminded her it would only interfere with the Social Services Department's rules. After the phone call, Greenlee said it hurt when Ryan pushed her away. Kendall said it hurt Greenlee because she loved him. Kendall said Greenlee married Aidan because he was comfortable and protected her. But Kendall said, deep down, Greenlee still loved Ryan. Emma woke up and rushed into the living room begging for her mom and dad. Greenlee hugged Emma as Annie watched through a window. Kendall was able to get Emma calmed down and back to sleep. Zach came home and found Kendall sleeping on the couch. He woke her up with a kiss on the cheek. Kendall said Greenlee's visit only proved Greenlee still loved Ryan.

Greenlee went to Aidan's office and immediately attacked him with kisses.

Jesse told someone on the phone he lost a friend and lied to his wife. He felt his life was over.

Opal went home and spread the tarot cards on a table. The wind blew them to the floor.

As soon as Annie went back to the Chandler mansion, Ryan showed up to announce he was filing for divorce and full custody of Emma."

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