09/16/2008 Kendall Becomes Suspicious Of Adam

"Greenlee and Aidan woke up smothering each other with kisses. Greenlee said she knew how Annie was feeling after losing a baby. She said friends and family sent flowers, gave sympathy, and tried to make her feel better. But Greenlee said it did not replace the loss of a child. Greenlee said the thought of losing another child was the reason she did not want any more children.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Zach did not touch each other when they awoke. Kendall told Zach that she knew he blamed her for Annie losing the baby. Zach said he was only angry that Kendall would not leave Annie alone in the hospital. Kendall acknowledged that she should have left Annie alone, but wanted to continue protecting Ryan. Frustrated, Zach threw back the covers and got out of bed.

Babe and JR checked on Annie before she left the hospital. Babe asked Annie how she was holding up. Annie said she was sad, but ready to go home. Ryan came into the room, but JR was immediately protective of Annie. Annie said she wanted to speak to Ryan alone. Ryan offered to take Annie back to the Chandler home, but she wanted to go with Babe and JR. Ryan asked Annie how they would break the news of the miscarriage to Emma. Annie preferred to tell Emma the news alone. JR rushed to Annie's side when she got lightheaded. He and Babe told Ryan they needed to take her home. Babe and JR left Annie alone once they got her home. JR said he was positive Adam wanted to steal Fusion for them. He went out to try to get some answers from Adam. Annie remembered crying in Ryan's arms when the doctors told them the baby was gone. Emma rushed into the room to see Annie.

Kendall and Greenlee arrived at Fusion, where Amanda and Randi were busy working. Amanda showed Greenlee and Kendall the final bottle of Bella perfume. Also, they looked over different images of Amanda to use for promotional advertisements. Babe said orders had exceeded their estimates already. Amanda said the only problem was they would have to double their order to meet the demand, but she did not invest enough money into the product, meaning Fusion would have to foot the rest of the bill. Kendall refused to invest any Fusion money into the product yet. Babe came to work as Kendall explained that they needed to quadruple the order for anticipated future sales. Kendall decided it was worth the risk and agreed to help finance the rest of the money. Greenlee noticed Kendall's snippy attitude. Kendall said she and Zach were having problems. He was after Josh and she blamed herself for Annie's miscarriage. Kendall did not know if her marriage would ever be right again. Kendall went to put papers on Babe's desk and saw a text message on Babe's phone from JR. The message told Babe that Adam was "playing dumb regarding the Fusion takeover."

Zach was surprised to see Ryan come to work. But as Ryan began to work, he thought about the argument he had with Annie at the Chandler mansion before she was rushed to the hospital. Zach asked Ryan if he wanted to share what was bothering him. Ryan said Annie was released from the hospital, but she did not want anything to do with him. He wished that Annie would let them mourn the baby together. Zach urged him to be with Annie. Ryan went to see Annie and Emma. They decided to tell Emma the news together. Annie explained that the baby got sick and God took it to heaven. Emma asked if God would take her to heaven, too. Ryan said she would not be going to heaven for a long time because she was a healthy girl. Ryan told Annie and Emma that he wanted to plant a tree in the park in honor of the baby.

Erica told Luke that she wanted to get back to New Beginnings as soon as possible. In fact, Erica said she had a list of guests already in the works. Luke worried that Erica's show would not make the ratings it had before she went to jail. Luke said he was thinking of canceling her show. He said that her ratings were highest when Erica and Jackson were battling it out on the air. Erica was not interested in revisiting the past with Jackson. Luke suggested they try to find Erica the perfect mate on her show. Erica said she would prove to Luke that she could generate her own high ratings.

JR found Adam trying to eavesdrop on Erica and Luke at the restaurant. JR told his father he was having second thoughts about Babe's ability to take over Fusion on the inside. JR said Babe was not ruthless enough to handle the responsibility. But JR was not sure how to tell Babe he did not want her to be in charge of the company. Adam said JR should give Babe more credit because she had created a new product, brought in financing, and shown incredible marketing skills. He was sure Babe would make a name for herself. JR thanked Adam for the advice, and left.

Petey snuck into the Chandler mansion looking for Adam, but instead, he ran into JR. Petey said he wanted to see Colby, who changed her phone number after he sent her too many text messages. JR said Colby was not interested in him. He warned Petey to stay away from Colby and kicked him out. Petey called Adam to tell him that the first batch of tainted ingredients for Bella was ready.

Greenlee decided to express her concerns about Kendall's behavior to Zach at his work. Zach said he was tired of Kendall worrying about others people's lives instead of her own.

Kendall immediately confronted Babe about the text message. Babe said she and JR suspected Adam wanted to take over Fusion. Babe said JR met with Adam, but obviously, did not get any information, which explained the text message. Kendall told Babe that she wanted JR to back off because he was not trustworthy. Kendall said she would take care of the situation herself. She went to get advice from Erica. Kendall told her mother Annie lost the baby and suspected Adam was trying to take over Fusion.

Babe went home to tell JR that Kendall saw his text message. Babe said she ratted out Adam to keep the heat off her and JR."

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