09/15/2008 Greenlee Comforts Ryan

"Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall, and Zach waited in the hospital waiting room for news on Annie's condition. Just as Kendall proclaimed that Annie was faking, a doctor entered the room and announced that Annie had a miscarriage. Greenlee, Aidan, and Zach looked sad, but Kendall commented that the miscarriage was probably for the best. Zach looked at his wife with disdain.

Ryan tried to console Annie, but she was overly distraught. She told him that she committed murder and he looked confused. She proceeded to blame their baby's death on herself. She affirmed that she focused on Ryan, instead of the baby, and believed that caused the miscarriage. He urged her not to blame herself, but she was consumed with guilt. She explained that she used the baby as a way to win Ryan back. She admitted that she faked morning sickness and dizziness. She also confessed that she staged her car accident. He looked shocked. She cried as she opened up about being jealous of Greenlee, and using Emma and the unborn baby to repair their marriage. She wished that she cared more about the baby than fighting for Ryan. He silently stared at her, so she asked if he hated her. He said that he was trying to understand why she lied. She told him to get out of the room because she did not want him there. He was apprehensive about leaving her, but she insisted on being left alone.

Ryan walked into the waiting room and glared at Kendall. Ryan then told Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall, and Zach that he needed time alone. However, Aidan sensed that Greenlee wanted to console Ryan, so he encouraged her to talk with Ryan. Zach saw this and commented that Aidan did a nice thing for Ryan by letting Greenlee comfort him. Zach then told Aidan that he knew Aidan helped hide Josh. Zach warned Aidan that Josh better not return, so Aidan promised that Josh would remain hidden. Then, Kendall went to see Ryan, but Zach stopped her. He told his wife that Ryan did not need her. She noted that Ryan needed his friends, and he asked her if she was being a "friend" when she stormed into Annie's room and upset her. Kendall looked sheepish and left. Kendall went home and cried as she held Ian in her arms.

Annie lay in her hospital bed as Richie's ghost appeared. Richie asked his sister why she did not tell Ryan the whole truth about her lies, including her attempt to kill Greenlee, and his murder. He assumed that she did not divulge everything because she would lose Ryan and Emma forever. He claimed that she could still win Ryan over by killing Greenlee and Kendall. Annie yelled out that she was done with Richie. He replied that she needed him, but she strongly disagreed. She closed her eyes and chanted that Richie was dead and gone. When she opened her eyes, Richie's ghost was gone.

Greenlee found Ryan alone in an empty hospital room. He was deeply saddened by the loss of his child. He admitted that when Annie first got pregnant, he did not want the child. He further stated that when he saw the baby's ultrasound, he fell in love with his unborn child. With tears in his eyes, Ryan declared that he was a terrible person because he constantly hurt the people he loved, including Greenlee. Greenlee reminded Ryan that she played a big role in the destruction of their marriage. Greenlee then grabbed Ryan's hand to console him.

Randi begged Frankie not to go to Iraq. Frankie said that he had to finish his tour in Iraq because it was his duty. Randi stated that Frankie did not have to go, and offered to run away with him. She tried to entice Frankie to dodge his call to duty and go to Canada.

He explained that, when he first returned from Iraq, he felt lost. He said that he felt like an imposter living in someone else's life, until he met Randi. Randi noted that Frankie saved her life and she wanted to return the favor by stopping him from going to war. He promised that he would return to her.

Angie and Tad were having a drink at ConFusion. She confided in him her fears that Jesse was in danger again. Tad laughed and called her paranoid. She explained that Jesse was getting multiple hang-ups on his cell phone and on their house phone. She worried that Papel was behind the phone calls. Tad assured her that Papel was in a maximum-security prison, which made it impossible for him to mess with Jesse. She agreed that Papel was not behind the phone calls, but wondered who was. She then revealed to Tad that Jesse had a nervous breakdown while he was on the run. She was concerned that her husband was slipping away from her emotionally. Just then, Jesse returned to the table. Angie asked where he went, but he refused to answer. Angie informed him that he received another hang-up on his cell phone while he was gone. Jesse warned Angie to stay away from his phone. Tad gave Jesse a suspicious look.

Jake walked into Amanda's bedroom on the yacht and found Taylor standing next to an elegantly set dinner table with expensive flowers. Taylor did not realize that Jake had entered the room because she was daydreaming about her late fiancé. When she finally saw Jake, she looked embarrassed. She explained that Amanda left to get crab dip, but would return. Jake wondered if Taylor wished she were going back to Iraq, like Frankie. She declared that she would go back to war in a heartbeat and criticized Frankie's hesitation to return. Jake asked why she was not allowed to return, since her ankle was fully healed. She divulged that the army doctor diagnosed her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jake assumed that she had the disorder because she witnessed the death of her fiancé. She was offended by the diagnosis and called it sexist.

Amanda then entered and Taylor left. Amanda sensed that the conversation between Taylor and Jake was "intense" and questioned Jake about his feelings for Taylor. Jake avoided answering the questions by kissing Amanda. They were about to make love when Jake was paged to the hospital due to Annie's miscarriage."

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