09/09/2008 Annie & Richie Discuss Murdering Greenlee

"Kendall asked Zach what he had planned for Josh, but Zach would not tell Kendall anything. Kendall reminded Zach that Josh was her brother. Zach said that factor was the only reason Josh was still alive. Kendall tried to explain that Josh felt like he was "owed" something because of his past. Zach said he owed Josh nothing. Kendall reminded Zach of the wonderful ways Josh had been there for their family. Despite Josh's good deeds, Zach said it did not give Josh the right to embezzle money. Kendall said family forgave each other, but Zach claimed he was not as forgiving as Kane women.

Erica asked Josh why he was so frantically upset. Josh said he had made a mistake with Zach, but was not sure how. Josh said he told Zach to keep an eye on Kendall before she let her obsession with Ryan and Greenlee go too far. Also, Zach had said Josh was foolish to get involved with Hannah, and his only real family was Greg Madden. Erica said that behavior did not sound like the Zach she knew. Josh said Zach called him into his office to accuse him of stealing money from the company. The accusations were foolish since Kendall was his sister, Josh said.

Perhaps, Josh said, it was time for him to move to another town. He asked Erica for money because Zach had frozen all his accounts. Josh would not disclose where he was going, but promised his absence would not change their relationship. Erica said she would talk to Zach, but asked Josh to stay at her hotel. Josh went to a safe as soon as Erica left and grabbed some money. As Josh was ready to leave, Kendall caught him in the room with a big wad of Erica's money. Josh said Erica approved of him taking the money to leave town. Kendall said Zach would never kill Josh because they were family. Josh said he was tired of being considered a "freak show" in Pine Valley. He wanted a chance to start a new life somewhere else.

At Kendall's request, Ryan went to see her and Josh. Kendall asked Ryan to help Josh disappear. Ryan said he needed Tad's help to make the plan work. Josh refused to get Tad involved. Kendall told Ryan to ask Aidan for help, even if they were at each other's throats.

Erica found Zach at his office. She warned him to leave Josh alone. Zach said Erica would be upset with Josh if he had embezzled from her company. Erica said Zach would ruin his relationship with Kendall if he went after Josh. Erica and Zach found Ryan and Kendall at Erica's hotel room. Zach immediately asked Kendall and Ryan where they had stashed Josh. Ryan said Josh was safe, but someplace no one would ever find him. Ryan said he would give Zach the restitution Josh owed him.

Angie told Frankie that she did not want him to go back to Iraq. But Frankie said he would not ignore military orders. Jesse said he knew that Frankie could be called back to duty. When tensions got high, Frankie went to check on a patient. Angie told Jesse that she was scared of losing Frankie. Angie blamed Jesse for Frankie's decision to go back to Iraq. She thought that Frankie wanted to return to the war because Jesse had gone back to police work. Angie rushed off with tears streaming down her cheeks. She returned to see Jesse still waiting for her. Angie apologized for running off, but was still scared about Frankie returning to war.

Annie found Richie's ghost eating popcorn on her bed when she got out of the shower. Richie started suggesting ways Annie could whack Greenlee. He threw out poison, electrocution, and hiring a professional to murder Greenlee. Annie turned down all his ideas. She decided to stage a break-in. Greenlee would die while fighting off her intruder. Annie decided to get some fresh air. Petey, who was throwing rocks at Colby's window, hid when he heard someone coming on the terrace. Annie slipped out of her robe and went skinny-dipping. Petey revealed himself after Annie returned to the terrace and put her robe back on. Annie said she was not upset Petey saw her naked. Annie joked that Petey probably wished it were Colby. She encouraged Petey to go after Colby. Richie was still in Annie's room when she returned.

Taylor dreamed of her deceased fiancé, but woke up when images of war and bombs filled her mind. Frankie came to see Taylor, who was on the way for a run. Frankie announced he had gotten orders to go back to Iraq. Taylor threw her arms around Frankie in excitement. But Frankie was not so happy. He said he was emotionally done with the Army and had no desires to go back to Iraq. Taylor scolded Frankie for not feeling honored to be asked to serve in the military again. Once alone, the sounds of bombs and screams kept replaying in her mind."

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