09/08/2008 Ryan Asks For Joint Custody

"Angie was adamantly against Frankie's return to Iraq. Frankie insisted that he had to go because he signed up for eight years of service and he was needed again. Then, they were both paged by the hospital because there was a bad bus accident on the highway.

Angie saw Jake at the hospital and told him that Frankie was being deployed to Iraq again. He told her that Frankie could apply for exemption or deferment. She was relieved to learn that her son might not have to go to war.

Jake asked Frankie if he would try to avoid the war by petitioning for exemption or deferment. Frankie affirmed that it was his duty to return and planned on going back. Angie overheard this and looked worried.

Aidan was sleeping on the couch and Greenlee was sleeping in the bedroom. She came into the living room to get a book when Aidan startled her and she knocked over a vase. She was upset over the broken vase because it was their wedding gift from Jackson. Aidan promised to replace it, but she said it was irreplaceable, especially since it was the only gift they received.

Both Greenlee and Aidan admitted that they could not fall asleep. Aidan attributed their insomnia to the saying, "Don't go to bed angry." She wondered how they went from blissful to argumentative. He stated their fight was his fault because he acted like Kendall and put ridiculous restraints on Greenlee. Greenlee said that it was her fault because she followed Ryan up to the roof at the Bella party. Aidan noted that he should not have felt jealous when he saw Greenlee and Ryan alone on the roof. She affirmed that he was justified and confessed that her feelings for Ryan went beyond friendship. She explained that she and Ryan shared a close relationship that brought out the best and the worst in her. She commented that a lot of the qualities that Aidan loved about her were developed during her time with Ryan. She further stated that her relationship with Ryan seemed unresolved. Still, she professed her love to Aidan and promised to remain loyal to her husband. He was pleased and they kissed.

Samuel visited Erica. He announced that the charges against Dre were dropped. Erica was excited for Samuel. He divulged that his son was going to work on his campaign and he wanted Erica to join them. She politely told him that they were moving too fast. She wanted to refocus on her life and did not think that was possible on the campaign trail. She did admit, however, that she was swept away by him. They kissed and he said that he would miss her. She replied, "I know." He laughed and walked out.

The phone rang in Erica's room. She answered it and Jack pleaded with her to take him back. She asked what happened with Carmen. He explained that Carmen reconciled with her ex and they robbed an ice cream truck together. Erica slyly smiled and told Jack that it was too late. She soon realized that she was dreaming and that Jack never called.

Ryan came to the Chandler Mansion because he got Annie's frantic voicemail asking for his help. She claimed that Emma woke up crying for him. He wanted to see his daughter, but Annie said that the little girl fell back asleep. Annie proceeded to tell Ryan that she regretted moving out of their home. She wished that they could all live together again and rebuild their family. He looked confused and wondered why she was acting mercurial. She stated that their children needed both of their parents. He agreed and asked for joint custody. He then announced that he no longer loved Annie and did not want to get back together. She was irate and slapped him across the face. She called him pathetic for loving Greenlee, a woman that was married to another man and did not love him at all. Ryan worried that Annie's anger would hurt the baby, so he urged her to get rest, and left the mansion.

Colby walked outside on her patio and heard a noise. As she picked up a planter to throw at the bushes, Pete revealed himself. He explained that he was lurking around the mansion to make sure that Colby was feeling better. She proclaimed that she was not drunk earlier in the night. He said that he believed her and reminded her that he told JR she was sober. He then told her that the illness could have been caused by her suppressed romantic feelings for him. She told him to get a life and went back inside.

Annie walked onto the patio and saw Richie's ghost. Richie laughed and taunted Annie. As she threw a plant, she screamed aloud that she did not lose Ryan. The plant almost hit Pete, who was still in the bushes. Annie was startled to see Pete. He said that he understood how it felt to have someone not reciprocate love. Richie encouraged his sister to use Pete for her schemes. So, she fell into Pete's arms. He inquired why she did this. She said that it was a trust exercise and asked Pete to hold her tight. After a while, she stood back up and urged Pete not to give up on Colby. Pete went home and Annie began to pinch her arms. Richie congratulated her on getting Pete to squeeze her hard enough to make her bruise. She planned on using the bruises to get revenge on Ryan. Annie declared that she had one more thing to do-kill Greenlee.

Josh asked Zach if he was going to kill him just as Kendall entered the room. Kendall was horrified and demanded to know what was going on. Zach told his wife to leave, but she refused. Zach revealed that Josh stole twenty million dollars from them. Kendall could not believe that her brother was capable of the theft. Josh claimed that someone hacked into his computer and framed him. Zach checked up on Josh's excuse and discovered that no one hacked into the computer. Josh confessed to stealing the money. Josh explained that he took the money to start his own company and intended on returning the money before Zach noticed. Josh went on that, due to the recession, his business failed and he lost some of the money. Kendall inquired why Josh did not ask his family to loan the funds. Josh exclaimed that he was a "mistake" and did not have a true family. Kendall expressed her disappointment in Josh.

Josh was being held captive by two of Zach's henchmen while Kendall and Zach talked privately. She asked what her husband planned to do. He affirmed that he needed to make Josh disappear in order to protect the company and the casinos. She pleaded with her husband to ease up on Josh, but he refused. She asked to speak with Josh alone. When she approached Josh, she pepper-sprayed the henchmen and yelled at Josh to run. Zach realized that Josh escaped and promised to find him. Kendall threatened to leave Zach if he harmed her brother.

Erica heard a bang on her door. She opened the door and Josh ran in her room. He exclaimed, "If Zach finds me, I'm a dead man!""

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