08/05/2008 Annie Sees Richie

"At the hospital, Jake told Ryan that Annie and the baby were fine. After Jake left, Ryan went to get Annie some applesauce. Annie called the babysitter and asked her to take Emma to the hospital. When he returned, Ryan told Annie that Dre had been arrested for Richie's murder. Annie acted as though she felt so sorry for Dre, Colby, and Cassie, but Ryan wondered if Annie was sincere, since she wanted to pin the kids for Richie's murder.

Annie told Ryan that she just wanted to start over with their new life. The babysitter took Emma to the hospital. Annie showed Emma a sonogram of the baby. Ryan told Annie that he would always be there for their family. Annie was startled when she saw her brother's ghost as Emma slept in her arms.

Randi went to see Frankie at the hospital. Frankie immediately thought something was wrong, but Randi just wanted to make sure Frankie was okay. Randi said she had heard about what had happened to Cassie, but she knew Cassie would make it through the rough ordeal. Frankie and Randi decided to have a dinner date.

Police took mug shots of Dre as Erica waited with Samuel in the lobby. Samuel told Erica that he had pressured Dre to let him find a way to dismiss the charges, but Dre had wanted to stand up for himself. Jackson went to the police station to represent Dre. Jesse took Jackson aside to update him on the case.

Reporters rushed into the police station to hound Samuel about Dre's charges. Samuel said his son was taking responsibility for an accident gone horribly wrong. The press asked Erica how the news would affect her relationship with Samuel. Erica said she was there to support Samuel but did not have time for silly gossip.

Jesse kicked the reporters out of the police station. Samuel listened as Dre gave his side of the story to Jackson. Dre told Jackson that he had known he had hit Richie when Pete had tested the human blood found on Colby's car. Jackson said the blood had been on a bumper, which made it sound like Richie had already been down when Dre had hit him. Jackson said he wished he had the car to use as evidence for Dre's case. Jackson went to Jesse to explain about the bumper, but Jesse's hands were tied without any physical evidence to back up the theory. Adam threatened to sue Jesse once his name was cleared.

Adam's lawyer reported that Colby's car was untraceable. JR scolded Adam for lying to the police to save Colby, but Adam reminded his son that he had broken the law plenty of times to rescue JR, too. Adam asked JR to help him find a way to save Colby. JR was not sure if he could work with his father because of their differences. Adam said he and JR had always been stronger working together.

JR agreed to help Adam, but only for Colby's sake. Erica visited Adam to remind him that he had jeopardized the terms of Carmen's bail by getting locked up. She told him to fix the problem, and she left. Jesse delivered the news to Adam that his bail had been made.

Jesse told Adam that Dre could have been cleared if Adam had not gotten rid of Colby's car. Adam said Jesse could have simply left his daughter alone, too. Jesse showed Adam a piece of metal belonging to a car that matched the description of Colby's car. The metal had been found in a landfill, and Jesse was guessing his crews would find more.

Colby told Krystal and Tad that her father's lies had only made the situation worse for her, Dre, and Cassie. Colby decided to go to sleep in Krystal and Tad's guest room instead of going back to Adam's house. Tad asked Krystal how she had gotten involved with Adam again. Krystal said she did not want to be back in Adam's life but needed to talk to him to see if he would help Colby. Tad said Krystal's efforts had obviously failed.

Krystal thought she could talk Colby into being honest with the police. Tad said Krystal had lied to him, just like Adam had known she would. Tad said their marriage was doomed if Krystal continued to run to Adam. Tad told Krystal not to worry -- they would survive. Colby went downstairs and poured herself a glass of vodka after Tad and Krystal left. JR saw Colby throwing out the cup of vodka in a plant when he arrived at the house. He grabbed Colby and took her to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting."

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