08/04/2008 Annie Asks For An Ultrasound

"Greenlee and Aidan were half naked and making out on the floor of their penthouse. They were about to make love when Aidan noticed an odd smell. He realized that there was a gas leak. He yelled at Greenlee to leave the apartment, but she refused. He discovered that there was a broken pipe in the fireplace and fixed it. She was very grateful that he had noticed the potentially dangerous leak. They decided to get dressed and leave the penthouse.

Annie was at the scene of the fake car accident that she had staged. She was annoyed because Ryan did not answer his phone, so she called Zach. She pretended to be frantic about her health and the health of the baby. After she hung up with Zach, she snidely commented that Ryan was probably with Greenlee, which was the reason he had not picked up his phone. Zach then arrived on the scene. Annie acted panicked about the accident. Zach called an ambulance, and it took Annie to the hospital.

Ryan and Kendall were at Fusion, discussing the key that Kendall had found hidden in Annie's desk. Kendall claimed that the key proved Annie was hiding a secret. Ryan thought that Kendall was overreacting. She wondered if the key was a clue that Annie had a lover and the baby was not Ryan's. He thought Kendall's theory was ridiculous.

Kendall continued to affirm that Annie was hiding something. He reminded Kendall that he was hiding his love for Greenlee. Kendall stated that Ryan was lying to protect Annie; however, Kendall firmly believed that Annie was lying to betray Ryan. She further stated that Ryan should not feel guilty about his secret. Just then, Greenlee and Aidan arrived.

Greenlee demanded to know what the secret was, but Aidan urged her to mind her own business. Ryan pulled Aidan aside. Ryan explained that Annie was hiding a key in a picture frame on her desk. Aidan offered to find out information on the key. Ryan took Aidan up on the offer.

Kendall received a call from Zach. Zach announced that Annie was in the hospital. Kendall relayed the message to Ryan. Both Kendall and Ryan left for the hospital. Aidan assumed that Greenlee wanted to go, as well, but he was wrong. She wished to concentrate on their relationship instead of their friends' drama. He was delighted and asked what she wanted to do with the rest of their day. She replied that she wanted to go to Las Vegas.

Annie entered the hospital, and Jake began to treat her. Annie pretended she was concerned that the baby had been hurt in the crash. Jake examined her and assured her that she and the baby were fine. She asked to have an ultrasound, just to be sure. Jake agreed, so Annie requested that he wait to do the procedure until after Ryan arrived.

Kendall saw Zach at the hospital. Kendall sarcastically noted that Annie should have her own hospital room because she was always in the hospital. Zach said that Annie was worried about the baby. Kendall looked sad and stated that she could empathize with Annie.

Ryan entered Annie's hospital room. He apologized for not getting there sooner. Jake performed the ultrasound, and Annie and Ryan saw their baby for the first time. Annie cried tears of joy as she looked at her unborn child. Ryan was very touched by the image of his child.

Kendall watched from afar as Ryan saw his child via ultrasound. Kendall told Zach that Ryan was in love with his baby. She wanted Ryan to be happy, but she could not shake the feeling that Annie was being deceitful. Zach admitted that he, too, suspected Annie of misdoings.

Ryan listened to his phone messages. He heard Annie's frenzied call for help after her accident. He looked sheepish and called Aidan. He told Aidan not to investigate the key and to also quit investigating Ryan's vasectomy.

Jesse had Colby, Cassandra, and Dre in holding at the police station. All three teenagers claimed that they had been driving the car that had killed Richie. Jesse was frustrated and separated all three of them into different rooms.

Samuel asked Jesse for permission to speak with Dre. Jesse allowed it, so Samuel went to see his son. Samuel inquired why Dre had not gone to his father before he had been taken into custody. Dre explained that he had not wanted to ruin his father's chances of becoming a senator. Samuel stated that he did not care about politics, but instead he cared about his son. Samuel promised to get Dre off of the charges. Dre said that he wanted to tell the truth, and Samuel agreed to support Dre's decision.

Adam and JR visited with Colby. Thy both pleaded with the young girl to admit that she had not run over Richie. Colby asked if Adam and JR were a "team" again. JR noted that they were on the same team for her sake. Colby refused to put the blame on her friends and insisted that she had been driving the car.

Angie and Jesse met with Cassandra. Cassandra felt that Angie had chosen Jesse over her. Cassandra was mad at Angie and Jesse for taking her to the police station. Angie pleaded with Cassandra to tell the truth, but Cassandra affirmed that she had been driving the car that had killed Richie.

Samuel encouraged Jesse to allow all three teenagers to speak with one another, so Jesse put them all in one room. Dre declared that he was going to take the blame and confess that he had been the driver. Colby and Cassandra tried to talk him out of it, but he was resolute in his decision.

All three teenagers sat in front of Samuel, Adam, Babe, JR, Krystal, Tad, Angie, and Jesse. They divulged all the details from the night that they had run over Richie. The adults realized that the teenagers had not stepped forward sooner because they had been trying to protect their families. Jesse then announced that Colby and Cassandra were free, but Dre was under arrest. Jesse proceeded to arrest Adam, also, for obstruction of justice, since he had lied to the police about Colby's car being stolen.

Samuel called Jack to tell him about Dre's arrest and to ask for help with the case. Samuel then spoke with his campaign manager, Carl. Carl was worried about the election, but Samuel snapped that he did not care about politics."

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