07/17/2008 Annie Faints

"Annie told Zach the wedding ring did not belong to her, but quickly changed her mind when Zach looked suspicious. Annie said she lost the ring, but Zach found it at a pawnshop. He even told Annie the sales clerk's description of the woman who sold it matched Annie perfectly. Zach figured Annie sold the ring to pay off Richie. Annie told Zach to leave the issue alone. She said Ryan got his memory back and they could be a family again. Zach asked Annie to be truthful about her wedding ring, and Annie admitted she did pawn the ring to give Richie money. Annie said Richie told her horrible stories about what would happen if he went back to prison. Annie said she and Richie got into an argument at the hotel room and he hit her with the beer bottle. Zach asked Annie to tell him the truth because he did not believe her story. Annie heard Richie's voice in her head pushing her to tell Zach she had murdered him. Before Annie could get the words out, she fainted in Zach's arms.

Ryan found Tad playing with electronic miniature sailboats in a pool. Tad said the toys were for Kathy, who was away at camp. Ryan said he got his memory back after rescuing Greenlee. Ryan said it felt great to remember his life again, but it had been particularly good for Annie. Tad and Ryan decided to have a little fun racing the boats. Ryan said he thought getting his memory back would help him, but it was only making his life more complicated. Tad told Ryan to take life slowly instead of rushing into big decisions.

Kendall told Greenlee that Ryan was fine. Greenlee was relieved because she called Ryan her "hero." Kendall told Greenlee that Ryan's memory came back after he rescued Greenlee. Greenlee figured life was finally working out for everyone since Ryan remembered his love for Annie. Kendall said Annie was not the right woman for Ryan. Greenlee said Annie was handling a lot in her life, such as Richie's death. Kendall said Annie sold Zach out to the police. She explained that Annie told Jesse that Zach assaulted Richie, which made him higher on the suspect list. Greenlee said she did not want to dwell on anger towards anyone ever again. It had given her the strength to forgive Kendall and Aidan for their betrayal. Greenlee said she was very happy with Aidan so Kendall decided not to tell Greenlee that Ryan loved her. When Greenlee saw Ryan at ConFusion, she rushed into his arms and said Kendall had told her everything.

Fletcher came to pick up Randi, but Jesse said Randi had already left. When Fletcher tried to leave, Jesse grabbed his arm and flung him into a chair. Jesse told Fletcher that he did not want him parading any more prostitutes around Pine Valley ever again. When Fletcher showed no interest in leaving town, Jesse said he would arrest Fletcher. Fletcher said Jesse had nothing to charge him with, but Jesse snapped that he would find something to keep Fletcher at the police station. Jesse went home and found Angie worried about Frankie's relationship with Randi. Jesse said Fletcher was not going to be a problem because he was going to jail. Jesse told Angie not to worry about Frankie because he was a smart man.

Frankie was waiting for Randi as she sneaked out the back of the police station. Frankie said Fletcher was going to come after her, but Randi did not care. To keep Randi safe, Frankie offered her $100 for some time. Randi and Frankie went to a hotel room. Frankie just wanted to talk, but Randi was quick to put the moves on him. Frankie said he was not interested in having sex with her. He just wanted to find out more about her. Randi started to walk out of the room after she got frustrated with Frankie's endless questions. When Frankie grabbed Randi's arm, she smacked him across the face. Frankie left information for employment and a key for a safe place to stay if Randi wanted it. He said he would not try to help her again, and left."

- Soap Central