07/16/2008 Samuel Visits Erica In Prison

"Zach nonchalantly asked Kendall if she was going to work. She wondered how he could act like nothing was wrong. She reminded him that Annie almost got him arrested. He assured his wife that everything was fine. She wanted Annie to pay for telling Jesse that Zach murdered Richie. Zach noted that Annie did not blatantly blame the murder on him. Kendall felt that it was wrong of Annie to imply that Zach was guilty. Zach said that the issue was Kendall did not believe he was innocent. She swore that she trusted him. He then admitted that he did not tell Kendall all of the details. He described how he beat Richie in prison. Still, he vowed that he did not kill Richie, even though he wanted to. Kendall promised that she believed in his innocence. He urged her to let go of her angst for Annie. Kendall said that she would try.

Ryan told Annie that he remembered the last four years of his life. Annie was skeptical at first. So, Ryan recounted many of the moments they shared in the past. She was ecstatic and asked if he remembered loving her. He diverted the question by telling her about Greenlee's accident on the sailboat. Annie claimed that she was glad Greenlee was safe. Annie asked him again if he remembered loving her. Just then, Emma entered. The little girl said that she saw Richie on the television. She wondered where her uncle was. Ryan explained that he was in heaven.

Emma left the room. Annie thanked Ryan for saying that Richie was in heaven. Ryan stated that Emma did not need to know that he really thought Richie was in hell. Annie asked a third time if Ryan recalled his love for her. He claimed that his emotions were too complicated to explain. She said that he could show her how he felt and she kissed him. Her phone rang and she answered. Zach demanded that she meet him at Cambias. So, she lied to Ryan and said that she had to go to work early and left.

Annie went to Cambias. She walked into Zach's office and inquired why he wanted to see her. He placed her wedding ring on his desk. She looked nervous.

Ryan ran into Kendall while they were both getting coffee at a restaurant. Ryan shared the news that he recovered his memory when Greenlee had her accident. Kendall was thrilled. He apologized for making things difficult for her and Zach while he lost his memory. He stated that he acted inappropriately when he thought that he was in love with her. She told him not to worry, and laughed. She commented that he must feel silly for thinking that he loved her since he could remember loving Annie. He gave her a sheepish look. She realized that he did not love Annie. She also surmised that he was in love with Greenlee, since it was her accident that brought his memory back. Kendall encouraged Ryan to tell Greenlee how he felt about her. He said that he had tried, but she was back together with Aidan. He refused to ruin Greenlee's relationship with Aidan. He demanded that Kendall not tell Greenlee about his feelings for her. Kendall promised not to say anything.

Greenlee and Aidan were on the floor in the living room of Greenlee's penthouse. They were naked while they rolled around in sheets. As they kissed, Greenlee gushed about how happy she was to reconcile with Aidan. He apologized for his past mistakes, but she told him to stop. She affirmed that they were starting with a "clean slate."

Jake walked into the penthouse and saw Greenlee and Aidan kissing on the floor. Jake seemed disturbed and turned to leave. Greenlee yelled out for Jake to stay. Greenlee and Aidan got dressed. Greenlee talked to Jake and urged him to continue living with her. Jake said that three was a crowd. Greenlee joked that they could be like "Three's Company." Jake agreed to stay.

While Jake was taking a shower, Greenlee divulged that she wanted to hook Jake up with a woman. Aidan warned her against this, but she was determined. Jake entered the room. Aidan asked if Jake wanted to join him at the gym. Jake stated that he hated working out. Greenlee then proclaimed that she wanted everyone in her life to be as happy as she was. She told Jake that she wanted to hook him up. Jake told her not to do it and went to the gym with Aidan.

Kendall went to see Greenlee. Kendall announced that she had to tell Greenlee something about Ryan.

Cassandra and Dre were at a restaurant eating breakfast. Cassandra was very upset about the hit and run. Dre tried to console her. He said that if they got caught, he would take the blame. He told Cassandra that he would lie and say that he was the only person in the car the night that Richie was killed. Cassandra did not want Dre to take the fall. Still, she was touched that he would cover for her. Dre noted that his father gave him good advice-never let a woman down that you care about.

Colby was staring at Adam's bar as she recalled the night of the hit and run. JR saw Colby by the bar and began chastising her. He was worried that Colby had a drinking problem because she was acting oddly. Colby snapped that she was fine. JR explained that the Chandlers and alcohol were a bad mix. He reminded Colby that he, Skye, and Hayley were all alcoholics. He did not want Colby to follow in their footsteps. Colby claimed that she did not have a drinking problem.

JR received a phone call and left the room. Babe told Colby that she considered her to be a sister. Babe said that Colby could count on her if she ever wanted to talk about her problems. Colby thanked Babe and noted she was a good sister.

JR told Babe that he "scared Colby straight." JR was sure that Colby would not drink anymore. Meanwhile, Colby poured herself a shot of Vodka and drank it.

Samuel went to see Erica in prison. She asked why he was visiting her. He stated that he was on official government business. He explained that the governor was very impressed with Erica's show from jail, so the governor spoke to the warden and got Erica an early release. Samuel exclaimed that Erica was free. She said that she did not want to leave yet. He called her bluff and stated that he would let her stay for the rest of her sentence. She then admitted that she was very eager to get out of jail. She thanked him for all of his help.

After Samuel left, Erica told the guard that she was being freed. The guard brought Erica back to her cell. A woman was there. The woman said that Erica ruined her life, so she planned on ruining Erica's in return. Erica looked scared."

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