05/21/2008 Jessie & Angie's Wedding

"Jesse paid a pre-wedding visit to his bride to make sure she was ready to get married all over again. Without hesitation, she told him that she couldn't wait to become his wife again. Once he returned to his quarters, the duo mirrored each other in frenzied preparation for the ceremony. While Frankie passed the time, amused at his father's behavior, Cassie and Angie found presents in each of their bags, complete with poems from Jesse.

A romantic moment in the Slater foyer was interrupted by Greenlee's arrival. The young woman, who had decided that she would not go to the ceremony alone, begged her friends to confirm that she had succeeded in acting as if all would soon be right between her and her fiancé, despite the fact that her face told a much different story. They appeased her as best they could but when they arrived at the casino a short while later, the overload of wedding paraphernalia got to Greenlee and she made a beeline for the bathroom. Zach promised Kendall that he would try to keep an eye on her best friend before he took off to make sure everything was taken care of. Moments later, Aidan entered the room and Kendall immediately begged him to mend his relationship with Greenlee. Aidan shot back that it was none of her business, but when it dawned on him that she wouldn't let it go, he walked away.

Greenlee rejoined the Slaters but after she found that their conversation quickly came back to Aidan, she excused herself once again. Across the room, her father had a heated conversation with Erica about how Greenlee was betrayed. He promised that he would stay silent unless Greenlee got hurt, in which case all bets would be off.

Guests started to arrive for the wedding, including JR and Colby who revealed the latest concerns about their father to their respective dates, Babe and Dre. Across the room, Ruth and Joe reveled in the fact that Jake had decided to stay for the wedding. Tad then showed up with his wife, who took great delight in the reminder that he would one day walk Jenny down the aisle. He looked around and said that it would be a great day but Dixie, who hovered nearby, said that it wouldn't.

Greg managed to find Opal in the throng of wedding guests and stumbled through a reacquainting of sorts. He then told her that he had visited Jenny the day before with the Hubbards and that they had all found it cathartic. She then pulled him over to Tad, who was quite surprised to see his old friend. Greg was then introduced to the little girl who carried on her aunt's name in appearance and temperament. On the other side of the room, Stuart milled about with Marian as she pointed out that Liza had done so many horrible things to Jesse and Angie. She was worried she wouldn't be welcomed but Stuart assured her that she would be accepted and loved easily.

Tad and his brother stepped away long enough to find that Julia and Kathy had arrived. Julia introduced her little girl to Jake and as Tad swept the little girl up into his arms, Jake heard Dixie's voice in his ear again as she reminded him that Tad needed him. At the same moment, Babe pulled her mother to the side to see if she could find out why Krystal seemed so glum. Krystal admitted that she had been worried about Adam and upset that it was another situation that she could do nothing about.

Aidan wrapped his arms around Greenlee and told her that he could live without kids but not without her. He promised to fulfill his pledge of giving her a great life and then went to get them champagne. At that same moment, Kendall found Jack off to the side and tried to strike up a conversation, but the sight of his former stepdaughter was enough to make him want to find Greenlee. He practically ignored Julia in his quest and when he found Greenlee in tears, he asked her if Aidan was the cause. When she nodded, anger burned in his eyes. When she told him that she brought the tears on herself, Jackson assumed she'd been told about the affair, took her in his arms and told her that she was not to blame for Kendall and Aidan's betrayal. On the other side of the room, Aidan was about to make a toast with Zach and Kendall to his future with Greenlee when the trio was told that the ceremony was about to begin.

Robert talked with his contact via phone to confirm that they would hunt for the diamond once again while the Hubbard family was wrapped up in the wedding. After he confirmed they were all out of the house, Robert went searching for the elusive elephant in the Hubbard residence. When his attempt failed, he realized that Cassie must have it with her, brandished a gun, and announced to no one that he would attend the wedding after all.

Jackson offered to get Greenlee away from the ceremony but she told him that she just needed space to deal with things on her own. He reluctantly granted her wish after he told her that she should call him if needed. After he stepped away, Greenlee turned and saw her fiancé and best friend wave her over to their seats, but failed to maintain eye contact due to the recent revelation.

Jesse secured singer Ne-Yo as a surprise wedding gift to Angie, and Tad wondered how the groom was able to do so. Jesse said that he called in his connections, and Ne-Yo said that after he'd heard the Hubbards' story from Robert, he couldn't refuse. Shortly thereafter, while Colby made fun of Dre as he fawned over Cassie, Frankie tried to keep his father calm as they waited for the ceremony to start. It did just that moments later as Cassie, and then her mother, entered the room. Angie was pleasantly surprised that her wedding song was performed live, and all of the wedding participants seemed aglow. Several friends throughout the room read quotes and poems before the couple exchanged vows. They exchanged rings, and Jesse replaced the one he had given her the first time they were married with a new one. He said that the original one that belonged to his mother represented their love of the past, and the new one-their love of the future. As Greenlee looked sadly upon them, they sealed their marriage vows with a kiss that had built over the course of twenty long years. The guests rose to their feet while unnoticed, Robert slipped in and joined their applause. When the guests started to mill about again, he asked Krystal if the Hubbards had a private room where they kept their things, as he had a gift to leave. She offered to take care of it for him, but as he tried to explain why that wasn't possible, Jenny started to cry, which pulled Krystal away from him.

The Slaters realized that Greenlee seemed to be speechless and assumed it had something to do with the wedding. In her head, Greenlee reminded herself that Kendall and Aidan had sex. Then, after Aidan remarked that Greenlee must be overwhelmed, he asked his fiancée point-blank what thoughts she held, and with somewhat of an icy stare, Greenlee contemplated doing as asked."

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