02/26/2008 Ryan Sees Joe About His Amnesia

"Erica is shocked when she walks into her office at New Beginnings and sees people packing up her belongings. Pam, the producer, explains the network cancelled her show because of her recent financial troubles. Jackson shows Erica her contract with the network, which clearly states it can cancel the show at any time. Erica tells Val to take her makeup back to the dressing room and set everything back up. Jackson agrees that Samuel has targeted Erica because of her celebrity status. But, she bought 10,000 shares of Chandler Enterprises one day before Adam announced he was reacquiring his company, Jackson says. As a result, Erica's shares skyrocketed, she sold her shares and made a $500,000 profit. Samuel stops by to see if Erica has any questions about the charges brought against her. Erica says Samuel has only come after her to try to make himself look good in the public eye. Jackson tries to make a deal with Samuel to spare Erica time behind bars. Jackson suggests Erica take a one year suspended sentence, a $1 million fine, and community service. Samuel counteroffers with a two-year sentence with 18 months suspended with probation, and a $5 million fine. Sam tells Erica she has 24 hours to accept his deal.

Greenlee and Kendall sniff through an array of scents to make a new scent at Fusion. Kendall explains to Babe and Amanda what they should be looking for as they smell the fragrances. Greenlee blends a few different flowers and vanilla to show Babe and Amanda how simple perfume can be made. A few handsome men show up at Greenlee's request, but she is tightlipped about what they will be doing. As Amanda and Babe try to find the perfect "Charmed" scent, Greenlee tries to calm a very nervous Kendall down. Kendall says she does not want to go to the book signing. Greenlee says it would be good for Kendall to have some distance between herself and Ryan.

Aidan tells Tad that he has new job, which will require him to be out of town for a few days. Aidan says Zach has hired him to be Kendall's bodyguard while she signs autographs for her book "Charmed." Tad doesn't think Kendall will be in much danger. Aidan reveals that Zach wants to keep an eye on Kendall in case Ryan shows up.

Annie brings Zach a cup of coffee at his office before stopping at Fusion. Annie says that Emma knows Ryan has moved out of the house. She says Ryan was great with Emma as they broke the news about the separation. It made her feel like an old part of Ryan was back. Annie says it makes her mad to see how close Ryan has been with Greenlee and Kendall because they do not share the same connection. Zach says he is confident Ryan's memory will be restored. Annie is not so sure, and even says that she may need to consider divorce. She even wonders if it would have been better if Ryan had not survived the shooting. Annie goes to Fusion and begins helping the other girls make a new scent. Annie suggests they use a scent of white cedar that is mentioned in Kendall's book. Greenlee tells the girls it is time to relax. She leads them to the break room, which has been transformed with stripper poles and disco lights. Max, the instructor, teaches Annie a few moves first. Pretty soon, everyone is breaking into a sweat, swinging around the poles, and throwing their shirts off. Ryan walks in and sees Annie, Kendall, and Greenlee practicing their moves. Annie stops when she sees him staring at Kendall. Kendall and Greenlee rip Ryan's shirt off and push him toward Annie. Annie starts dancing around Ryan, but he continues to be mesmerized by Kendall's moves instead.

Ryan rushes to Joe's office to find out if his memory can be restored. Joe says that doctors are still not sure what has caused Ryan's amnesia. Ryan suggests that the doctors cut him open, if needed, to find a solution. Joe explains that Ryan's brain is not physically damaged, and the amnesia is a psychological condition. Ryan explains that the amnesia is hurting his family so much that Annie threw him out of the house. He even suggests Joe have him admitted to the psychological ward for further evaluation. Joe does not think that is the solution to his problem. Ryan says he can no longer live a life of not remembering his daughter or life with Annie. Joe gets paged to go deliver the news to a pregnant woman that her husband has died. He tells Ryan that although he is going through a hard time, things could be worse. Tad goes to the hospital to check on Joe. He asks his father who transferred Jesse's body to the morgue. Joe receives a telephone call from a person asking about Angie. Joe gives the caller Angie's telephone number at work. The caller jots the number down and sticks it in a folder with articles of Jesse's death.

Zach finds Aidan at ConFusion and tells him that Annie kicked Ryan out of the house. Fearing Ryan will follow Kendall, Zach tells Aidan to keep an extra close eye on Kendall. Zach says he reserved adjoining rooms for Aidan and Kendall. Also, he tells Aidan that he has a security position at the casino that needs to be filled. Amanda and Babe go to ConFusion to cool off."

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