02/25/2008 Ryan Moves Out

"Kendall went to see Erica at Jack's house. Kendall was hesitant to go on her book tour due to Erica's legal problems. Erica encouraged her to go on tour. Erica asked if Zach was going with her. Kendall explained that Zach hired Aidan to be her bodyguard. Erica said that this was a terrible idea and urged Kendall to fire Aidan. Kendall assured her mother that she would be fine with Aidan. Erica disagreed. Erica said that it was a bad idea to be alone with a man that she found attractive. Kendall affirmed that she was not attracted to Aidan and that their tryst was due to grief, not lust. Erica laughed because she found it ironic that Zach hired the man that Kendall slept with to protect her from the man that wanted to sleep with her. Erica strongly advised Kendall to steer clear of Aidan and Ryan. Kendall urged her to deal with her own problems. Erica assured Kendall that her legal problems would be cleared up since it was all a mistake. Erica then accused Samuel of using her fame to gain publicity. As Kendall listened to her mother berate Samuel, she realized that Erica was attracted to him. Erica denied this, but Kendall was not convinced. Kendall stated that Samuel's power and ambition were like "catnip" for Erica. Then, Kendall left and Pam arrived. Erica was excited to tell Pam that she booked Cate Blanchett for her next show. Pam informed her that the network cancelled "New Beginnings."

Zach, Greenlee, and Aidan were at ConFusion together. Greenlee made a toast to Remy, the man that they found dead in the bomb shelter. Greenlee grimly commented that she and Zach were close to sharing Remy's fate. Greenlee proclaimed her gratitude for Aidan and Kendall finding the bomb shelter plans. Still, she thought it was odd that Aidan and Kendall randomly came across the plans. She inquired about how they found it. Aidan looked nervous and snapped at Greenlee. Aidan yelled that he just wanted to forget about the bomb shelter ordeal and stormed off. Zach told Greenlee that it was easy for them to forget how hard it was for Aidan and Kendall while they were missing. Greenlee felt guilty over constantly talking about the ordeal and suggested that they forget their worries by getting drunk. Zach joked that he never turned down a pretty girl or a bottle of tequila. So, they began to take shots and Greenlee became very intoxicated. She told Zach that most of her friends were men, which was difficult because sex usually got in the way. Zach said that she did not have to worry about that problem with him. Greenlee then wondered if they would have had sex in the bomb shelter if they were there longer. Zach looked uncomfortable and poured Greenlee a glass of water. Zach affirmed that what they shared was more intimate than sex. Greenlee agreed. She stated that it felt like they loved each other as she flirtatiously giggled. Meanwhile, Kendall arrived and saw Aidan. Aidan told her about his outburst over the bomb shelter plans. Kendall said that they should lie and claim that they found the plans after she threw something at him. Aidan was not sure if the story would work, but agreed to use it. Then, Kendall admitted that she wanted to check up on Ryan. Aidan thought this was a bad idea. Kendall advised Aidan to watch out for Greenlee because Ryan loved her too. Aidan stated that it would benefit everyone if Ryan regained his memory.

Ryan went to the penthouse. Annie and Ryan wanted to tell Emma together that Ryan would be moving out. Annie asked Ryan to be "the man that she married" while they told their daughter the news. Then, Emma entered and they gently broke the news to her. Emma asked if she did something wrong to make her father leave. Ryan and Annie looked horrified by the comment and assured the little girl that she did nothing wrong. Emma proceeded to ask if Ryan still loved her and Annie. Ryan replied that he loved Emma very much, but made no mention of Annie. Ryan explained that he was not feeling well. Emma kissed his head to help him feel better. Ryan thanked her and professed his love for the little girl. Emma then went to her room to draw a picture for her father. Ryan declared that he did not want to move out anymore. Annie said that he had to because they already decided that it was their only option. Annie then chastised Ryan for not trying to recover his memory. Annie said that he would rather chase after Kendall instead of reconnecting with her. Ryan claimed that he wanted to regain his memory. Ryan then said goodbye to Emma and left. Annie began to sob just as Emma entered the room.

Jesse promised Angie that he would not leave his family again. Angie was glad to hear this. Then, she received a call from Derek. Derek told her about Remy and Angie relayed the information to Jesse. He wondered why Derek would contact Angie about Remy. Angie looked nervous as she divulged that she dated Remy. Jesse was shocked and went outside to clear his mind. When Jesse returned, he told Angie that he was not mad at her for dating another man. Instead, he was irate with the people that made him give up his life. Jesse thought that perhaps there was a connection between Remy's death and his predicament. Jesse said that it was too coincidental that after he took a bullet for Remy, he dated Angie. Jesse questioned Angie about her relationship with Remy. He asked if anything strange happened. Angie remembered that her house was broken into after they broke up, but nothing was taken. Jesse worried that the people after him were the same people that killed Remy. Jesse told Angie to ask Derek for updates on the case. She vowed to help Jesse in any way that she could. Then, they fell asleep together. Jesse had a nightmare about being tortured twenty years earlier by unidentified men.

Richie asked Babe how she convinced JR to be his donor. She divulged that JR volunteered. Richie then asked Babe for a glass of juice. When he drank it, he purposely spilled it on himself. Babe demanded that he take off his shirt, so she could clean it. Richie removed his shirt and Babe left the room with it. Richie quickly called one of his henchmen and told him that there was a change of plans with JR. Babe returned and Richie claimed that the hospital just called him. Richie said that they found another donor for him in Austin, TX. Richie explained that he chose that donor because he did not want to owe JR. Richie further stated that, after his surgery, he was going to make Babe fall in love with him. Babe laughed and commented that he had a big ego. Richie promised that he was going to change his life for the better, so Babe would want him. Babe wished him luck as he kissed her goodbye on the cheek.

JR awoke in a strange room. He was wearing a hospital gown and he was lying on a makeshift hospital bed. JR tried to get up, but he was weak and fell to the ground. One of Richie's henchmen saw JR and put him back in bed while a doctor sedated him. Then, Richie entered and found JR unconscious. Richie boasted that he was going to steal JR's bone marrow and his woman."

- Soap Central