"Ryan went to see Zach at his casino. They played a few friendly games of blackjack as Ryan pitched the idea of starting a charity to Zach. Zach agreed to match the amount that Ryan donated. However, this was not enough for Ryan. He wanted them to move to Africa for three months to help the charity, Doctors without Borders. Zach said no to the trip and Ryan became very agitated. Zach explained that it was not feasible to take the trip because they had families. Ryan accused Zach of thinking he was crazy. Zach denied this and Ryan calmed down. Zach advised his friend to slow down his plans.

Annie went to the hospital to get tested for Richie's bone marrow transplant. When Annie arrived, her brother greeted her with a hug. Annie pulled away and stated that all was not forgiven between them. Richie asked why his sister suddenly changed her mind about getting tested. Annie explained that Ryan had helped her change her mind. Ryan had said that because he got a second chance at life, others should too. Then, she divulged her other reason. Annie demanded that Richie sign a confession for all of his crimes in exchange for her bone marrow. The siblings exchanged glares as Richie refused to sign for fear that he would go back to prison. Then, a nurse informed Annie that it was time for her test. Annie said that she would not need the test and turned to leave. Richie immediately shouted for her to stay.

The guest for Erica's show, New Beginnings, was nowhere to be found. Just then, Jack showed up on set. Jack wanted to speak with Erica about an important matter. When Erica saw Jack, she decided that he would be her guest. He resisted, but she would not take no for an answer. On air, they discussed the obstacles that their family had faced recently. They declared that, despite the tears and turmoil, they were still good friends. After the show, Erica finally asked Jack why he came to speak with her. Jack said he did not have time to talk. Erica stated that they would talk over dinner that night. Erica then walked away before Jack could say yes or no to her dinner date.

Greenlee wanted to go to Fusion, but Aidan insisted that she go to the hospital instead. Angie greeted them when they arrived at Pine Valley Hospital. Angie explained that another patient, Frankie, had symptoms similar to Greenlee's. Then, they all went into Frankie's room. Aidan and Greenlee were surprised to see that Frankie was Quentin. They explained to Angie that Frankie and Greenlee inhabited the same property for a while. Angie wanted to test everyone that spent time on that property. First, Greenlee was tested. The test indicated that Greenlee was healthy, for the moment, but Angie wanted to prevent Greenlee from becoming ill like Frankie. So, Angie admitted her for observation. However, as Aidan called Zach to inform him about getting tested, Greenlee secretly left the hospital. Meanwhile, Angie sat by Frankie's side as he slept. With tears in her eyes, she vowed to find a cure for her son.

Kendall, Babe, Amanda, and Ava were at Fusion. Everyone was very busy working on the upcoming fashion show with Campbell's. As they worked, Amanda put on New Beginnings. Kendall was surprised to see that Jack was a guest. Kendall could tell that her mother was enjoying every minute she spent with Jack. After the show ended, the women began talking about ex spouses and boyfriends. Amanda claimed that once she ended a relationship, she never looked back. Babe thought breaking up was difficult, especially when children were involved. Then, they began to razz Kendall about all of her exes. They found it odd that Kendall maintained friendships with many of her exes. They used Ryan and Aidan as examples of this. When Kendall heard Aidan's name she tensed up and changed the subject. Then, an unknown woman entered the office. She wanted to see Kendall about her book, Charmed. Kendall was confused as to how the woman knew about her book. The stranger introduced herself as an editor and explained that Greenlee had sent her the manuscript. Her publishing company believed the book would be a huge success and wanted to print it as soon as possible. Kendall looked horrified and declared that the book could not be printed. She explained that it was a personal journal entry from when her husband went missing. The editor laughed because she assumed the book was about an affair. Then, the editor gave Kendall her business card and urged her to allow the book's publication. Soon after the editor left, Greenlee entered. Greenlee excitedly inquired if Kendall met the editor. Kendall seethed as she told Greenlee that she wanted to beat her with the book. Greenlee looked shocked."

- Soap Central