02/12/2007 Babe Is Attacked

"The attack on Babe continued. The Satin Slayer injected Babe and she fell to the ground. The killer then stood over Babe and threw gardenia petals onto her face. Meanwhile, Zoe and the cop heard Babe's muffled screams. They rushed back to Babe's car and saw the killer tying a white ribbon around Babe's hand. They tried to run after the killer, but the Satin Slayer got away again. Zoe then comforted Babe as the ambulance arrived. And, before they took Babe away, Babe told Zoe to save her son.

Josh was at the police station. Jack asked Josh why he caused so much trouble for Erica. Josh said he could ask Jack the same thing. Then, Derek got a call about Babe's attack and multiple officers said out loud that the killer got Babe Chandler. Josh heard this and became frantic and rushed to the hospital.

Ryan, Tad, and Zach were still at the warehouse waiting for the killer. Ryan and Tad wondered if this supposed meeting was just a diversion tactic. Still, Zach wanted to wait to be sure the killer would not show up. Then, Tad got a call from Jack stating that Babe was attacked. So, they all left.

Derek, Jack, Ryan, Aidan, and Tad went to the scene of the crime. They saw that Babe's bodyguard was killed with a poison dart. They were alarmed to see that the Satin Slayer was now a cop killer.

JR and Adam were talking at the mansion. JR eluded that he had a secret to tell Adam. Adam assumed JR wanted to discuss his failed marriage. So, Adam asserted that he would help JR get custody of Little Adam. Nevertheless, Adam said he would have to explain everything to Krystal because of their new honesty clause. JR stated there was no honesty in their house. So, Adam asked what Dixie told JR before she died. Then, just as JR began to speak, Krystal came in distraught. Krystal said Zoe called with news that Babe was attacked by the Satin Slayer. However, JR thought this was a trick and refused to go to the hospital with them. Then, Tad came in and asked why JR was not at the hospital. JR was shocked and realized Babe was really hurt. So, they both rushed to the hospital.

Jamie and Amanda were still visiting Janet. Janet explained that a woman could be very dangerous if she was scorned or protecting her child. Janet believed Ethan's mother might blame Zach for her son's death, which resulted in the serial killings. Amanda and Jamie agreed to look into it. Janet then wished she could apologize to everyone for all of her wrongdoings. Then, Jamie got a call from Julia at the hospital. Julia explained what happened to Babe. Jamie and Amanda looked very worried and went to leave. Then, Amanda promised Janet she would visit again. Janet said she would pray for Babe.

Bianca went to see Kendall at the casino. Bianca was annoyed that Kendall told Erica about her friendship with Zoe. Bianca felt Kendall only did this to deflect attention from her. However, Kendall truly believed Bianca and Zoe had a weird relationship and wondered if Bianca had feelings for Zoe. Bianca became even more annoyed because Maggie thought this also. Kendall said this was affirmation that something was going on between Bianca and Zoe. Bianca then claimed that Kendall was channeling their mother with her concern. Kendall resented this statement. Then, Zach came in and looked upset. Zach announced that the killer never met with Ryan because it was a diversion. So, Kendall and Bianca assumed Babe was attacked. They all left for the hospital.

Erica was very perturbed to see Barbara. Barbara claimed she was there to spend time with Sean, but Erica did not believe this. Erica said Barbara was always jealous that the Montgomery brothers chose her. And, Erica stated she was ready to take Barbara on again. Then, Sean came in and gave Erica a big hug and kiss. Sean seemed unhappy to see Barbara as well. Then, Barbara sarcastically asked Erica if she wanted a drink. Erica responded that Barbara needed a brainlift. Then, Lily came in and announced that the Satin Slayer took another victim. Erica and Sean worried it was Kendall or Bianca and rushed off. Then, Barbara inquired about Jack with Lily. Barbara asked if he was okay with the divorce. Lily stated he was working more than ever and smiled less. Barbara suggested they team up to find creative ways to help Jack relax.

Babe was in the hospital and Jeff and Joe tried to help her. Babe's life flashed before her eyes. Babe recalled many happy moments with Krystal, JR, and Little Adam. Meanwhile, everyone showed up to give Babe their support. Zoe told Josh that he deserved Babe, not JR. Zoe further explained about the blackmail. Josh believed Babe would rather die than give up her son. Then, when Josh saw JR they lunged at each other, but everyone pulled them apart. Then, Josh yelled at Zach for not leaving Pine Valley. Josh blamed Zach for Babe's situation and urged Kendall to leave town. However, Kendall refused and defended Zach. Then, Kendall saw Ryan. Ryan claimed Kendall stole his son and wanted him back. Kendall assured Ryan that Spike was safe. Meanwhile, Zoe met Amanda. They consoled each other and could not imagine their lives without Babe. Then, Tad, Jamie, and Aidan decided to look into Ethan's past thanks to Janet's tips. Then, Jeff announced that Babe needed surgery and would be given a pacemaker. As, Babe was wheeled to surgery, Krystal told Babe how much she loved her. Josh asked to observe the surgery and went into the operating room. Then, Josh began to scream no and Jeff threw him out of the room. Josh yelled that JR finally got what he wanted because Babe was dead! Krystal went pale. JR said Josh was scum for saying that. But, Josh screamed that JR never deserved Babe. Still, JR did not believe Babe was dead. Everyone looked stunned!"

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