02/09/2007 Kendall Receives A Note From The Killer

"Ryan demands that Spike come home with him, but Kendall wants the baby to stay with her. Ryan threatens to sue for custody of Spike until the killer is caught. Kendall thinks that she is secure enough at the hotel, but Ryan reminds her that security guards and cameras haven't caught the killer yet. Ryan asks for Zach's take on the situation, but he promises to stand behind the decision Kendall makes. As Kendall and Ryan argue, Tad comes in and announces their plan worked. He shows Ryan the fax from the killer asking to meet in half an hour. Tad quickly informs Zach of the plan he and Ryan came up. Tad, Zach and Ryan decide to go as backup for Ryan, despite Kendall's pleas. Ryan walks into the meeting room, as Tad and Zach hide in corners.

At the police station, Derek tells Jackson Daneille is getting better, but is unable to remember what happened to her before she was attacked. Erica tells Jackson that is worried about the choices Kendall and Bianca are making with their lives. Jackson says he is busy with the murder case, but is sure Erica can handle it. Erica gushes about Bianca and Kendall's problems, but it only catches Jackson's attention when she blurts out that Ryan is the father of Emma. Jackson says that he knows about Zoe living with Josh and spending time with Bianca, but is doing everything in his power to keep Bianca and Kendall safe. Jackson tells Erica that Barbara has been badgering him with phone calls checking on Sean. As officers continue to hand Jackson's messages from the governor, Jackson asks to continue their discussion at their home later on. When Erica goes to their home, she is surprised to see Barbara answer the door.

Amanda and Jamie decide to go visit Janet in an effort to find the Satin Slayer. Janet is thrilled to see Amanda, but Jamie is quick to blurt out that they need a favor. They tell Janet about the killer, who seems sad for all of the victims and their families. Amanda assures her mother she is not in any danger, but Babe is. Janet apologizes to Amanda for hurting her by trying to make Babe her new daughter. Amanda tells her mother that she thought she could get into the killer's mind, but Janet claims she is no longer crazy. Jamie tells Janet that he knows it is painful to go back to the past, but asks her try to Amanda and Babe's sake. Janet says the killer could be motivated by love - not hate - as she was when she became insane. She tells Amanda that she didn't realize the consequences of her actions until Zach paid her a visit in jail, so perhaps the Satin Slayer can't see that he or she is really killing people. Janet asks Amanda if perhaps Ethan's mother blames Zach for the death of her child. Jamie and Amanda look at one another, thinking they may have a new suspect.

Josh goes to the Chandler mansion to find Babe, but Krystal says she has no idea where Babe is. Josh rushes off after Krystal mentions that he should be lucky JR is working at the office and didn't answer the door. Krystal tells Adam that Josh is still pursuing Babe, even though she has told him repeatedly she wants to make her marriage work. Adam is doubtful about JR and Babe's marriage being saved. He tells Krystal that JR has been collecting evidence against Babe for the past few months to use in a possible divorce. Krystal is enraged when she finds out JR has been spying on her. Adam tells Krystal that Chandler men don't forgive so easily, but it was harder to keep everything a secret from her.

After Babe snaps a shot of Zoe planting a kiss on JR, JR tries to snatch the phone from Babe's hand, but Zoe holds him back. Zoe and Babe threaten to show the picture to all the press and the Chandler Board of Directors. Zoe tells JR that if he takes his photo of her and Babe to the public, Zoe will tell them JR wanted a threesome. Babe gets a telephone call from Krystal to let her know that Josh is trying to find her. Babe tells her mother that everything is under control and hangs up. Josh rushes in as Babe asks for another chance with JR. He quickly realizes that JR must have something huge he is blackmailing Babe with. JR encourages Babe to share what he has against her with Zoe and Josh, but Babe is silent. After Josh and Zoe leave, Babe once offers joint custody and her shares of Chandler mansion. JR turns down Babe's offer, even saying that she should have been the one to die - not Dixie. JR sits in his office, thinking about his mother's dying wish to tell Tad he is the father of Krystal's baby. JR goes home to find out that Krystal and Adam have decided to have a "no secrets" marriage. Adam says that if JR confides in him, he will pass it along to Krystal from now on. Krystal tells JR the same goes for Babe. Once alone, JR tells Adam that he needs to inform him of something Dixie said before she died.

Josh and Zoe follow Babe to the parking deck. Babe tells Josh that her whole world is unraveling and having him in the middle of everything only makes it worse. She asks Josh to stay out of her life before he walks away. Babe thanks Zoe for helping her, but Zoe says that is only half of what Babe has given her by accepting her when the rest of the world shunned her. Zoe and the police officer leave as Babe gets in her car with the bodyguard. After Babe buckles her seatbelt, she gets out of the car and finds the bodyguard unconscious on the ground. Babe rushes over and is pulled from behind in a person dressed in all black. Babe screams and fights the attacker with all her strength, but the attacker plunges a syringe in her neck.

Josh rushes off to see Kendall to find out what she knows about Babe and JR's marriage. Kendall says Tad, Ryan and Zach's life is at stake, making her problems more important than Babe. Frustated, Josh says "Thanks for nothing!" and slams the door as he walks out. A casino employee brings Kendall a note, which says "Leave him now or you die!""

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