01/24/2007 Zach Tells The Truth About Emma

"Babe told Krystal she needed a lawyer. Krystal was surprised because she thought Babe and JR were doing well. Babe explained that she needed the lawyer to create a will. Krystal asserted that Babe should not succumb to the killer. Babe promised not to give up, but still wanted to make sure Little Adam was taken care of. Babe then said that she wanted Krystal to be Little Adam's legal guardian. Krystal did not think JR would approve. Regardless, Babe wanted Little Adam to be loved as a Carey, so she pleaded with her mother to watch over Little Adam. Krystal agreed and they hugged.

JR was standing up with a cane when Bianca came in. Bianca asked JR for advice on how to forgive. JR was surprised by this request. So, Bianca explained that she was having trouble forgiving Maggie and she wanted to know how JR forgave Babe for cheating on him. JR said nothing and Bianca realized that JR did not forgive Babe. JR said he may never forgive Babe. Then, JR explained that Kendall came over trying to break up his marriage for Josh. Bianca stated that Josh would not have to ask for Kendall's help if Babe wanted him. JR agreed. Bianca also stated that Maggie and Babe chose them and wondered if they deserved a second chance. JR seemed convinced and Bianca left. Then, Babe came in to say goodnight. JR then kissed Babe.

Jamie and Tad went to the warehouse. They saw the portrait of Kendall with the dart and realized the killer was just there. Then, they heard a noise and went into the next room. There they found TV's for surveillance and magazine clippings. They also found a note that said, "Next time!" Then, Jamie felt something was wrong because if the killer wanted to torture Zach, Kendall would be the last to die. And, it seemed like the killer was skipping over Babe. Tad wondered why Babe would be spared and then concluded that David might be behind the killings!

Kenny walked into Danielle's hospital room and Aidan grabbed him. Kenny was shocked and tried to break free. Kenny was carrying a framed picture of Erin and Simone and a bouquet of flowers. Derek and Jack then came in and interrogated Kenny. Kenny claimed he just wanted to comfort Danielle. Kenny explained that he was part of the team that founded Fusion. However, no one was convinced. Then, Jonathan arrived and grabbed Kenny. So, Jack took Jonathan outside to calm him down. Jack proceeded to tell Jonathan not to interfere. Jack understood what Jonathan felt and swore to save Jonathan from becoming his old self again. Jack also vowed to catch and convict the killer. So, Jonathan promised to back off. Then, Kenny was released and Derek told Livia to join Danielle in Hawaii. Livia was more than happy to do this. Meanwhile, Jack received a phone call stating that Zoë was released from prison.

Emma told Kendall that she wanted Spike to be her brother and Ryan to be her father. Kendall looked concerned, so she asked the nanny to take Emma and Spike to the casino's playroom. Then, after the kids were gone, Kendall accused Annie of using Emma to get Ryan. Annie denied this and claimed Emma's comments were innocent. Annie then stated that although Kendall chose Zach, she still wanted Ryan waiting in the wings. Kendall stated this was false. Kendall then apologized to Annie for coming on too strong and left the room. Meanwhile, Annie found Emma and explained that Spike and Ryan were just their friends.

Zach asserted that Emma was Ryan's daughter. Ryan was confused and Josh pretended Zach was confused from the drugs. Zach, however, proceeded to tell Ryan that Kendall and Josh ran a DNA test to prove Ryan was Emma's biological father. So, Josh stopped denying the truth. Just then, Kendall entered and asked to talk to Ryan about Spike and Emma. Kendall said she was concerned that Emma had become too attached to Spike. Then, Kendall saw Zach and realized something was wrong. Josh and Ryan admitted they drugged Zach and that Zach said Ryan was Emma's father. Kendall was outraged and tried to claim that Zach was confused, but Ryan did not believe her. Ryan then asked Zach how he could keep his child from him. Zach stated that he felt Kendall was wrong in hiding the truth. So, Ryan demanded that Kendall confess, so she did. Kendall admitted that Ryan was Emma's biological father!"

- Soap Central