01/23/2007 Zach Is Drugged

"Babe protected Zarf from J.R. who visited him in jail. J.R. said he was just protecting his family and he had to see for himself if Zarf was a threat. Zarf told Babe that Bianca believed him and no longer thought he was a murderer.

Back at home, Babe told J.R. how happy she was that he gave Zarf a chance and that he believed her about Zarf. She said she was optimistic about things and that one step at a time they would be fine. Of course, Babe missed the conversation that J.R. and Adam just finished that plotted Babe's expulsion from the mansion complete with no custody for Little Adam.

Jonathan saw Maggie and Bianca at the boathouse and he told her (Maggie) that he was very sorry and she need not fear him anymore. He said he didn't expect forgiveness because he couldn't forgive himself and he left. Maggie cited all the things they had been through together, but a tearful Bianca told her she couldn't use others mistakes to make up for her own.

After his escape from the storage facility, Zach and Kendall went to the casino where Kendall said she would give into his safety demands. He told Kendall that he wanted her stay at the casino and not return to the condo. Kendall asked Zach if he found any clues at the storage place and he showed her the love letters signed "R". Ryan showed up and told Kendall that Spike was in a room waiting to see her. She ran out to go see her son and Ryan asked Zach what he found he didn't want Kendall to know about. Zach told Ryan about the note that said, "She's dead." Josh arrived, hit Zach and gave him a shot of truth serum. They asked him easy questions at first like his name and then began asking about the storage unit contents. As the serum began to take effect, he told them about the portrait of his mother with Kendall's face. Ryan continued to push Zach for information saying that he was doing this to protect Spike. Ryan told Zach that he knew he wanted Spike to be safe too because he cared about him and Zach replied that he cared about both of his Ryan's children.

At the hospital, Livia sat in her hospital gown pretending to be Dani while she, Aidan and Di played poker. Derek and Jack stopped by before visiting hours ended and thanked them for what they were doing. Later that night, the guard outside Dani's room left and someone immediately approached the door."

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