04/07/2006 Kendall's Baby Shower

"At New Beginnings, Erica stirs pills into a water pitcher as Greg waits on the set of the show. She carries the poisoned pitcher to a table beside Greg, as the crew tests the lights that are glowing on him. As Ryan looks for Erica, he sees Greg sip a glass of the deadly water, with Erica by his side, on a television monitor in her office. Erica comes to the office to meet Ryan, where he claims to know what Erica is up to. Ryan figures Erica is going to publicly humiliate Greg, which will only anger Kendall. Josh walks in when he overhears her telling Ryan she will not reveal Greg's dirt. She asks Josh to leave and he doesn't put up much of a fight. She rushes out when she sees Josh pour himself a glass of water, leaving Ryan puzzled. Josh nearly puts the cup to his lips, but Erica takes the water from his hands. She tells Greg that Josh's presence brings back horrible memories, so Greg asks his son to leave. Ryan watches from sidelines when the show begins. While he is speaking, Greg continues to look flushed and pats his face with a cloth. He talks about how he decides who is worthy of having a child or not, based on years of experience. When Greg gets out of the chair, he stumbles forward and passes out. Josh rushes to Greg's side to performs CPR, but Greg is not breathing.

Tad jokes that Di must have a secret affair going on, but she tells him the room is reserved for a VIP customer. Di goes outside, but Tad sneaks past her and decided to check out the fancy room himself. Dixie calls Zach from the bathroom, but he can barely hear her whisper so she hangs up. On the other side of door, Tad relaxes on the bed and finds some pearls in the drawer. Di offers to take them to the front desk, incase the last customer left them behind. Tad inquires about checking out the bathroom, but Di insists they go to the lobby. When she falls on the bed, Tad pounces on top of her and even suggests they test the bed out. Di is not comfortable with the situation, but Tad tries to kiss those thoughts away. Finally, Tad gives up when Di suggests she play hooky and they finish the rest of their day elsewhere. When Tad opens the door, Zach is on the other side, thinking Dixie has been found. Di quickly rushes over, as Zach pretends to grill her for disobeying his rules. When she leaves with Tad, Zach asks Dixie why she does not reveal herself and stop putting herself through an emotional rollercoaster. He brings up Dixie's lack of help with Kendall's situation, thinking she doesn't care about anyone except herself. Zach is sure the secret will come out, especially since David, Del and Di know she is alive. Dixie is certain Greg will give her the answers she needs, allowing her to leave town. Zach puts pressure on Dixie to reveal how Greg is involved with the daughter she lost, but she gets distracted when Greg and Erica pop on her television screen.

Kendall, Dixie and Zach watch as Josh calls for an ambulance on the television. Kendall rushes out of her house as Dixie tells the television that Greg can't die.

Tad and Di go to the park to fly a kite, giving him the chance to ask Di about working at New Beginnings. Di is happy with her job and unlike Tad, does not think Zach is such a bad guy. Di does not have much luck with her kite flying - it gets stuck in a tree when the string breaks. Tad pulls out a ring box and places it in Di's hands. She is stunned to find a sparkling diamond engagement ring. Tad formally asks Di to marry him, but she says no.

Kendall is shocked by Jonathan's and Lily's surprise baby shower. Lily can see Kendall's uneasiness, but she just pretends to be surprised. Jonathan is worried that Kendall does not like the shower because he helped plan it. He tells Kendall that he wanted to make Kendall like him and offers to leave when Kendall is silent. Lily tells Jonathan if he goes, the shower will not have enough people there. Jonathan offers to never see his nephew in person to make Kendall happy, but is positive Ryan will be an excellent father. To make Lily happy, Kendall agrees to open some presents. Jonathan hands her gifts he bought - a yellow lamp with a base shaped like a duck and a stuffed animal. Kendall remembers signing the adoption papers as Lily and Jonathan hand her sunglasses to protect the baby's eyes. Kendall thanks them for the party, but asks to be alone so she can get some rest. When Kendall takes the decorations outside to the trashcan, she gets a visit from Jackson and blurts out about Lily and Jonathan's relationship.

Lily and Jonathan go back to the tree house to celebrate their shower going as planned. They think Kendall likes Jonathan now, upping their chances that Erica and Jackson will too. From below, Jackson demands that both of them come down from the tree house."

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