04/06/2006 Jonathan & Lily Plan A Surprise

"Di shows up at Dixie's room at the casino, visibly angry that her sister is still in town. Though she has enough sense to be sheepish about reneging on her word, Dixie tells her sister that she can't reveal her reasons for staying. In trying to figure it out, Di notes that even though David has uncovered her secret, he can't be the reason Dixie is risking everything by staying put. Dixie confirms that much but refuses to budge on anything further. Di refuses to accept that as a final answer. Dixie promises that once she takes care of things, she will honor the original agreement. When she does, Di will be able to continue to live her life as she chooses. Di admits that she is hoping for as much, but doesn't have faith that things will go that smoothly. She believes that because David thinks he has a good shot of being with Dixie again, it is a very real possibility that he is out and about Pine Valley, telling everyone what he knows. She tells Dixie that David has asked her to help convince Dixie to run away with him, but Dixie replies that David is being foolish and they should let him. Di says that perhaps she is the fool, and starts to leave. Dixie draws her back by apologizing and saying that she never meant for things to end up the way they have. Suddenly, Di blurts out that she and Tad are engaged and Dixie has to take a moment to compose herself. She then says that she would be lying if she said she didn't care about the news of their engagement. Di tells her that the engagement is why David thinks she will help him. Dixie reminds her sister that she is safe because isn't going to reveal herself to Tad - ever. She then starts to suggest that some of the fault lie with her sister because she didn't react properly when Janet proclaimed that she was alive. This infuriates Di, because so much more - like Janet having seen her at the Mardi Gras ball, and David running into her - is directly linked to Dixie and her carelessness. Dixie tries to apologize again, but Di has had enough. She makes it clear that the life she has in Pine Valley is finally her own, and she is risking it all for some phantom reason that she isn't privy to, one that sets her up to look like the bad guy again. She thinks it might be best for her to put an end to this once and for all. Dixie asks for trust from Di, and the irony elicits a raucous laugh. Knowing it is unfair, Dixie tells her sister that what she has to do cannot be passed off to anyone else and pleads with her to continue to keep her word.

Erica runs into Tad at the hospital and demands to know when Jeff Martin plans to return to town. Unfortunately, Tad doesn't have any good answers, as it seems that one minute it had been decided that Josh would remain in the dark, and the next his father announced that his brother would be coming home. Erica is frightened that both Joe and Jeff plan to undermine her wishes and reveal that Josh is indeed their son, effectively destroying everyone's life. Erica is convinced that she can talk Jeff out of it, and tells Tad that she plans to be at the airport when his brother arrives. Tad tells her that he isn't sure when Jeff will get to Pine Valley, having been delayed in Kenya. In addition, he tells her that in the end, nothing either of them say or do will make much of a difference - with Jeff being a stand-up kind of guy, he will decide what he wants to do on his own. Erica looks slightly hurt, and asks if Tad now believes that she should tell Josh how they are connected. Tad says that he doesn't want to tell her what to do, but that he is starting to think that telling the truth might not be such a bad idea. Erica seems flabbergasted, but Tad quickly reminds her that all of the secrets that their combined families have tried to hide have blown up in one way or another despite their best efforts. Erica believes that even though Tad doesn't agree - he has some sway with his father and brother that could make the threat of the truth coming out disappear. Tad tells her that it was one thing when Josh was planning to leave town, but now that he is staying, working at PVH for his grandfather, it's a whole different story. In addition, even though he promised to keep her confidence, other people - like Greg Madden - didn't promise and could affect everyone's life if they so choose. Darkly, Erica notes that Greg won't be a problem, but in trying to come to a resolution, Tad misses that turn, tells her that she can't be sure, and then says that he will do the best he can.

Jonathan and Lily meet in the tree house again and Lily reveals that she found the spare key to Kendall's condo. Lily assures Jonathan that no one saw her looking for the key, and that Kendall isn't aware that it's missing. The look on Jonathan's face puzzles her but he explains that he really is excited about their plans. They review their list and cross off the things that they have already taken care of. Then they talk briefly about how glad they are to have a real friend in each other. Lily tells him about how the people at her other school were nice, but that they didn't act like she thought a friend should. In turn, Jonathan talks about how his bad home life affected his ability to have friends growing up. Lily finishes his thought - saying that if other kids in his school went to his house, they would find out that his dad hit them - and this both startles and pleases Jonathan. When she inquires into why, Jonathan tells her that doing such things makes them best friends. He thanks her again for helping him plan Kendall's surprise, saying that he couldn't be successful without the help of his best friend. Lily tells him that once, her father said that the best marriages were when the husband and wife were also best friends. Confused, Jonathan then asks her if that meant she wants to marry him. Lily reminds him that she has 28 days until her 18th birthday, and that they agreed to table the discussion until then. He asks her if she'd been thinking about it and, as best friends, she admits that she had. Given that, Jonathan tells her that he will go back to waiting until she brings it up again. All business again, Lily tells him that it is time to implement their plan, and gives him some directives before they go.

Ryan shows up at Kendall's condo just as Jack knocks on her door. After tersely observing that Kendall isn't home, Jack prepares to leave. Before he can, Ryan admits that he could use some help. Jack can't fathom how he could be of assistance to any Lavery, but Ryan quickly tells him that he would like pointers on how to be a father. He tells Jack that he has always respected the way Jack's kids come first. Over the past year, Ryan notes that he has come to learn things about himself that he never expected - most importantly, that he could love a child of his own. Jack makes a quip about what a shame it is that he didn't figure it out earlier. Ryan thinks about how he screwed up every day, and can't imagine who he was that he could ever ask Greenlee to give away their child or never get pregnant. He then notes that he knows Jack hasn't forgiven him, and he just wanted to make it clear that he can never forgive himself for treating his daughter so carelessly. Jack manages to soften a little, and thanks Ryan for backing him in his decision that Lily and Jonathan should stay apart. Ryan quickly confirms his agreement, and adds that Jonathan made a promise that he would honor Jack's wishes. Jack finds himself pleasantly surprised that Ryan wants to actively parent his son, and wishes him all the best in this second chance. He then reveals that he stopped by to see Kendall because they never had the chance to clear the air after Greenlee left town. He wants to attempt to make things right because he considers Kendall his daughter as well. He asks Ryan where her head is at with regard to the child, and Ryan admits that he doesn't know. He informs Jack that the last time that he spoke to Kendall, they were on completely different pages. Regardless, he is determined to raise his son, and if he has to, he will fight Kendall for that privilege. Jack tells Ryan that Lily can very easily tell him that Jack isn't the perfect father, but one hard and fast rule is to always love your kids. He goes on to say that there are times that parents need to do things for their children, and that those things will make their children angry. Ryan asks what to do in a situation like that, and Jack tells him that you just need to let them know that they are still loved. He then tells Ryan that this baby is part of their combined family, and that both he and Kendall need to remember that they aren't alone - that he and Erica will be more than willing to help them along the way. Ryan expresses his appreciation, saying that he definitely wants them to be a part of his son's life.

Kendall arrives at the hospital as Greg is packing up his things in preparation to check out. He tells her that his attorney dropped off the adoption agreement earlier, and that she can feel free to take as much time as she needs to review it. She takes the document, but seems more hesitant than he expected she would. He attempts to confirm that she still wants to go through with the adoption and she agrees - but also admits that it feels wrong to sign the contract without Ryan being in the know. He tells her that she needs to make peace within herself that she is doing the right thing by her son. Once she does, he assures her that he will take care of Ryan for her, as promised. Kendall wants to know how he plans to convince Ryan, but all Greg will say is that although Ryan is reasonable and believes he is doing the right thing - they both know that it will only add to his problems. Greg promises that because of his previous experience, he will have no problems following through. He offers her a pen and just as he asks if she is ready to sign, she gets kicked hard by the baby. She says that she thinks that perhaps her son somehow knows he is being talked about, and Greg soothes her by saying that she has been a good mother thus far and her son is growing healthy inside her. This gives her a moment of pause, and she blurts out that perhaps she can't go through with the adoption after all. Greg asks if there is anything he can do to help her with her decision, and instead of answering him directly, she tells him about the three-way conference between Ryan, Zach and her mother that she ran into the other day. She tells him that those three have never agreed on anything before in their lives and yet - now they are all on the same team and it's not hers. Greg tells her that although she has some tough decisions to make, it's one she will have to make after listening to her heart. To help her out, she asks if he believes that the Rivingtons will give her son a good home. He tells her that he does, and asks if she needs more information on them. She reminds him that she read the file but he confesses that he has additional information that was mistakenly not included. He gives her a brief rundown of the trials the couple has gone through to this point, the last instance almost killing the wife. Kendall doesn't get why a woman would put herself through so much heartache and pain, and Greg tells her that their feelings aren't much different than Greenlee's - feeling that life isn't complete until you are a parent. Kendall thinks over all of the information, and then, before she can make any further move to sign the papers, Ryan bursts into the room. Kendall offers up that she stopped by to see when Greg would be having office hours again. The subject of the adoption quickly comes up, and Greg suggests that he and Ryan talk alone. Ryan denies his request, saying that he is glad Kendall is here because he wants to clear a few things up. He says that he knows Kendall is still considering adoption, but as far as he is concerned the subject is off the table. Greg tries to interject that it is perfectly within Kendall's rights to consider the option, but Ryan tells them that he has considered it as well, and summarily rejected it. His preference would be to raise the child with Kendall, but if she declines - he will raise his son, because there is no way he will ever sign away his parental rights. Kendall, furious that he is stepping all over her decisions, insists that Ryan will not be raising the child on his own. After noting that he won't be taking orders from her anymore than she will take them from him, he tells her that regardless of her decision, he will be raising his son - the fact that she gave him parental rights assures him of that. He then rips into Madden, saying that after the baby is born, his services will no longer be needed. Kendall interrupts, saying that Ryan doesn't have the right to claim the child - but he reminds her that he doesn't have to: the child is his. With that, he takes off, leaving Kendall veritably shaking in her shoes. She announces that she is sick and tired of having her opinions ignored. Greg tells her that he can grant her wishes, with or without Ryan's consent. She thinks but for a moment longer, hastily signs the papers and leaves the room.

Tad turns and takes his leave just moments before Josh returns to the nurses' station and confronts Erica yet again. Although she tells him that they have said all they need to say to each other, Josh dares to disagree by noting that they share the love of talking. He tells her that he hopes she hasn't returned to bother his father some more because he is fully prepared to protect him from her. Erica tells him that Greg welcomed her company, but what is unwelcome is his harassment of her every time they come into contact with each other. Josh tells her that he believes her visits to his father are harassment, but Erica simply tells him that it'd be best if he just avoid her when he sees her. Josh is unfazed by the perceived threat, and asks if she'll put him over her knee if he doesn't obey at the moment that Jack exits the elevator. Having overheard his last comment, Jack makes it clear that should Josh continue to bother Erica, he will have no problem knocking Josh down a peg or two on the ego scale. Josh isn't scared of Jack either, and trades sharp words with him easily. Erica interrupts them, saying that it is more important for Jack to keep his doctor's appointment than to get into anything with Josh. Jack barely gets his anger back in check before leaving. Once gone, Erica warns Josh to stay away from her and her family. He says he will do as she asks when she stays away from his father. Erica tells him that not only does she not take orders from him, she is at the hospital to escort Greg to the studio to tape his appearance on her show. With that, she haughtily walks away, leaving Josh to eat his words.

Erica shows up at Greg's room, set to be his escort to the studio. Practically spilling over with glee, Greg follows her eagerly, unaware that his exit is witnessed by Ryan.

David ambles down the hallway and crosses paths with Tad. Unable to resist the urge, he draws Tad in with a few barbs. He then says that he wants to congratulate Tad, and that when he is through, Tad will want to congratulate him. David says that he heard about his recent engagement and wanted to pass on good wishes. Tad thinks that's the sum total of what he'll have to hear from David, tells him to not expect an invitation and starts to walk off. David stops him, and cryptically says that Tad shouldn't act like a sore loser just because "she" liked David better anyway. Tad asks who he's referring to, but David smugly declines to answer. He then tells Tad that he needs to congratulate him on his new life. Tad says that he would gladly do so if it involved David leaving Pine Valley. David tells him that he might do just that, and when he does, Tad will never know how pathetic his life with his Dixie wannabe is in comparison. Tad tells David that he won't give him a second thought should he up and disappear, but David tells him that knowing what he knows is good enough. Without revealing any part of his hand, David retains his smug smile and continues down the hall, leaving a confused Tad behind.

Kendall arrives home to find Lily and Jonathan waiting for her as a surprise. They have decorated her place and brought gifts, all in honor of the baby.

Di is incensed that Dixie still wants to remain hidden, perhaps at the expense of her relationship with Tad. She gives Dixie one more chance to come clean about what is keeping her in town, and when she doesn't give an inch, Di goes to storm out. She is stalled, however, when she opens the door and finds Tad directly on the other side. She is sidelined when he asks what she'd been doing."

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