04/03/2006 Tad Announces His Engagement

"David pays Di a visit. He tells her that if she cooperates with him, she will be able to live happily ever after with her one true love. David goes on to talk about seeing Dixie. Di refuses to confirm anything. She continues to pretend as if she believes that Dixie is dead but is rattled when David describes what Dixie wore when she went to JR and Babe's funeral. He asks her to not talk badly about him to Dixie and to keep his role in the whole Dixie impersonation to herself. Before he leaves, David drops the bombshell that Dixie has decided to stay in town. Once David leaves, Di yells for Del to come downstairs. When he meets his sister at the bottom of the stairs, Di is quite agitated as she tells him about her visit with David and his claim that Dixie has decided to stay in Pine Valley. Del is surprised but insists that they owe Dixie their loyalty. Di doesn't agree. She feels that Dixie is like a vulture, circling around Di ready to swoop down and destroy her happiness at any moment. She goes on to tell him that there are other people that she owes her loyalty to as well.

JR doesn't believe Janet's claims that Dixie is alive. He's convinced that Janet is trying to play mind games. Janet doesn't give up easily and when JR manages to push her buttons, she fires back by telling him that Babe told her all about her plans to marry JR so that she can get custody of her son get a quick no fault divorce. JR's confidence slips.

Tad stops by to see JR but learns from Babe that he stepped out for a meeting. As he waits for JR to return, Babe and Tad chat. She tells him that she can't quite shake the feeling that something will happen to disrupt their happiness. She feels as if a shoe were about to drop. Tad is sympathetic but reminds her that all the ugliness is past them and that she deserves the happiness she now has. When JR returns home, he's somewhat quiet. Both Babe and Tad sense it but JR distracts them by offering to take little Adam and put him to bed. As he leaves the room, JR asks Tad to wait till he returns. A short while later, JR returns and Tad announces his engagement to Di. Both Babe and JR are happy for him and ask him if they have set a date. After Tad leaves, Babe is in a playful mood. When she runs out of the room, calling for JR to chase her, JR hesitates. He recalls what Janet said about Babe and appears to be pensive.

Julia visits Greg in his hospital room. She pretends to still be trying to deal with the news that she cannot have children and confides to him that her friends have suggested she get a second opinion. When Greg doesn't say anything, Julia goes on to tell him that she has decided not to go to another doctor figuring that Greg is the renowned expert in the field and if he feels that she can't have children then a second opinion doesn't really matter. Greg agrees that she shouldn't put herself through the stress of hearing the bad news twice. Julia then talks about still wanting to have children and asks Greg if he could help her with that. Greg is reluctant. He suggests that she might be wanting to adopt for the wrong reasons. He goes on to say that raising a child to make up for taking Garret's life won't balance things out. Julia plays along but when she leaves his room, she is clearly shaken by the things that Greg said.

Ryan insists to Kendall that he's fully prepared to raise his son. Kendall is resistant to the idea and brings up her recent encounter with Julia. She is convinced that the reason that Ryan is suddenly ready to raise his son without Kendall is because Julia is waiting in the wings to play mommy to their son. Ryan denies any such thing. He tells her that he discussed things with Erin and realized then that he wanted to be a father to his son with or without Kendall. Kendall asks Ryan what he will tell their son when he's old enough to ask about her. Is he going to tell him that Kendall is his mother but that she chose not to have anything to do with raising him? If so, did Ryan consider how that will affect their son? Ryan offers a solution. After Kendall has the baby, Ryan is willing to pack up his family and leave town. Kendall continues to be resistant to the idea of Ryan raising their son, prompting Ryan to suspect that Greg is behind Kendall's attitude. When he voices his suspicions, Kendall denies that Greg Madden has anything to do with her decision. She insists that Ryan is unfit to raise their son and she refuses to consider giving him the option. Ryan warns Kendall that he will not stand by and let Kendall give their child away. He has every intention of raising their son, with or without her approval.

Dixie tells Zach about Katie. She explains that she was not really happy with the doctor that David referred her to and decided to go to Greg Madden because he was the leading expert on difficult pregnancies. Unfortunately, then she had her accident. When she woke up, it was to find Greg standing by her bedside, telling her that she was dying. Katie was born and then she was gone. Dixie is cryptic about what exactly happened but she tells Zach that once she was better she tried to talk to Greg to get some answers. Greg, however, proved difficult to talk to. He had a network of people who helped stonewall her and keep her from talking to Greg. She always ended up being one step behind him and finally lost track of him in Australia. It was a complete fluke that Dixie saw him in Pine Valley. Zach tries to get Dixie to share her secret, specifically what information she wants from Greg but Dixie refuses to tell him anything beyond that Greg is a very dangerous man. Zach reminds Dixie that he needs to know what happened for Kendall's sake but Dixie remains stubbornly silent. All she will say is that Greg is extremely manipulative and has an uncanny ability to convince a person that he has their best interests at heart. By the time one realizes that he only has his own interests at heart, it's too late. She asks Zach to trust her and to make sure that Kendall gets away from Greg Madden immediately."

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