03/31/2006 JR Visits Janet

"Ryan admits to Erin that he is scared he will hurt his son, the way his father scarred him, Erin and Jonathan. Ryan asks Erin if she ever thinks about having children, but she says that it doesn't cross her mind because she just got back into dating. However, she has been thinking about volunteering at The Miranda Center to help people in similar situations. Also, it could be a way to bring closure to her own past, Erin adds. Ryan begins to realize that he can raise his own son without letting his father's actions influence him.

Kendall thanks Zach for his advice on her pregnancy outside of the hospital. Zach figures advice was the least he could do, considering his actions are the reasons she needed advice. When Kendall assumes he is just helping out of quilt, Zach claims he helped because he still loves her. She, on the other hand, is not looking for love again. Zach is glad to hear Ryan and Greg are backing off Kendall, allowing her to make her own choices. Kendall goes back inside, where she runs into Julia. Julia pulls her aside and informs Kendall of Greg's misdiagnosis as a way to make Kendall see how untrustworthy Greg is. Julia claims Greg lied about her medical condition on purpose, but Kendall can only see how he helped Greenlee conceive a child with her help. Julia thinks it is weird Greg is pushing Kendall to give her baby up for adoption and warns her to stay away from him. Kendall goes to Fusion, but can't seem to concentrate on work until Ryan comes in. He wants to be the child's father, even it means doing it alone, but Kendall is not pleased with the idea.

JR goes to see Janet at the mental hospital after she requests to see him. She begins to apologize to JR for her crimes, but he refuses to forgive her. Janet claims she deserves what she got, but JR will need her help in the future. Janet tells JR his mother's loss is the reason he should never have to lose his son again. Janet says that although Amanda may be alive physically, their relationship is ruined. Janet says Dixie forgave her for her crimes and now, she needs to help him as a favor to Dixie. JR gets angered when Janet sings Dixie's praises, but yet threw her death in his face before she was arrested. Janet says she did not mean those mean words - she was just upset and in the end, Dixie "loves" JR. She tells JR that Dixie is still very much alive.

Tad goes to the hospital to seek answers from Joe about Greg's condition, but Joe gets upset when Tad refers to Greg as Josh's "father." Joe feels pressured to keep Josh's paternity a secret and still treat Greg as though he is a friend. Tad understands his father's frustration, but reminds him they promised to let Erica handle Josh's paternity. Joe blurts out that Jeff is going to make a trip to town, which really ticks Tad off. Tad is sure Jeff will be disappointed how Josh has turned out, but Greg thinks Josh's behavior is a result of his upbringing with Greg. Josh comes in to let Joe know he is needed in the emergency room.

Greg tells Dixie he is not dying, but is being taken care of by David. When Greg asks Dixie if she has announced her return from the dead, Dixie says no, but she does have few choice words for him. She calls him revolting, noting that he knows exactly why she is in hiding. Greg threatens to expose Dixie, but if her presence is revealed, his career will go down the tubes. Dixie hides in the bathroom when Tad comes to see Greg. Tad claims Greg's down time will give him a chance to work on his study about the Martin's. When Tad asks for the results, Greg says he has not gotten that far ahead in his research. Greg wishes he and Tad could be friends because after all, they know so many of the same people. When Greg tries to discuss things further, Tad walks out and Dixie comes out of the bathroom. Dixie immediately questions the study Tad mentioned, but Greg ignores it. She wonders why he didn't tell Tad the truth, but Greg claims they have settled their issues. Dixie says their past is far from settled and leaves. She runs into Zach and immediately asks for him to take her home before she does something irreversible. They go to Zach's office where he asks about the relationship Dixie shares with Greg. Dixie refuses to talk about it because it is so personal. Zach pressures her to reveal the truth, for Kendall's sake because Greg is pushing adoption. Dixie tells Zach that he has to get Kendall away from Greg because Greg is the reason she lost her child.

Amanda goes to tell Greg she can't accept his job offer because she is still recovering from Janet's actions. She is worried that he would lose patients and doesn't need his pity because of Josh's actions. Greg offers Amanda the job again, but she does not think she deserves a second chance. He tells her that she has been emotionally abused and perhaps, Amanda should start talking to him during therapy sessions."

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