03/08/2006 Janet Knocks Babe Out

"Adam tells Krystal that she loves her. She reminds him that she married him on purpose in order to provide Babe the opportunity to spend more time with little Adam. Adam continues to insist that he loves her and suggests that Krystal returns the feelings for him. Krystal denies loving him. She tells him she can only think about finding Babe and their grandson.

As Zach and Dixie search the woods in the hopes of finding Amanda, Tad approaches. Dixie manages to hide before he can see her. Tad is suspicious about Zach's presence in the woods. Zach tires to convince him that he's just trying to help find Babe but Tad doesn't believe him. He suggests that Zach's real motive is to find Janet because she's responsible for Ethan's death. Zach is stunned. He had no idea Janet was responsible for the explosion. Tad is sympathetic but insists that Zach leave the search for Janet, Babe and little Adam to Tad and the police. He fears that Zach will only make a bad situation worse as he has every reason to want to see Janet dead. When Jamie calls Tad with news, Tad issues one final warning for Zach to go home and leaves. Dixie emerges from her hiding place and offers Zach her condolences. Unfortunately the blood loss she recently experienced has left her weak. She collapses in Zach's arms forcing him to take her somewhere that is safe.

Amanda tells JR and David about Trevor's fishing cabin but has no idea where it is. Jamie tries looking up lakes on the computer in the hopes of triggering Amanda's memory but none of the names sound familiar. She realizes that Tim may know where Trevor's cabin is located and calls him. Unfortunately, Tim doesn't know it's location either. David suggests that he inject Amanda with a serum that would trigger her memories. Jamie is against the idea but Amanda insists on taking the drug because she feels responsible for Janet's actions. Tad arrives and is furious that Amanda was given the drug. Jamie assures him that he's been monitoring Amanda and she doesn't seem to be having any adverse effects from it. JR busies himself playing on the pinball machine, convinced that Amanda isn't going to remember anything that will help them. He's wrong. The sounds from the machine trigger a memory of a similar sound being made when they walked into the bait shop. She also remembers seeing a sign that gives Tad a clue to work with. After looking up the sign on the computer, he has a fairly good idea where Trevor's cabin is located. By this time, Aidan has joined the group. Amanda insists on joining them as they all prepare to leave but Jamie refuses to let her come along. They explain that she will probably just complicate matters so it would be best if she waited to hear from them.

Kendall has a vivid dream of Zach telling her goodbye in her bedroom. Suddenly Zach turns into Ethan. When Kendall asks him where Zach is, Ethan tells her that he's dead. Kendall refuses to believe it. Ethan tells her that all the Cambias men who hurt her end up dead. He goes on to remind her that Michael hurt her and ended up dead. Ethan hurt her too and he died. Now Zach has hurt her so he too will end up dead. Kendall wakes up and jumps out of bed. After quickly dressing she rushes off to Zach's office and finds it empty. She looks around, hoping to find a clue as to where Zach is. As she searches the office, she notices that Ethan's obituary is on his desk along with a will. When she notices the gun, she becomes concerned. She quickly surmises that Zach intends to kill himself. She doubles her efforts to find Zach when suddenly the door opens and Zach walks into the office. Outside the office, Dixie hides from Kendall and listens as Kendall confronts Zach about her concerns. Zach doesn't deny that he intends to commit suicide. Instead he gives her other possible reasons for having the will, gun and Ethan's obituary out. Kendall doesn't believe him and becomes angry. She tells him that if he intends to kill himself he will be leaving her pain and anger along with his estate. When she questions why she's there and why she cares, Zach admits that he would like to know the answer to those questions as well. Kendall doesn't give it to him. She evades answering by asking him when he plans to leave. Zach gives her another vague answer which frustrates Kendall enough to storm out of the office. Dixie walks in a moment later and quietly closes the door. She calls Zach a liar and promises him that if Kendall hasn't already convinced him not to end his life, she will.

Babe warns Janet that over her dead body will she let Janet anywhere near little Adam much less raise him. Janet isn't impressed. She is more than happy to accommodate Babe if she insists. As Janet rambles on about being little Adam's new mommy, Babe becomes increasingly angry. She starts to yell at Janet, calling her crazy and telling her that Amanda wants nothing to do with her mother. Things escalate until Janet approaches the door. Fearing what Janet will do, Babe picks up the iron skillet and threatens to bash in Janet's head if she goes anywhere near little Adam. Convinced she now has the upper hand, Babe begins threatening Janet until she cowers in a corner, crying about how sick she is in the head. Babe demands that Janet hand over the key to the bedroom that little Adam is locked in. Janet complies and when Babe goes to open the bedroom door, Janet springs into action and knocks Babe out from behind. After she quickly ascertains that Babe is still breathing, Janet begins making plans to leave with little Adam and drags Babe's unconscious body over to the freezer."

- Soap Central