03/07/2006 Krystal Tells Adam She Conned Him

"As Tad searched for some sign of Janet, he was punched in the jaw by David. Frustrated at not finding Babe, David blamed their disappearance on J.R. and Jamie. David told Tad that Dixie was the only one who could help them now. Tad said that Jamie and J.R.'s life went straight to hell after Dixie's death and it was David's fault. David said that he made Dixie happy and Tad said that Dixie only loved him. Tad and David relived the reasons that Dixie left, blaming one another. Tad said he would not stay and grieve Dixie with him. David told Tad that he had already searched the well that Janet had stashed Natalie in and it was empty. Tad, all alone, spoke to Dixie and asked for help. He told Dixie that J.R. was a mess and afraid he was going to lose someone else in his life. Zach and Dixie saw a light and headed toward it unaware it was Tad's flashlight.

Zach offered Dixie a room at his casino and protection from whoever shot her. Dixie told him that J.R. accidentally shot her. Dixie explained that as she lurked outside, J.R. was upset because his son was missing and he shot through the door. Dixie said that Janet was crazy and capable of anything. Dixie insisted that she had to help J.R. find his son, but Zach made her sit down and have some water. Dixie told Zach that she knew how to look for Janet. She said that she had to help find Little A because she knew what it was like to not know where your baby was. Dixie explained that when she went to Europe she was pregnant with a little girl and then she couldn't go on with the story. Zach again told her that he would add his men to the search. Dixie reminded Zach that he wasn't going to get involved in other people's lives. Zach conceded the point and told her she was right, but he would follow her as she looked for Babe and Little A.

J.R. attacked Amanda and demanded to know where Janet was holding Babe and Little A. Derek came in to go over some information with Amanda, and he threw J.R. out. J.R. told Jamie that he couldn't lose his family. He broke down in Jamie's arms. Jamie comforted him and told him to trust them. Amanda made Derek promise not to hurt Janet and to help find Trevor. Amanda looked at a brochure and realized that Janet was holding them at the fishing cabin.

Janet told Babe (while holding a large sledgehammer ) that she and Little Adam were never going to leave the cabin again. Janet explained that this cabin was their new home and how wonderful it will be for the three of them. Babe continued to pretend to be concerned about Janet, but Babe told her that they need food and supplies. Janet showed Babe a wad of cash that she got from raiding the Chandler wall safe. Janet said it was time for dinner and she opened the freezer and visited with Trevor. Janet told Babe not to be afraid of Trevor because she wouldn't let him out until he was ready to play nice. She took out a frozen solid large leg of lamb and set it on the table. Janet rambled on about how the lamb was too frozen for dinner but they could have pasta. Babe kept looking for a chance to club Janet with the lamb leg, and as Janet set the table, she found it. Janet went down and Babe checked for a pulse. As babe checked Janet's pockets for the keys, Janet grabbed her. Janet told Babe that she had given her hope that they could be a family. Babe told Janet that she couldn't just lock people up when she felt like it and Janet said why not, they do it to me. Babe called Janet crazy and Janet said she would get what is coming to her. Janet still wouldn't let Babe see little Adam and Babe asked Janet what kind of mother she was. Janet told Babe that she was Little Adam's new mother.

Adam tried to calm Krystal down, but she shunned him. Adam asked what he could do to make it up to her and Krystal told him to bring home Babe and Little Adam. Krystal told Adam the whole truth about how their marriage came to be. She told him how she conned him to get him to marry her. She said that she married him on purpose so that Babe could have her son. A very confused Adam tried to put it all together saying that Krystal was as drunk as he was when they got married. Krystal told Adam that when Babe and Little Adam returned, she was gone. No more marriage no more anything. Adam said he would not let her out of the marriage because he loved her."

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