02/22/2006 Amanda Defends Janet

"Josh warns Tad to stay out of his life. As the two trade words, Joe is standing nearby listening. After Josh walks away, Tad turns to talk to Joe. He is surprised that Joe seems so accepting of Josh and the things that Tad suspects him doing. Joe reminds Tad that regardless of what Josh may or may not have done, he is family. He goes on to tell Tad that he sees quite a bit of Jeff in Josh. Tad realizes that Joe wants the truth to come out about Josh and warns Joe that it's not their secret. Erica clearly did not tell Josh that he is her son so it is best that they respect her wishes. Joe agrees but feels that it would be best if the truth came out soon.

Erica has disturbing dreams of the past triggered by Tad's revelation that Josh is her son. When she wakes up, it's to find Greg standing in her room. He quickly reassures her that her family is doing well and then begins asking her questions, specifically what she meant when she told him that he had taken her child. Erica is momentarily startled, but covers it quickly. She turns the question around to avoid answering him. Greg takes the bait and starts talking about the distant past when their paths crossed. Just then Josh walks in with a huge bouquet of flowers. He is not pleased to see his father in the room. Things become quite tense as all three try to avoid saying what is really on their mind. Tad comes to the rescue when he stops by for a visit. As soon as Josh and Greg leave, Erica relaxes for the first time. She tells Tad about how uncomfortable things were with Greg and how suspicious and pushy he was. Tad listens as Erica then tells him about the things she discovered while trapped with Josh. She is finally able to admit that he is her son, having seen so much of herself in him during their time together. When Tad asks her what, she plans to do. Erica is only sure of one thing. She wants Greg Madden to pay for what he did and to make sure that he doesn't go anywhere near Kendall. As for telling Josh that he is her son, Erica is unsure and asks Tad to help her decide.

Outside of Erica's room, Josh has harsh words for Greg. Joe overhears them and jumps to the wrong conclusion. When Greg walks away, Joe approaches Josh and tells him that he's happy that the truth is out and offers to help him. Josh is confused by Joe's words and offer. Frustrated, Josh asks for clarification. Realizing that Josh doesn't know the truth about his parentage, Joe quickly covers. He tells Josh that he knows he's having job difficulties and checked into his background. After learning that Josh went to medical school and had high board scores, Joe decided to offer him an internship at the hospital. Josh is quite surprised.

JR informs everyone that he received a text message from Babe, telling him that she has taken their son and left town. Adam and David believe him but Krystal and Jamie have their doubts. Krystal tries to convince JR to not jump to any conclusions until they return to the mansion. She is certain that Babe is there waiting for them. Jamie and Aidan decide to find Amanda. At the mansion, things turn from bad to worse as Krystal confirms that some of Babe's clothes are missing as are little Adams and one of his favorite stuffed animals while Adam discovers that his safe is missing $5,000.00.

Amanda leaves a frantic message with Trevor's voicemail. She tells him about the explosion and her fear that Janet is out of control. Worried that he hasn't returned any of his calls, she begs her father to call her back as soon as possible. Amanda becomes even more distressed when Jamie and Aidan track her down to the warehouse. While Aidan searches the area, Jamie outlines the evidence they have accumulated against her mother. When they point out to her that Ethan's death makes Janet a murderer, Amanda has had enough. She defends her mother, claiming that she's not a murder but neither Jamie nor Aidan are convinced. Jamie tries to make Amanda how crucial it is that Janet to be found immediately. He tells her about Babe and little Adam. Amanda is hurt that once again, it's all about Babe. Angry, she tells him that she wished she had never fallen in love with Jamie and then storms out of the warehouse.

Babe slowly realizes just how trapped and isolated they are when Janet refuses to give Babe her cell phone to answer JR's call. Janet soon makes her plans known. She plans to keep Babe there until she learns her lesson which entails Janet telling Babe all about Amanda's life so that she can see Amanda for the wonderful person she is. Babe plays along until she has an opportunity to seize the upper hand with Janet. Unfortunately Babe acts too quickly and Janet is able to stop her. Livid that Babe would try to pull a trick on her, Janet begins talking about karma. She tells Babe that the last time Babe's bad karma made her mad, the ballroom exploded. She warns Babe not to push her too far or the same thing will happen again. After Babe changes, Janet resumes her lessons and talks about Amanda. Babe soon loses patience being docile and decides to intimidate Janet into giving her the keys to the car. The results are disastrous. Janet locks Babe in the bedroom with Little Adam. Babe looks for a way to escape. She tries to pry boards off of a window but is unable to work them loose. Realizing that there is no way to escape, Babe walks over to Little Adam's playpen and tries to reassure him. She tells him not to worry: daddy will find them soon.

At home, feeling betrayed and angry, JR places a call. He orders a search party to find Babe and his son, telling the caller not to involve the police. He goes on to tell him that he doesn't care what they do with Babe but he wants his on returned home where he belongs."

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