02/21/2006 Little Adam Is Missing

"Zach left Ethan's room and saw Kendall. She tried to approach him, but he walked away. Simone was inconsolable as she left Ethan's room. Ryan wanted to take Kendall home, but she said that she had to see Zach and Simone. Reggie arrived and told her that Erica was in surgery. Ryan insisted and he took Kendall home. At home, Ryan held Kendall as she sobbed for all those hurt by the blast.

Zach went to the morgue and told Ethan through the tears, that he was sorry.

Julia told Simone that she too loved a wonderful man and lost him. Julia said that she would survive, but it would take a long time.

Krystal told Adam she was going to find Babe. Adam told her she had to stay at the hospital and she said that he didn't give a damn about Babe. Adam admitted he didn't care about Babe, but he sure cared about her.

As J.R. continued his search for Babe, Amanda came into the wreckage. She asked how she could help, but J.R. screamed at her to get out. Jamie came back to the blast and asked if he had seen Amanda. J.R. said that Amanda had been there, but he kicked her out. He told Jamie to get out too. Jamie said that he hoped Babe woke up one day and realized what kind of man J.R. really is. Krystal and Adam showed up and said that an EMT had seen Babe. Just then, Winifred showed up and said that Little Adam was gone. J.R. got a text message saying that Babe had taken Little Adam and that he would never see them again. Janet then locked her in and told Babe that they were not even close to being done.

As Janet drove Babe to an undisclosed location, Janet talked about Natalie and Trevor. Janet tried to start a game of "I Spy", but Babe was too concerned about Little Adam. They arrived at Trevor's old fishing cabin and Little Adam was in the other room. Babe told Janet that she and J.R. were going to marry again, but Janet said she didn't know how she felt about that. Janet told Babe that she was the root of all Amanda's problems. Babe promised that she would make it up to Amanda, but Janet didn't believe her. Babe said she would offer Amanda a job at Fusion, and that she would talk to Jamie and tell him that Amanda was not to blame for everything. Janet then told Babe that she was responsible for the explosion.

Tad knocked on Di's door to check on her. He told her he would go but she invited him inside. Tad gave Di the lowdown on everyone's whereabouts. He said that he had been revisiting ghosts. Di asked if the ghost was Dixie (as Dixie listened in from the other room) and Tad said that it was. Tad spilled his guts to Di about Dixie. Di went to make coffee and told Dixie that the next move was up to her. Di came out with coffee and left a cup for Dixie. Di told Tad that she wanted to earn a place in his heart and he kissed her. As Tad was leaving Di suggested that they go out on a date. After a few good one liners, Tad said he would see her tomorrow night. He kissed her goodnight and she told him she couldn't wait for tomorrow night. When Di went to find Dixie, she was gone.

Amanda returned to the warehouse to find Janet, but of course she was gone. Amanda thought back to when she lived at home with Janet and Trevor. She remembered the fights between her mom and dad about Janet not taking her medication. Amanda remembered that Janet made her swear that she would never again have her committed."

- Soap Central