12/28/2005 Bianca Apologizes To Zach

"As Kendall tried to cover for asking Zach, "Why did I have to lose you?" he appeared to grope her breast, but he was actually...er, fingering her dragonfly broach. Ryan spoiled the moment by walking in, so Zach left. Ryan offered his help with the pregnancy. They agreed that Greenlee was better at helping, but she's gone, and they're both suffering. Kendall allowed him to escort her to a sonogram appointment.

At the New Beginnings studio, Amanda scoffed at JR's bid to buy her off, so he whipped out a crowbar and slammed it on the desk. JR taunted her about growing up with violence, and how Janet killed his Uncle Will with a crowbar. He suspected she may have taken Little Adam, and warned her to take the cash and leave town. Josh eavesdropped and learned Amanda thinks Babe is playing JR. Then Josh threw out JR. Later, Josh made sure Amanda overheard him tell a reporter Erica hasn't fallen off the wagon. Then he accused Amanda of erasing a DVD during a blackout.

On the Fusion roof, Janet startled Babe. Janet vowed to do her best to make sure there's no more trouble between Babe and Amanda. JR appeared (what's he doing on the roof?) and blew up at Janet over Amanda's conniving. "Your mother would be ashamed of you!" Janet wailed and stormed off. When Babe thought Janet was "kinda nice," JR called Babe "too nice." Babe revealed that Zach tried to buy her out, and JR offered to help her fight. He asked her to start celebrating New Year's early and they smooched.

Despite knowing Greg loves her, Erica asked Greg to talk to Jack about Kendall's "situation." Greg was skeptical Jack would listen, but agreed to try to convince him he and Kendall only wish to honor Greenlee. Then Erica recounted "the strangest dream" โ€” one that featured Greg: "You were my doctor!" Erica said he was a psychiatrist who asked her questions about her past. Jack appeared, and Erica covered by saying she wanted to make sure Dr. Madden gives Kendall top care; Jack said he came for the same reason. In the park, Jack demanded to know Erica's real reason for visiting Dr. Madden. (Jack confessed he wanted to rip Greg from stem to stern.) Erica balked because she didn't want Jack to "lay down the law," which she would ignore anyway. Finally, she admitted "It's all about me." (Surprise! AMC fans know everything is always about Erica.) She is convinced she has "crossed paths" with Greg before. Then she revealed Dr. Madden confessed his love to her โ€” but she thinks he's hiding a bigger secret. Jack warned her to stay away from Greg.

Bianca ran into Zach and apologized for pushing him and Kendall together, because Binks feared she's making things worse. Zach seated her at a table with an impressive centerpiece (apparently to avoid being distracted by her impressive cleavage) and said he confronted Kendall, but she didn't admit loving him. He thinks she's scared to have faith, but obsessed with love and loyalty. He vowed to find a way to help her salvage her pride and still keep him. "It's never too late to tell someone you love them," he said, and revealed he has an idea to give her an evening she'll never forget (but in a good way โ€” not like the murder game). If Kendall doesn't want him, he promised to let her go. They sipped champagne.

Later, Greg showed Kendall and Ryan the sonogram of their son, and they clasped hands. Meanwhile, Erica said she was convinced Greg's secret was locked inside her. At the studio, Josh promised to cover for Amanda, but added, "Erica will never know what hit her." Janet looked in mirror to see her old, dorky self staring back, taunting her. "I have a plan," Janet smiled. "And it's a very good plan.""

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