12/26/2005 Di Wants Dixie To Come Home

"At the Chandler mansion, Babe is delighted when JR admits that he's falling in love with her. Julia tells an irked Tad that Di left town for the holidays. Meanwhile, Di encourages Dixie to come back to Pine Valley and reunite with her son and grandson. Erin is distressed to learn that her brother was interrogated all night long without even the benefit of an attorney's presence. Jamie presses Ryan to reveal if Jonathan was responsible for little A's abduction. Amanda angrily demands that JR and Babe apologize for ambushing her in front of her boss and falsely accusing her of stealing their son. Kendall joins Erica and Jackson as they enjoy exchanging gifts with Lily, Reggie, Bianca and Miranda. Jamie comes to Amanda's rescue after Babe and her ex-husband team up to rag on the girl once again. Dismayed to hear about her new friend's arrest, Lily insists that Jonathan could not have kidnapped the Chandler baby. Erica reminds her daughters how blessed she feels to have both of them home for Christmas. Later, Kendall announces that she's decided to carry her baby to term but cautions her excited mother that she still isn't sure if she'll raise the child or give him up for adoption. Jamie privately explains to his brother how he's looking to catch Amanda in the act if she is indeed guilty of all the transgressions in which she's been implicated. After bringing Jonathan back to the Pine Cone, Erin and Ryan discuss the worrisome possibility that their sibling might have taken little Adam from his parents after all. Di reminds Dixie how much she hates keeping such a huge secret from the rest of the family. JR and Babe agree to spend New Year's Eve together, unaware that "Janet from another planet" has already made plans of her own."

- Soap Central